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    1. 2/11 Fall Orchard

      by , 02-11-2013 at 11:46 PM
      First of all I am amazed I even got a dream last night. I got extremely addicted to playing pokemon crystal and I played it til 5:30 AM, then I just didn't even set an alarm, did not WBTB, did not do any techniques just fell asleep.

      non dream [COLOR="#4B0082"]dream[/COLOR]

      Sleep: 5:30
      Wake: 10:30

      [COLOR="#4B0082"] I dreamt I was going camping somewhere on this long road trip, and I was going to meet this person I was going to go with, in real life she studies with me (name is jessie) When I was driving at some points I had a shiny blue mustang and at other times I had a white motorcycle with black and green secondary colors. I parked outside this restaurant with glass walls so you could see the people inside really clearly. The landscape was about the size of about 9 football fields in a square and was all one big grassy field, except there were many hills. At the edge of the square there were leaves that look like they are from the fall. I tried to go pee but before I unzip my pants I see this helicopter looking for people that are trying to go pee, so I say I might as well go in the restaurant. So I go back to the restaurant The restaurant had a wonderful modern design with the glass windows looking out at the blue sky and the autumn landscape, it was really beautiful. When I was inside the restaurant all the sudden me Bruce Willis and another guy were about to fight all these ninjas that came out of nowhere. That's where the dream ended.[/COLOR]

      Definitley gonna try to get back on schedule, maybe I had such a great feeling of achievement of finally getting a lucid dream the night before I had no motivation left for me to continue trying to go into a lucid dream. I definitley need to keep up these habbits.