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    1. Bed fire

      by , 03-08-2012 at 09:02 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I had three dreams last night but I can only remember a fragment of one.

      I am laying on my bed in my bedroom and I notice smoke coming up from where the head of my bed is pushed up against the wall. I pull the bed back and see that a small part of the sheet is smoldering. The heater along the floor underneath the head of the bed is a water heater so I cannot believe it would burn my sheets, but it is turned up very high and my bedroom is sweltering. I run into the kitchen and grab a large blue plastic cup and fill it with water. I go back into my room and dip the smoldering part of the sheet into the cup to put it out. I am reluctant to fall asleep after that because I am afraid that another fire will start and I will die in my sleep.
    2. Boats

      by , 11-12-2011 at 07:45 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I dreamed that my two brothers, my father, myself (at a younger age then I am now) and a few other men I do not recognize were by the sea side somewhere warm. There were no roads but narrow chanels for small boats and canoes to navigate.

      My dad tells me and one of my brothers that he and the other men are going a head in another boat and leave me and R in the first boat. R makes me sit in the back ignores my complains that the back of the boat is sinking. I was arguing with him to let me sit up front but he ignored me and soon i'm up to my waist in water. My father and my other brother came along in another boat and got into ours. All the older and heavier men were sitting at the front of the boat, yet is was only sinking and below water at the back where I was sitting.

      After complaining and whining I finally convinced my father to let me switch places with them and they all went into the back and I went into the font. The back of the boat suddenly became boyant and the front of the boat sank and I could not lift it above the waterline to help steer. I remember feeling angry and frustrated and sick of it all, like I expected this to happen all the time and I was tired of it.

      Eventually I found a small boat of my own and got out of my father's and brother's boat and tried to make my way through the maze of channels on my own. My both didn't sink this time, but I had no control and would often get pushed backwards by incoming waves or the tide. Even though I couldn't really go anywhere, I was happier in my own boat for some reason. I remember at the end of the dream missing my mom and wondering where she was, and being upset that I could not get to her because I had no control over my own little boat.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    3. Escaping the Military and the Controlled Flood

      by , 08-09-2011 at 02:25 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      The first part of the dream starts off with me in an as my dream incarnate Chun-li and I am in an unknown city. I am walking along an abandoned factory of some sort when I hear a helicopter. I know I have to hide and I duck inside where I meet a young man about my age with a beard and backpack. Even though I know that I am invunerable to physical harm, and have telekenetic powers, I am determined to avoid capture from the military chasing me. I convince the man to hide with me. Our hiding spot is not that great because of holes in the walls and ceiling through which we might be seen. The man finds a stairs down and susgests that we take it. The stairs leads to a series of underground tunnels where suspention bridges span deep holes.

      The military is chasing us on foot now and I have to use Chun-li's psyhic and telekenetuc powers to either avoid or kill pursuing soldiers. I feel bad because I know that these soldiers are not bad but just doing their jobs. I start trying to take prisioners rather than kill and I find out from one captured military commander that a special team in the military chasing us, called Unit 11, is now close. I let the other prisoners free, and even save one soldier from a granade blast by throwing myself on top of him when an agent of Unit 11 throws it in our direction.

      The bearded man with the backpack and I find our way out of the tunnels and into a forest where a nudist colony is camping. There are hundreds of people, most of the naked, just hanging around. They allow my male friend and I into the camp and let us hide there, but we are captured by Unit 11 when they raid the camp and find us in a huge crowd of people because we are the only one's with our cloths on. Thought I cannot remember the details the dream ends with my male friend and I somehow escaping the military and living in the forest camp together (though not as nudists) where the man makes a living writing poetry.

      The second part of the dream has me in my home province of Ontario and I am still my dream incarnate Chun-li and I still have psychic and telekentic powers. I am at the top of a cliff and use my powers to half fly half jump into a body of water. For some reason I think that floding a few of the Great Lakes will improve many cities on the water front and I use my powers to psychically tell people living at a certain level to move to higher ground. I use my telekenic abilities to carve away some cliffs and allow water from higher ground to fill the vally at a rapid rate.

