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    1. Dream recall increasing quite rapidly

      by , 08-24-2014 at 06:59 PM
      I had 2 dreams last night, I only remembered the first one as I was writing down the second one. I felt like I would forget my dreams because my cat kept meowing at me over and over and I could not concentrate on remembering my dreams so I chased down my cat until he stopped meowing, most annoying cat in the world.


      Anyways, in the first dream I awaken to find myself in one of the huge empty Chinese cities where they copy cities like Paris, or Rome, yet they are competely empty. I am in some sort of outside passageway with apartment buildings about 5 stories high on both sides, the one on my left seems to be red, almost like one of the buildings you see in Hey Arnold. I look up at the sky and it looks like I can see another ground through the clouds. [COLOR="#0000FF"] I become lucid for a tiny bit and I try to run or fly and I get too excited and I get kicked out of the dream for a little bit.[/COLOR] I fall back into the dream, losing my lucidity, and walk into the building. The inside has brown walls, floors, and ceilings and everything is quite dark. There is a person in there and this area is kind of hazy but I end up looking around in the back room. I close the door and look around and I find about 3 beds. I am thinking I should get out of here before someone sees me snooping around their room and as soon as I open the door there is a very angry man looking at me and he runs at me and the dream ends right around there.

      In my second dream I am in some gigantic never ending pool. In one area it looks like a water park and there is a giant robot that me and a group of people are trying to defeat. I think my old friend Andrew is with me and the robot seems to be attacking us, like we are in some video game and it is the boss. We try attacking it and it takes one person of our group, at some points we try shooting rockets at it and its damage goes down. At another point it seems like it is a giant inflatable thing and we shoot a bullet at it and the air seems to be coming out, the next part is hazy but we end up floating out into a never ending ocean.

      In this part of the dream I am on a floating chair or tube of some sort and I am holding onto some floating device holding up two women on each side of me. I lean back and close my eyes and I feel myself getting an erection so I try to keep my hand over my bathing suit so they don't see it. After a while I open my eyes and my boner is clearly visible and I put it back in my bathing suit. I look over and the girl next to me noticed and she pretends to "accidentally" expose some of her parts to me, I look at the other girl doing the same, as if they are competing over me. I am so turned on by both of them I don't know which one to look at. One has brown hair and one has red hair, I start to become too excited and I say to myself "I hope this dream is not about to end" and I jynx myself, at that point I start to wake up.
    2. I was a little girl?

      by , 11-14-2013 at 05:16 PM
      I only remember one dream, and I was a little girl in the dream lol..............................

      I was at one place which was supposed to be like a hard level I had to do over.. oh just remembered part of my dream

      First fragment I remember I was at this one level of Super mario 64 and I was telling these people about Super Mario Sunshine. I showed them the gamecube cover of the game and sunlight radiated through me and I felt the warmth of the sun. Then I just had to say Praise the suN!!! lol.

      Next fragment I had I was this little girl and I was trying to beat this one level on Majoras Mask, Ocarina of Time, or Mario or something I forgot. You had to enter the level through this painting or somehow, and quickly press up down left right left right a b a b start select, at least thats what I thought the code was. And if you didnt do it fast enough you couldnt beat the level. I remember I was a little girl playing the level and there was this mean older lady trying to do mean stuff. Like the principal in Matilda. Thats all I remember
    3. Dreams are becoming really long lol

      by , 10-20-2013 at 05:05 PM
      lol wow, I had so many dreams last night I don't even remember much at all about the first dream except the little notes I wrote down in my physical dream journal. I got a smaller dream journal to get me to write only notes about the dreams instead of the whole dream, but still its hard to not write down so many details.

      Dream 1: Most of what I can say is just what I have written down in the dream journal, can only remember the last part. Apparently it was some video game where I was fighting on expensive boats and there were jet skis, except I have no recollection of this part whatsoever. I do remember there was this one part of the dream I had to get an elevator and it was some scrapyard on the roof of a skyscraper, and I had this one girl helping me get across. And on the other end of the building was this temple and Eggman was inside the temple somwhere. We were about to go inside the temple and fight these creatures but the dream ended there.

      Dream 2: All I wrote down was something about fighting dbz style, I would really like to remember more of this dream but all I remember is I was controlling a character that was hovering over the ground really fast and moving to the right around a big rock. Did not feel like I was flying personally at all though.

      Dream 3: This dream I remember more clearly. In real life I am starting Spanish 102 on monday, but I had a dream where I was in the first class of Spanish 102. I sat in a seat right in front of this scrawny kid I used to work with and he said sit your mangy ass down. I said shut the fuck up you scrawny little piece of shit and I sat down and I stared at him cause I knew he was gonna try to hit me. The entire class was like "ooooh!" then he tried to hit me, but me being bigger than him I picked him up and threw him halfway across the room. I think after that I woke up. I don't act that ghetto in real life lol.

      Dream 4: This dream was the longest and I remember it the clearest. I was at my friend Mike's house and we were all playing xbox or something and I was just chilling there with some other people. Everyone else besides me and mike went to go do something and me and mike talked for a bit, i forgot most of it but we just talked about jobs or something. Then I saw his xbox homescreen was some lady with her breasts showing for like breastfeeding or some reason other than porn and then the other people came in. There were two girls and they were commenting negatively on it, then I realized they had their shirts off and I was asking them why they hate it so much when they are showing their own breasts (lmao). I realized I had to go to school or something so I grabbed my controller and headset, but they wanted to use the headset so I let them and just took the controller, for some reason I was in my boxers so I grabbed my pants and was telling Mike how I needed bigger pants cause they're all a bit too small for me now (not gaining weight irl), he says yea i hear ya then I grab my backpack and leave. Next thing I know I'm in some school, no idea what grade or age group the people are.

