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    1. Two nights one entry. Tower jumps, funland, and GTA Brazil

      by , 12-21-2013 at 03:58 PM
      I forgot to do a dream journal yesterday on here but I still recorded it in my physical dream journal, so I am just going to include two nights in one entry. I've been going to sleep very early and waking up early, not sure if this is good or bad, seems to be good so far. I love waking up early.

      Yesterday night: 1 Dream recorded

      I was inside a school. The school did not cover much land but had many floors leading up and up way into the sky. Near the top of the school was a transparent bridge. The bridge appeared to be made out of light or some see-through material. I went inside the school and I had no intention of doing any sort of school-related activity. In the dream I went to various parts of the school on various floors and would jump out the windows for fun. There was some sort of area surrounding the school-tower where trees were planted and had terraces of dirt. So after I jumped out the window I would look for a jump short enough where I would not kill myself jumping down. In the back of my mind I thought it was a video game and I would just "respawn" if I slipped up and killed myself jumping out of the windows.

      One jump was more memorable than the other times. There was a steel door blocking access to the window. There was an obese woman on my side of the steel door and I started spraying her with a water gun. I was trying to make her open the window. Eventually a girl I know named Meghan W. opens the door from the other side. I run through and jump out the window before I get in trouble for spraying some lady with a water gun.

      Last night: 2 dreams recorded

      I dreamt I was in some sort of indoor amusement park. I was with my friends and family. We walked down this staircase into this scary museum kind of thing. There was a stall where they were advertising this brand new computer. When you pressed this bright button on the top of the keyboard, the computer went ultra fast. I forgot the name of the computer or the name of the button. My cousin Alyssa started making out with this guy right in front of me as we were leaving. I walked up behind this group of people taking a picture and attempted to photobomb the picture. As I was making a weird face a deep, extremely loud demonic voice rumbled the entire room. I was scared out of my mind at first and the people in front of me began to turn around. I tried to pretend it was my voice for a few seconds but it didn't work. At this point I woke up.

      I went back to sleep and my next dream was a very life-like version of GTA5. At some point we were trying to guide this 18 wheeler truck to a certain destination with a motorcycle. At one intersection the truck scraped by many cars and caused massive damage. Me and another person where blocked a lot when we were riding on the motorcycle. The next part I remember is going up this elevator with another person attached to a humongous tree. The tree was larger than any building ever constructed, wider and taller. when we got off the elevator it appeared as though we were on top of a building in the middle of a city and some guy in a suit and sunglasses next to a helicopter with the blades spinning was waiting for us. I woke up after this part.
    2. Opposite dream

      by , 11-23-2013 at 06:49 PM
      Had a dream where I went to London for school for some reason but had to come right back a couple hours later because something was messed up with our plans. Had a dream my dad and brother were back and I we were sitting on this weird couch telling them about it. It was very bright although it was inside. This is the only dream I remember.

      The reason I called it opposite dream is because everything felt like it was going right in my dream. Then I woke up to my real life... lol
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    3. Nail Polish and Kangaroos

      by , 10-21-2013 at 03:11 PM
      Had much shorter dreams than the night before but oh well.

      Dream 1: I saw my sister with nail polish on and I asked her who she did it with she said Molly M. (not gonna give the full name on here) I went downstairs and started watching a movie with two friends, one of them was a fwb I had about a year ago, the other was just some random guy I barely know. As we were watching the movie she kept like slightly moving her legs and gesturing over towards my room like she wanted to f***, but didn't want the other guy to notice. So I got up and started walking to my room and she followed. I walked in my bathroom on the way and my shower and toilet were like full of nail polish shit. She was like oh me and Molly were doing nail polish. I asked her Molly H? she said no Molly M. (except in real life it was their full last names) So I tried to avoid the nail polish stuff while peeing in the toilet but i just covered everything with piss lol. I think the dream ended there

      Dream 2: I was in a long car drive with my Dad and my Grandpa. There were a bunch of TV's in the car and I was flipping through channels, there was this one Resident Evil movie that only appears in my dreams. Me and my grandpa tried to find something interesting but there was nothing. Then my dad asks if we can just listen to the game on the radio. I ask him if its just on tv so we can hear it and see it and says no cause they only hold the rights to play it on the radio or something. Next thing I know we are stopping and getting out of the car. Theres this parking lot and kangaroos are walking around. Everyone lets them walk by and even walk up close to them but I stay away because I know they can punch the crap out of somebody. Pretty soon everyones trying to hide behind each other and the kangaroos are kind of walking towards us as we back up and we all just get in the cars and leave. It starts raining and I noticed my sister hasn't gotten in the car yet. So me and my brother are in one car and I drive out a bit before I realize everyone left her there. So I'm driving around there in the rain looking for her when the dream ends.
    4. Gunfights!

      by , 10-18-2013 at 04:14 PM
      Ok, this time I did not WBTB but woke up around 5 anyways from a dream, so I was almost forced to do WBTB anyways.