      I fly into one city to see the progress of the water and see that Asian one man is very reluctant to leave is home, and stays even as his wife and son have left, and his neighbours are arguing with hime to leave. At first I try to use my telekenetic powers to pick him up and force him to move, but for some reason the power will not work. I fly down to him and convince him that his home will be remade bigger and better somewhere else if he leaves, and he agrees, but not before I help him move his pet hamster, rat and guinny pig.

      I help many people move to higher ground but not before I have a dream-within-a-dream where I see the water rushing into the cities to fast and washing thousands of people away from their supoosedly safe locations because the water is just too high and moving to fast, creating a kind of inland tsunami. Thankfully I wake up from this dream and help many people continue to find safe places. I use my psychic powers to avoid looting and even open up the financial markets to freer trade with other countries, including a clothing maker who uses nothing else other than alpaca wool. I do not remember any more of this dream.
    4. Bodies everywhere

      by , 06-29-2011 at 10:06 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off with me walking through a field. There is a thick and heavy fog and I cannot even see the ground under my feet but I can feel it - it is very bumpy and unstable, like I am walking on frozen pillows or something, if that makes any sense. I am walking up a slight incline and the fog recedes a bit when I reach the top.

      The unstable ground I am walking on is covered with thousands of bodies as far as the eye can see. There are so many bodies and they are piled on top of each other so high that I cannot see any natural ground at all. Most of the bodies are men in green or grey uniforms but there are also women and children laying about. Despite all of the dead bodies, many of which are in various states of decay, I don't remember smelling the rot around me.

      In front of me is a small pond. There are bodies in the water but not as many as on the ground and the water is a dark reddish brown because it is filled with blood and rotting flesh. I walk past the pond and to the other side of the hill, but it is slow going because stepping across the mounds of bodies is difficult. The fog has lessend, but there are still bodies as far as the eye can see and I cannot get away from them no matter how far I go.
    5. Autopilot Train in the Twisted City

      by , 06-03-2011 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      There was a train on a very linerar track that moved automatically on autopilot. It moved through a dark city. Unlike many other dreams of mine that have trains I had a little bit of control over this one. I could not steer it or make the train deviate from its pre-programmed route but I could use the brake to slow the train down or even stop it, which I had to do several times because there always seemed to be people on the track who would not notice the train until it was very close. I managed to never hit anyone by slowing the train down and sounding the loud horn.

      At one section of the route, which seemed to be the edge of the city, the streets were tilted and twisted and very very oddly placed and I had to stop the train to avoid it crashing into a building or something. I got off the train and it continued its automatic route without a pilot. The twisted streets defied gravity and were on steep angles yet all of the buildings stayed in place and looked like they had been built to accommadate the twisted and angled streets.

      There is some more to this dream, something about being on or near a warf by a large bridge that spans a river or something, but I cannot remember any of it.
    6. 3 of 3 - May 10th, 2011

      by , 05-10-2011 at 11:27 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am in some sort of alternate universe where technologies are mainly the same but humans live in feudal societies and tame and ride dragons rather than drive cars. I am secretly a princess of a lost dynasty and the last of my family's bloodline. I have long black hair, pale skin and blood red eyes, which are traits of my royal family's genetics, though most people do not realize this. I have been rasied as a commoner by an adoptive family in a place called Moon City but civil war breaks out and we are forced to flee.

      My adoptive mother, brothers and I go to the main city of the continent to stay with some family and friends. Politics is tumoltuous in this city and it is ruled by an authoritorian leader who controls every aspect of the citizen's lives. Every night there is a curfew at sunset and people caught outside after it is implemented are arrested or killed by the security force loyal to the iron fisted leader. It is not as bad as it sounds though and as long as people obey the rules and don't openly oppose the leader then they can live their lives otherwise normally.

