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    1. Backpacking

      by , 02-04-2013 at 05:54 PM
      I might have to start considering famous people a dream sign, this time the Crocodile Hunter was in my dreams haha.

      1. I was in a grocery store/complex of some sort, there were many many rooms in the building. The hallways had fairies everywhere except they just seemed like lights down the hall, don't remember this part very much but I wrote it in my dream journal. I started going down these hallways with small rooms in the side and once you spotted a zombie-like corpse thing, it followed you around. I remember I had some sort of inventory system in the dream and I tried to bring up a weapon, the closest thing I could find was a pickaxe. But when I tried to hit the zombie it sort of just nudged down a little bit, and I could barely move the pickaxe at all, not because it was heavy but some sort of "glitch" in my dream. Except when I nudged the pickaxe the zombie flew away down the hall. After that I got scared and I kept opening rooms to find the crocodile hunter. I knew he was somewhere in the building and I opened this one room down to some sewer system and the water was waist-deep. I found the crocodile hunter going down one of the halls in the sewer with a torch. The sides of the walls were made up of bricks, almost like in boo's haunted house in mario 64 except less cartoon looking. After a few seconds I get teleported to another part of the building. And I find the front of the store has cash registers like the whole building is a giant grocery store or something. What is strange is every clerk was a hot blonde girl, they all seemed to be talking to each other but they stuck in their respective cash register places. I thought this was very strange because hot girls are so rare, but then I kept going because I wanted to find the Crocodile Hunter again. I went back to the sewer and he was still holding the torch, then after a few seconds the dream was over.

      2. One fragment of another Dream I had was that I was just walking around with a heavy backpack. I was walking around some city at first and I remember walking down some streets with just garages on one side and the backs of some stores on the other side. There was also a scene where there was a circular giant sidewalk with artistically designed bricks on the ground and I was looking at myself walk towards where I was looking at myself from. On the left of where I was looking was a street, no one else was there but there were cars in the background. I don't remember parking my car but I remember my car got towed, I went back to the place I parked it, which was some random persons driveway lol. I put my gloves and hat on the driveway and laid them all out neatly for some reason, when the family got home and parked their car on the side of the street.

      Another fragment I remember from the dream was I was walking behind a middle school, and two girls were just walking home at that time, except it was extremely strange because it was midnight. I was so confused that I just stared and wondered what they were doing at this time of night, but I kept walking. Then I found a construction crew not really doing any work but just talking amongst themselves and just glancing at me as I go by.

      I feel as if there were more of the dream where I walked on some nature trails but I just do not remember it.