      Dream 1: Me and my family and cousins were in some sort of apartment watching a football game with weird furniture. It was a weird apartment with one big room with the door then there was a little hallway to bedrooms/bathrooms/etc. People were talking and not paying that much attention to the tv anyways, kind of like a family get together type thing. Anyways someone was trying to flip channels to find the football game and flipped through a news channel that was talking about police chasing an armed gunman outside. Nobody seemed to notice or care but I was very cautious and wondered if he was in the building. So I went up to the door of the apartment which had some weird hand-bar instead of a doorknob, and I had no idea how to lock it. Just as I was trying to figure out how to lock the door a hispanic looking guy my age in a white bandana put his face right into the window of the door. I knew at once this was the armed robber/criminal and a wave of fear went through me, I quickly pulled down the lever and by luck I locked the door, I heard him shoot through the wall to try and kill me. I didn't have enough time to see if he shot me or not because I woke up a couple seconds after I heard the bang.

      Woke up at 5 am. Finally managed to get back to sleep around 6 or 6:30. Woke up at 8 and set a timer for 8:15 and went back to sleep. Did not remember to record down any dreams if I had any at that time.

      I was thinking about how I would position myself in the apartment if the gunman walked in and with what gun and where to defend my family. I tried to put myself back in the same dream, which worked in some ways and failed in others.

      Dream 2: I found myself in a mansion, I was not surrounded by family this time but friends. Me and my friend trey split up and I guess I somehow knew everyone was fending for themselves against something hunting us. We went around the house and eventually came to the garage. There were many cars there and we were thinking about driving away but the thing chasing us might be outside. I was thinking about whether to choose a crappy gun with a lot of ammo or this gun I knew to be a machine gun but I had no idea if it had ammo or not. I shot it at the wall and sure enough bullets came out so we left the garage. As I was leaving I noticed a bike giving off sparks onto the wall, and I knew it would catch fire but we left the garage anyways, didn't have time to put out the fire. After that I somehow knew I had to get up soon, so somehow I knew there was no point in fighting. So me trey and a guy with a whip were testing out the whip and he tried whipping our feet in different ways and we took turns doing it. Trey got whipped by the guy then me then the dream was over... weird lol.

      Guess the gun part of the dream came from the first part of the dream, the whip might have came from when I was reading about Frederick Douglass in slavery right before I went to bed.

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    5. Road trip rest stop, Race

      by , 03-12-2013 at 04:54 PM
      First dream was my dad and siblings going into this big rest stop place with restaurants and shops. I walked around and found my old restaurant job there, even though in real life it is not in a big rest stop place. I looked and instead of my old coworkers there were just a bunch of old people in their 30's and 40's that just gave me the vibe of incredibly boring people. I found one girl that used to work there named Antwanette and she asked me to sign her out, I said hey I don't work here anymore so whats the big deal, then Kelly comes to check and Antwanette realizes she forgot to check "the equipment" or something like that. I wander around and look at the bartender, don't know him but looks boring as well, makes some sort of cringing face like he knows he is boring. Then I walk around and I can't find my family, so I walk outside and they walk outside as well, I get in a separate car from them and wait for them to pull out so we can continue on the road trip.
      Second dream I had I was racing my high school friend Andrew. I keep trying to catch up to him but every time I get close he just seems to have slightly more energy and he pulls ahead a bit further. We are racing on this asphalt path but I have never been on this path before. The trees are green and the sun was shining, it's winter in real life and all the trees are leafless. I keep running and following Andrew through this almost jungle like area. I kept trying to pass him but I just ran out of energy every time I caught up with him.
    6. Going to DC

      by , 02-27-2013 at 12:22 AM
      I did not record this in my written dream journal because it was a nap, because I only had 4 hours for I had to study for a quiz til 4 am then take the quiz at 9:30. Grades are a higher priority than lucid dreaming so I had to skip the entry for now, I'll try to record it in my written dream journal later.