      The house we go to is at the end of an alley and only has three bedrooms for almost 10 people to stay in. I get stuck sharing a bed with my brothers and one of my friends. All of the older people are up all night talking about the war in Moon City and I cannot sleep because I am in a strange place and the talk of the older folk worries me so. In the morning my mother, grandmother and aunts go shopping and I wander the neighbourhood to orient myself with my new home. I find a vast, white sand beach and happily dig my bare feet in the sand and dip my toes in the cool water. In the distance I see a handsome young man watching me enjoy the beach. He is sitting on a large black and purple dragon and gazes on me with a withering smile. I do notice him but I pretend not to and ignore him.

      Afterwards I am walking along a marketplace and find a used bookstore. I spend a long time browsing the books and I am so happy and content that I kind of get carried away and forget about the time. I finally buy a book and start reading it on the way home. I am walking slowly and so intrigued with my book that I do not notice the sun beginning to set and the streets becoming empty. I finally snap out of my reverie when I am at the far end of the alleyway where my grandma's house is and though I am kind of scared I know that I do not have very far to go. I begin walking briskly but I do not notice the four or five patrol officers appear behind me riding thier massive green and black dragons.

      One of them yells at me and when I turn around they all jump off their dragons and force my back up against a wall. They begin shoving me and demanding to see identification and when I produce my passport they throw it on the ground and begin harassing me for not being a native citizen. They ignore my fearful protests and two of them grab me, turn me around so that my back is facing them and pin me to the wall. Another of the guards starts frisking me roughly and inappropriately by putting his hand under my skirt and rubbing between my legs. I try to scream but one of the guards covers my mouth with a gloved hand and they all start laughing and cajolling me as the assault continues.

      Suddenly a voice shouts down the alleyway and the offending guards snap to attention and let me go. The young man who had been watching me on the beach approaches, riding his mighty purple and black dragon, and demands to know if the soldiers have anything better to do than harass young girls. One of the soldiers starts to stammer and answer but the young muscular man shouts at them that this kind of thing is not what his father is paying them for and he screams at them to beat it, which they do with much haste.

      He gets off his dragon, picks up my passport from the ground and asks me if I am all right. I kind of glare at him with anger and indignation. How the hell does he think I feel after being sexually assaulted? The young man can see they I am distraught, laughs at himself and conceeds that it was a stupid question. He introduces as Mordred and tells me that he is the son of the man who rules this city. He looks over my passport and then seems to inspect me withis sharp and intense gaze before handing my id back. He asks me a few questions about why I left Moon City and I answer as I can.

      He offers to escort me home but I am suspicious and worried that he will take advantage of me too. I am able to tell him that my grandmother's place is just down the street and we walks with me there, his dragon following closely behind. The young man gives me a cell phone and tells me that I can call him on it at any time if anyone else gives me trouble while I am in his city. After he sees be home and bids me goodnight I watch him ride his dragon away through one of the few windows in the house.

      I do not tell my family what happened and the next day I stick very close to my mom and aunts as they travel to a large multi-storey mall for some shopping. I don't know why but it soon seems that I am there by myself and wander past the shops slowly and with much disinterest. I come across a food gallery of sorts but the dream distorts somewhat and while I can see the kind of food being served, I cannot read the menus and names of the food stores for some reason. Near one store that looks like a Taco Bell, I find a glass display case with many little ancient egyptian crafts and I spend some time admiring a little statue of a seated goddess Sekhmet.

      A voice suddenly announces over the intercome that sunset will happen in about an hour and everyone is advised to go home. I am on the second floor of the mall and head towards an elevator, trying to avoid the man people scrambling around as if in a panic. I come across one elevator and there is a stroller nearby with a baby in it, but no adults in sight. I don't know what to do so I just get on the elevator but I am confused by the buttons on it. There are many buttons but none are labelled or clear and I cannot tell which button to press to go down. I make a guess and push one but instead of going to another floor the elevator starts moving along a track from one side of the mall to another.

      I get out on the otherside in frustration and come across another adandoned baby in a stroller. People are running around ignore it so I do to. I am starting to panic because I don't know how I am going to get to the main floor to exit the mall before sunset, let alone make it all the way home before it gets dark completely. I try another elevator (and pass many more abadoned babies in strollers - I think I counted five in total this time) and luckily I find one where there is a woman with two children waiting to get on. I am hoping that the woman will know how to use it and slip in first, but she pushes her children in and then allows the door to close, apparently content to adandon her childred as well.

      I am panicking and don't know what to do because the elevator is not moving and I don't know how to open the door electronically. I pull the doors apart physically but watch in horror as the two children slip between the space from the elevator to the floor and fall down the shaft. Suddenly the elevator starts moving and goes down to the main floor. When I get out of it I find the woman from upstairs holding one of her children as if nothing had happened.

      It is almost dark outside and I am approaching the front doors of the mall when an army of masked soldiers in blue riot gear pushes their way in. The leader of the group points to me and says "There she is - that's the princess." The other soldiers pull out their guns and start shooting in my direction. I run as fast as I can and through a door into a dark room. I pull out the cell phone that Mordred gave me and call the number that is on speed dial. When I hear his voice I break down and start crying and tell him that people are trying to kill me. He tells me to stay where I am and that he will be there soon.

      I don't know why the soldiers in blue do not located me, but I can hear them searching through the mall and shooting any straggler shoppers they find, since it is now dark outside. I am very scared and can only hope that my adoptive family made it home a long time ago. I am also confused as to how these soldiers know that a I secretly a princess.

      A vent opens on the otherside of the dark room I am in and Mordred appears and tells me to follow him. Down the shaft and into the basement we go and we get on a service elevator that goes down deep underneath the mall and to a long forgotten underground street. His dragon is there and we get on and follow the tunnel to where it comes back above ground on the other side of the city. Along the way Mordred tells me that his father's spies have figured out that I am the long lost princess and has ordered my exection because he does not want anything to threaten his hold of power over this part of the land.

      I cannot remember the end of the dream but I think Mordred and I run away together and away from the city.

      (A lot of Dragon Booster influences in this dream.)
    7. 1 of 3 - May 10, 2011

      by , 05-10-2011 at 08:18 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      The first of three dreams on May 10th, 2011:

      I am with my parents in a distorted version of the city I was raised in. It is a very hot summer and we are going to a swimming center to cool off. When we get there the swimming center has three pools in different rooms. The first room has a pool that has been converted to an ice rink, even though are are many pillars throughout, and there are hockey players in black and grey jerseys practicing on it. The second pool is huge and looks like two olympic sized pools stuck together. The thid pool in the last room is an indoor wave pool but it is closed for repairs.

      My parents go to the second pool, but I go into the first room to watch the hockey. The game is just ending and workers come out and do something to the ice which makes it melt right away. Some of the players take off their hockey gear and strip down to bathing suits and jump into the icy water. I stick my feet in but am not brave enough to get in the freezing water. Soon the workers return and begin draining the pool of the water. Tables are set up around the pillars in the pool and the tables are set for eating. A catering table is brought out and set up along one side of the pool and along the farthest end (in the shallow end) many tables are set up and hundreds of soapstone sculptures are put on display.

      Many people come into the first room from the other pool and begin eating. I am fascinated by the range of sculptures and ignore everything else to look closely at and admire them. There are two young men also looking at the sculpures, one middle eastern man and a caucasian man who is very handsome. I catch the eye of the caucasian man and blush and turn my attention back to the sculptures, pretending not to have been looking at the handsome man. I recognize some of the soapstone sculptures as famous one or ones that I have made myself. Some also look farmiliar though I cannot remember where I have seen them before.

      Time is warped somehow. I can feel myself moving slowing and everything around me is moving very fast. People come and go for their food in a blur and soon it is nighttime and the place is empty save for a few of the hockey players and the two young men I had seen before. They invite me over to the tables around the pillars to eat and I am excited to find that sushi is being served in abundance. Time seems to warp again and seen the hockey players are gone and only the two young men and I are left. We eat as much of the leftover sushi as we can because we don't want to see it thrown away and wasted.