      During my nap I had this dream, I was in a taxi cab and me and Russell were going to see Obama in DC, and we were driving the taxi cab. He parked it in the middle of the street then started walking, and I went to hang out with my dad and his girlfriend who were also driving a taxi cab, and my cousin and father were leaving their taxi cabs so my other cousin brooke would just pick them up. After my dad parked the car I had my schoolbooks and papers with me and I didn't know who I would be riding back with or what I would be doing after the speech Obama was going to give (never seen Obama in real life why is he always in my dreams?) so I had my school books and papers and I was going to hide them in Brooke's yard. I didn't know where to hide them and it was at night and although I've never seen her house in real life in the dream it was a normal suburban house and it had a smaller side house to the left of it if you are looking at the house. I was still looking for a place to hide my books and papers when the dream ended.
    7. 2/24 Bars, Cruise ships, Video games

      by , 02-24-2013 at 09:08 PM
      Non-Dream [COLOR="#4B0082"]Dream[/COLOR] [COLOR="#DAA520"]Lucid[/COLOR]

      Ok well haven't posted in a while but here goes. I don't really know the chronological order of these events so my dream may be told out of order. The facts and events are what actually happened in my dream, although they might be in the wrong order, and some parts are also missing as I don't remember the entire dream.

      Sleep: 4:00am
      Wake 2:15pm

      1. [COLOR="#4B0082"] My first dream was in the basement of my moms house, where I live. For some reason instead of one bar under the stairs there were two smaller bars next to this great view of a window thats the size of a jacuzzi? It went from the ground to the ceiling and there were two bars on the side. Both of them had this green tile on top like the bar we have in real life. I realized I usually spent time at one bar and I just was getting comfortable to the other bar when something happened and I went into another room where my mom put in a third bar that was much bigger. It was a big oval and stretched as far as a schoolbus lengthwise. On one side there was beer on tap and my grandparents were testing it out, I asked my mom what happened to the old bar and she said she got rid of it. I felt sad and that was the end.[/COLOR]

      2. [COLOR="#4B0082"] The next dream I remember is I was on a cruise. Apparently it was a pretty shitty cruise now that I think about it because it only had rooms on one side and pools on the other. Apparently we were docked in Japan and I was walking in my bathing suit to the pools side of the boat. I was just trying to find a hot tub to get into. The architecture was weird[/COLOR] let me explain the top of the boat in MS Paint.


      [COLOR="#4B0082"]At first I saw a father helping his daughter down the waterfall steps, which was cool and cute at the same time. Then I got into the hot tub, and there was this family in there. The father was sitting across from me, they had a daughter to both of our sides and the mother was sitting on the top of the hot tub. The father started telling me this amazing cop story and I was trying to pay attention so i tried to get comfortable. I tried to get comfortable but I kept leaning towards his daughter and he kept getting more suspicious, I tried to move away but it was just awkward. I looked to the wife and she filled in some of the story while the father told it. I eventually left the hot tub to go look off the side of the cruise ship. It looked like a Japanese harbor, and then for a few seconds[/COLOR][COLOR="#DAA520"] I went lucid. I didn't even try to do anything my subconcious already knows that I am going to wake up if I do anything exciting. I decided to just sit there and enhance the view. It suddenly turned to night and the sky had so many stars and there was a beach way down below me. Shortly after that I lost the lucidity[/COLOR] [COLOR="#4B0082"]and my dream continued.
      3. [COLOR="#4B0082"]I had a dream me and my brother were playing call of duty, and we decided to play this other game. We looked like little slime people, like yellow gum drops except everyone had white hair and glasses, which were supposed to portray they were old. At first me and my brother were racing against each other, and you had to press A fast to win the race. I ended up doing the trick where you put the sleeve over your finger and rub the button across to be able to press A extremely fast. My dad was in the background and said something then asked if he could play. After that we watched another team of two try to beat my and Joeys added score. I handed my dad the controller and that was the end of the dream.[/COLOR]
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    8. Claiming what is mine