      After we have eaten our fill I go back to the soapstone sculptures and continue admiring them. There are two peices that I am really attracted to and the handome causasian man comes over to tell me that he created those. I am speechless with awe and embarassed to recieve his attention and say nothing, but he comes and stands very close to me and shows me with great detail and intimacy how he created his work. I just stand there with my head and heart spinning and blush.

      There is an explosion outside. The middle eastern man comes running inside with some people I think are his family. There are more explosions and gunfire to be heard but none of us seem to know what is going on. Suddenly soldiers in black uniforms come barging in and seperate the middle wastern people from the causasian man and I. We try to tell the soldiers that they are our friends and innocent of anything, but they will not listen to us. The sounds of fighting continure outside and soon a commander dressed in American fatigues comes in and orders the middle eastern people arrested for terrorism. Again our pleas that they are innocent are ignored and they are carted away outside.

      Most of the soldiers follow the commander out, except for two, who are left to keep guard over the handsome caucasian man and I as we are placed uder house arrest and cannot leave the pool area. We huddle and shiver in fear together.
    8. incoherent dream fragment

      by , 12-03-2010 at 07:11 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I had a dream in the early hours of December 3rd, 2010 and woke up briefly to scribble out the following on a peice of paper before immediately returning to sleep. I could not remember any of the dream when I woke up later and have only this fragment of writing (written while half asleep before dawn) to go by:

      In afganistan? with tall apartment building surrounded by water, sometimes on land because tide comes and goes, each building at often warrinf with another building, fishing as the tide comes in and out, seeing the fish and my brother moving the fire pit, Samir? and two people open a free dental clinic in a tent (with a second floor) in the middle of the apartment complex, pay what you can or make donation to Muslim child feed fund, soldiers and insurgents want control of it, after some time Samir has idea to improve area with damn and better buildings, I am there walking dam area when I come acreoss canadian base and am taken in for questioning, many canadiands being held, i see two women being stripped searched my two naked male soldiers and video tape it, soldiers on base hunt me down after i steal a gun and tie up some soldiers/officals, i am captured and similarily strip searched after sending copy of video to CNN but a sympatetic male offical obtains my camera and tapes my strip search and also sends that tape to news program
    9. A lot of water and a white tiger.

      by , 12-02-2010 at 08:15 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am at a water front resort and there is a dark unseen presence pursuing me. I am scrambling over and through waterfront shops and bars to hide myself and often find that I am trying to hide myself in pools of water.

      I run out of hiding spots in the resort and run to the wharf where many yachts are tied up. All of the boats are the same size and shape but different colours. There is a wooden yacht just leaving the dock and I am able to sneak aboard and hope that I am out of the reach of my invisible pursuer.

      The yacht travels to the open ocean and has suddenly entered a different world where we are very small and sailing through a pool in what looks like a giant's shopping mall that has waterways and watersliders rather than floors and elevators.

      There are many giant humans lounging in the water while tiny tour boats like ours sail around them. The tour boat that I am on comes to a pool admist a giant's bar and bumps into a large orangish brown blob floating in a far side of the pool. The blob splits open and begins pouring a greenish black liquid into the water, which make any humans or fish who touch it, tiny or giant alike, very sick.

      The contamination spreads to all of the wate in the giant's mall but I am able to escape it by flying away from the boat and floating near the ceiling. This sudden flying ability seems to come from the black ball of yarn that I am suddenly carrying with me but comes at a price because I am now invisible and no one can see me.

      The dark presence that was pursuing me before suddenly finds me and appears as a giant gravity defying white tiger which can cling to and jump from wall to wall and thus continue chasing me without touching the contaiminated water.

      I am able to outrun the tiger for a while, but sudden find myself cornered in a dead end hallway at the far side of the giant's mall. I panic when the tiger draws near and drop the ball of black yarn that I had been carrying. The tiger lunges and snatches the yarn out of midair and takes off. Apparently it was after the yarn the whole time. After the tiger leaves the water suddenly clears up and is a beautiful fresh blue and everyone who was sick from the contamination suddenly recovers.

      I find myself suddenly back on the tour boat as it reenters the normal world and pulls into the wharf area of the water front resort where the dream began.

      The only thing I liked about this dream was that my favourite animal, the white tiger, appears in it. I have never had a dream with a tiger in it before.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    10. Rosso and the Rollerblading Goddess

      by , 05-05-2010 at 06:31 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I can't remember much of the beginning of the dream but it included a mixture of characters from Final Fantasy 7 and people I used to know in grade and high school, as well as many random dream characters. The setting takes place on a beach by an ocean and there is a huge temple by the waterfront. The building is open concept because it consists of gigantic stone pillars holding up a triangular roof and most of the floor is just made up of the sand from the beach. At one end of the temple there is a raised circular section which sits in front of a large altar upon which a scupted stone statue of a Goddess stands. The Goddess is attired in a toga and there are rollerblades on her feat. Her arms are outstreached and pours water from her hands onto the circular platform below when she wants to bless someone.

      The main dream character is Rosso the Crimson and she comes to the beach with the other FF7 characters. People are rollerblading in the circular altar below the Goddess statue and Rosso really wants to join in but she doesn't have any rollerblades of her own on top of not knowing how to skate. She talks to a few people and finds someone willing to lend her some blades (the person Rosso borrows from looks like my dream character Kalima) and tries to skate at the circular altar. Because she doesn't know how Rosso stumbles about and falls many times and the other people rollerblading get angry and throw her out of the circle, saying that the Goddess will bless only those who know how to skate and to try an enter the circular altar not knowing how is blasphemy.

      Rosso is saddened but determined to learn and she goes off to a parking lot outside of the beach to practice. Night falls and the beach and temple empty, but Rosso stays up all night learning how to keep her balance and eventually how to spin on her toes. When the morning comes and the beach and temple again fill with people, Rosso returns to the circular altar and shows off what she has learned. Most people ignore her until Rosso starts spinning around and around on her toe wheel and the Goddess statue starts pouring water from her outstretched hands onto Rosso below.
    11. Link's water dungeon adventure.

      by , 01-12-2010 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream starts off with Link from the Legend of Zelda videogame series travelling to outside of a dungeon by a lakeshore with many flowers and ferns. I cannot remember what the dungeon entrance looked like or how Link got in. He is very muscular and "manly" and proceeds with confidence because he can navigate his way and defeat monsters with ease. There is a bouncy spring at the end of the first hall (which is made of blueish grey bricks), that bounces the person who jumps on it across a cavernous room to the next level, which is elevated beyound normal reach. Link jumps on the spring and starts to fly across the extremely large space but notices a floating bridge high up in the air and is able to direct himself towards it.

      Link lands on the stone bridge and walks to the end of it which is blocked by a partially fallen wall. There is a space to squeeze through just big enough for Link and when he's through he is in another extemely large cavernous room, but this one is even bigger than the last and the floor is covered in a deep pool of murky water. The bridge abruptly ends not far from where Link had to squeeze through and it looks as if it has been broken off or crumbled away. Standing at the edge of the bridge and looking to the right, Link can see a tunnel that sits just above the water line and he figures that is where he has to go.

      Just then an enormous sea monster jumps of the water and knocks Link off the edge of the bridge. He falls with the monster into the murky water and kind of panics because he cannot fight or defend himself while swimming and there seems to be no ledges at first upon which he can grab to get out of the water. The pool was calm and still at first but is now thrashy and wavy from the sea monsters movements, making it difficult for Link to keep his head above the water. Many of the waves slam him against the wall of the pool and he sustains damage.

      The movement of the waves forces Link to the opposite end of the pool from where the exit tunnel is and for the first time he notices that there are other people in the water, also trying to stay afloat. Link sticks his head under the surface and sees the bottom of the pool, which is shallower in this end than the other and there is seaweed growing on the bottom. The other people in the water consist of several men of various ages and a young woman with short brown hair. When the water has settled down the people and Link swim over to the tunnel and pull themselves out of the water.