      by , 02-05-2013 at 06:52 PM
      Apparently my brother and his friends are sleeping in my room and they are using my stuff for a snowboarding trip. Which is ridiculous even in this dream world so I start taking all my stuff, my sleeping bag, my snowboard pants, and my jeans. The sleeping bags were all laid out in a row and I look for the one that is mine, its the orange one inbetween a green and white one and a blue one. The outsides of all the sleeping bags were grey but the insides were where the colors were. and I begin to zip up my sleeping bag and pack it. And for some reason I sit in a chair and try on the snowboard pants and the jeans when I hear my mom walking upstairs. I just take off the snowboard pants and I have my jeans on, (they are my weird skinny white jeans that I own that I never wear), and I felt as if I should hide the fact that I'm taking my stuff back from my brother. then the dream ends. I had other dreams but I forgot to record them in my journal. I'm going to begin to attempt DEILD, starting today.
    9. 2/3 Road Trip

      by , 02-03-2013 at 06:08 PM
      It pains me knowing that I remember much less of these dreams than I did the night before, like a step backwards from attaining lucidity.

      I was on a road trip to some beach with my dad and we were all driving different cars. I felt like I was driving this funeral car because there were windows and curtains on the sides of the car. We stopped at this place I guess we were supposed to stop at. We went down this hall and we stopped by a glass door that welcomed us to a tour of real estate at the place or something. We had already driven 3 hours and I noticed one of my cousins hd webcams and realized I had forgotten mine. I was wondering If I should drive back to get my camera or not and we were all sitting around a bed. My cousins webcam was dark brown for some reason and didn't really look the same as how mine looks. I should start doing reality checks every time I see my cousins, they are a very common dream element.

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    10. A very weird high school

      by , 02-01-2013 at 03:44 PM
      I'm glad my dream recall increased so greatly last night, might have to do with all the apple juice I drank, or the fact that I actually went outside yesterday.

      Sleep: 11:30
      Awakenings: 4:00, 9:00
      Methods: MILD, WILD

      1. Skyrim Ruins

      In my dream somehow I knew I was in Skyrim, except I was actually in the game. I was in this snowy place, it looked like the stones from stonehenge except they were on hills and there were a lot of them. This group of other people were chasing me and I kept trying to get to a city so the guards would attack the group of people chasing me. I looked on the map and saw I was right near one of the gold little stonehenge pieces, which somehow I knew meant a city. I started climbing up this big hill with nothing on it so it was like a field on a hill. Somehow I didn't wake up after this but I still remembered this dream.

      2. Vacation house

      I was in this vacation house with my cousins, this seems to be a very common recurring element in my dreams. It somehow got dark outside at 4:30 and we were just sitting around talking, a very boring dream. All i remember is what I wrote down when I woke up, we were talking about health and somehow one of my cousins (she'd never say this in real life) said that she eats one quart of club sandwhiches every day lmao. After a while my uncle asks me what channel is the hockey game on. So I start to flip through the channels, and in this house somehow we have comcast or something cause it's different from what I have at my house. After a few seconds of browsing the channels I wake up.

      At this point I feel WIDE awake, I write my notes down in my dream journal, go upstairs and drink some applejuice and some water. Then I try to fall back asleep.

      3. High school Weirdness

      I dreamed I was back in high school and we all went sledding. I did not feel the cold at all and somehow all I was wearing were soaking wet whitey tighteys. (LOL) After sledding we went to this weird cafe to have dinner, and there was one aisle with two rows of booths where everyone was eating. At the end of one row was a podium where some guy was giving a speech. After he gave a speech everyone was just waiting and sitting, so I went up to the podium to see if I could give a speech. After I got up to the podium Someone else from across the room started giving a speech talking about prom and some other events so i went and sat back down. After we started eating I guess two security people kept moving me around because I kept causing trouble. I went to a few tables then to a popular table then to a table in the back. I do not remember anything that happened at any tables. Then I remember when we were leaving we had to walk past another big group of people and I shouted "SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!!" (it was in bill and teds excellent adventure) then as everyone was leaving I was running through the snow, up past a wendy's and a few other restaurants until I got to this big snowy field that seemed to go on forever, I kept running towards this hill but I never got closer, this went on for a long time in the dream. I kept wondering why I wasn't cold but I never realized I was dreaming. I eventually imagined I was on the hill on purpose so I could get home faster but I still didn't realize I was dreaming. After that I woke up.