      Link sees that the young woman is wearing a short skirt, low cut top and leather jacket and he feels attracted to her. She looks seductively at him then walks down the tunnel. Link wants to follow but can't because the old man starts talking to him saying that the people have to live in this tunnel because the sea monster has trapped them there. He doen't explain why they were in the water however.

      There are bunks on the side of the tunnel and some of the younger men and Link lay down on them. When it seems that everyone else is asleep, Link gets up and walks down the tunnel. He turns a corner and finds that it comes to a dead end because the tunnel is blocked by metal grates and stuff. The young woman is there and Link goes over to her and they start making out. Some of the young men from the group come looking for them and they stop what they are doing and try to act nochalant. One of the young boys asks Link to follow him.

      I cannot remember anymore of the dream.

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    12. Rainbow Serpents and the underwater contraption

      by , 12-05-2009 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream starts off with me standing on a wooden board walk along the right side of a river I know to be the Thames river of my home town, even though the environment looks different. The water is dark but there doesn't seem to be anything in the river. Ahead of me I see two large, flying snakes that are technicoloured and moving away from me by spiralling around each other in a corkscrew pattern. I am excited because I believe the snakes to be spirit guides and I start to follow them. (I was reading about spirit guides before I went to sleep. I also recognized the archetypal symbolism of the mystical Rainbow Serpent from Aztec and Aboriginal Austrailian mythology).

      The snakes fly into a large stone well into which the boardwalk and river seems to end. The water flows into a large opening on the side of the well and seems to disappear. When I get to the well I see that there is no water but a wooden spiral stair case leading down. I can see the rainbow snakes, still spiralling around each other, deep in the well where the stairs disappear into darkness. I walk as far down the spiral steps as I can but lose sight of the snakes. There are several other random people walking along the stairs, some going up, some going down. It becomes so dark that I cannot see anything. I can hear the river roaring around me but I cannot see or feel any water. I walk back up the spiral staircase and out of the well. I frustrated that I lost the snakes.

      I start backtracking along the water but this time I am walking on the left side of the river. I stop and take a look at the river as I notice it is now jammed with large sticks and logs. A large metal tube thing has appeared just underneath the surface of the water and it is violently sucking in all of the wooden debris. The end of the metal contraption is attached to the side of the stone well. I cannot see the inside of the metal contraption but with the spead and ferocity at which it is sucking in the sticks and logs.

      I walk for a bit more and come to a grassy hill by the fork of the river. There are two males standing near the waters edge, ready to step in for a quick dip. I try to warn them about the deadly metal contraption but they ignore me. The older of the two boys jumps into the river and tries to swim across, but is unable to because of all the wooden flotsam in the water blocking his way. He ends up being dragged down the river and into the metal contraption. I re-enter the well in an attempt to find out what happened to him but there is still no indication of where the river is flowing even though it disappears into the side of the well.

      I walk down the stairs a bit and pass many people and come across a door that wasn't there before. I open it and go through and find myself in the laundry room in the basement of my parent's house. The young man, whom I thought was surely killed, is sitting on a wooden rocking chair by the back door which is open. I talk to him for a moment (but I cannot remember what was said now) and then follow him out the back door.

      I cannot remember any more of this dream.
    13. Swordfish fight

      by , 02-07-2009 at 12:00 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      This is the second dream I had on February 7th, 2009, but I can only remember it in fragments.

      - fishing with dad and several other men in a small bay or lake?
      - trying to find a good fishing spot while avoiding large cardboard like ships.
      - something about one being sponsered by a school.
      - find a fishing hole which is lit by the sun
      - dad and I see a swordfish at the same time
      - swordfish grabs my hook and takes off dragging me into the water behind it.
      - I do not let go and am dragged all over the bay
      - dad tells me to hold on and grabs for my rod as I pass by.
      - the fishing line breaks leaving dad with the rod
      - but I grab the line at the last minute
      - and the sword fish continues to drag me around the bay
      - the fish starts to tire
      - a crowd of people has gethered to watch
      - i cannot remember the end of this dream

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. Submarines, tatoos and ballerinas

      by , 12-13-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream starts off as an underwater exploration thing. The submarine surfaces in a two storey warehouse where the lower levels are submerged and the upper level is not. There are several men who are exotic tatoo artists and they start drawing designs on the side of the submarine. On the upper level of the warehouse there are many young girls, including myself, and we are all dressed as ballerinas. An instructor arrives and gives us the task of putting out small fires that have appeared around the second floor. Water is provided on rolling carts that have buckets of water on them. When the fires are out the instructor divides the group of girls into two, saying that one group will go home while the other group will stay and learn how to dance, but I wake up before I learn which group I am in.
    15. Adventure on Titanic-like ship

      by , 09-25-2008 at 06:11 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This is the first dream I had on September 25th, 2008

      The dream takes place on a fabulously luxious cruise ship, like the Titanic, but more modern. The ship is sailing on a narrow ocean channel that has tall cliffs on either side. I am my dream incarnate Chun-li, a young Chinese woman. I have a young girl with me named Sari (who looks kind of like Sari Sumdak) and in the dream she is my daughter. I have the gift of forsight and know that the cruise ship is going to sink for some reason. I am there to try and prevent the tragedy, I think.

      I have to stay on the upper decks of the ship (which also happens to be the upper class section) to avoid running into a previous incarnation of myself who is running around the lower class part of the ship. The rich and the poor are divided on this ship like they were on the Titanic, the poor being restricted to the lower decks. There are always parties going on in the upper class as the vain, rich and influencial show off to, and consort with, each other.

      To pass the time Sari is practicing for a French play being put on by the children of the wealthy passengers, so that she is occupied while I look for something (though I cannot remember what now. Something to do with preventing the ship from sinking anyway). As I walk around the ship I note that most of the upper class lounges and dining halls are void of any furniture, or have only a few chairs scattered about. These rooms have massive, enlongated vertical windows with long, flowing translucient sheers. The proportions of the windows were impossible because they were radically larger when seen on the inside of the ship, than from the outside.

      The passengers in the upper class all dressed stylishly and expensively. Gold, silks, and jewels were everywhere. I was dressed nice but not as elaborate and I did not have any jewelry. All of the women passengers have skirts but I am wearing pants and for some reason that makes the upper class passengers not want to engage with me, even outright avoid me, which is fine for me because I'm still looking for that something.

      The dream skips a bit and it is the next day (or a few days later) and somehow I got Sari off the cruise ship during one of the nights. When I become conscious of this is the dream I am suddenly in the channel underneath the ship and looking up. An Orca swims above me at the same time as the ship passes overhead. This killer whale is the same as any other except that it has a patch of black on its underside on which I can see unique symbols that are glowing white, but I do not know what they mean.

      The night of the sinking comes and I am looking for a way out because there are suddenly no doors from the upper class rooms to the outside deck. The only way out is the climb the curtains of the vertically massive windows to a small opening at the top. (The windows on the outside now match the extremely enlongated proportions on the inside.) I struggle for a bit up a curtain and make it outside, though the ship develops a terrible lean as it goes down, and the part of the deck I was trying to reach is half underwater. There are no ropes or cables to climb down so jumping is the only way to the water, but the distance from me to the water is too much and I am too scared. Most of the people in the first class section of the ship are unable to climb the curtains because they are too physically weak or are weighted down by their extravagant outfits and jewelry.

      I wait for the ship to sink a little more, so that the distance between me and the water is not so great, before I jump. I feared the water would be ice cold and though it was not for some reason I am paralyzed when I hit the water and sink as slowly as the ship. I am conscious and I do not drown, but I cannot move any part of my body. When I am at the bottom of the ocean channel a large white whale (a sperm whale?) swims over me and when I look up at it I can see the same symbols on the white whale's belly that were on the Orca's, but these symbols are black.
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