      I realize I lost my backpack so I go down this hallway looking for it. The hallway has white tiles and roofing and red lockers going down on the halls. On my way down some girl I know named Shannon is talking about how she doesn't take Spanish and is saying "psh, thats German politics", or something like that. While im walking by (I liked shannon in high school) im secretly wishing i took german instead of spanish lol. I walk up to this group of people and they are standing by a bunch of backpacks, they look to me as I walk up to them and I just say I'm looking for my backpack. I remember they are standing right near the entrance to a bathroom. I see a backpack that looks similar to the one I am looking for, not lucid so my dream self knows and im just kind of watching. I say I think thats my backpack and then say no that just looks a lot like it. Then one of the girls there says I think this is it, and hands me my backpack. I say thats the one and take it and walk out the door.

      Once I got outside the school I noticed one guy starting to run. He said he missed his bus and I think I missed it too. He said he went to some elementary school I went to and some college like James Madison or something. He said this all as he was sprinting down the street. I was sprinting right after him and we went down the street and through some neighborhoods. Looked like the area around the middle school I went to except it was very similar to this one small town I remember from another dream. I kept following him and told him its like chasing someone in GTA 5, and he laughed and kept sprinting, we were going somewhere in a big hurry but I had no idea where. He got into this open car and opened the door for me. Then as I was about to get in he drove forward a bit to prank me or something and he accidentally fell off the side of this 20-30 foot cliff. I was thinking "oh shit" and he started slamming on all sides of the car then when I looked over the car was spinning in the air like crazy then rolled about 7 or 8 times once it hit the ground.

      He was on the ground near the car and I asked if he was ok and if he needed an ambulance and he said he was fine. I kept asking him if he was sure and then I saw this girl with torn clothes get out, all she had left was her short shorts on. She was looking the other way and I was like oh crap she was in the car too. Then shes just standing near the car looking the other way. I was with the guy I was chasing and the girl was looking towards her father who was on a nearby street. Then her father came up to us and apparently he was in the car too? (dream doesn't make sense at this point) He walks up to us and his lip is sliced so that the bottom part near the left part is sliced off and the little triangle of his mouth is pointing away from his face. We kept telling him that it was bad and he needs to go to the hospital and he kept asking us wow are you sure, how bad is it? and we were explaining it to him lol. He kept touching it and we kept telling him not to. That was the end of the dream.

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    4. 2/24 Bars, Cruise ships, Video games

      by , 02-24-2013 at 09:08 PM
      Non-Dream [COLOR="#4B0082"]Dream[/COLOR] [COLOR="#DAA520"]Lucid[/COLOR]

      Ok well haven't posted in a while but here goes. I don't really know the chronological order of these events so my dream may be told out of order. The facts and events are what actually happened in my dream, although they might be in the wrong order, and some parts are also missing as I don't remember the entire dream.

      Sleep: 4:00am
      Wake 2:15pm

      1. [COLOR="#4B0082"] My first dream was in the basement of my moms house, where I live. For some reason instead of one bar under the stairs there were two smaller bars next to this great view of a window thats the size of a jacuzzi? It went from the ground to the ceiling and there were two bars on the side. Both of them had this green tile on top like the bar we have in real life. I realized I usually spent time at one bar and I just was getting comfortable to the other bar when something happened and I went into another room where my mom put in a third bar that was much bigger. It was a big oval and stretched as far as a schoolbus lengthwise. On one side there was beer on tap and my grandparents were testing it out, I asked my mom what happened to the old bar and she said she got rid of it. I felt sad and that was the end.[/COLOR]

      2. [COLOR="#4B0082"] The next dream I remember is I was on a cruise. Apparently it was a pretty shitty cruise now that I think about it because it only had rooms on one side and pools on the other. Apparently we were docked in Japan and I was walking in my bathing suit to the pools side of the boat. I was just trying to find a hot tub to get into. The architecture was weird[/COLOR] let me explain the top of the boat in MS Paint.


      [COLOR="#4B0082"]At first I saw a father helping his daughter down the waterfall steps, which was cool and cute at the same time. Then I got into the hot tub, and there was this family in there. The father was sitting across from me, they had a daughter to both of our sides and the mother was sitting on the top of the hot tub. The father started telling me this amazing cop story and I was trying to pay attention so i tried to get comfortable. I tried to get comfortable but I kept leaning towards his daughter and he kept getting more suspicious, I tried to move away but it was just awkward. I looked to the wife and she filled in some of the story while the father told it. I eventually left the hot tub to go look off the side of the cruise ship. It looked like a Japanese harbor, and then for a few seconds[/COLOR][COLOR="#DAA520"] I went lucid. I didn't even try to do anything my subconcious already knows that I am going to wake up if I do anything exciting. I decided to just sit there and enhance the view. It suddenly turned to night and the sky had so many stars and there was a beach way down below me. Shortly after that I lost the lucidity[/COLOR] [COLOR="#4B0082"]and my dream continued.
      3. [COLOR="#4B0082"]I had a dream me and my brother were playing call of duty, and we decided to play this other game. We looked like little slime people, like yellow gum drops except everyone had white hair and glasses, which were supposed to portray they were old. At first me and my brother were racing against each other, and you had to press A fast to win the race. I ended up doing the trick where you put the sleeve over your finger and rub the button across to be able to press A extremely fast. My dad was in the background and said something then asked if he could play. After that we watched another team of two try to beat my and Joeys added score. I handed my dad the controller and that was the end of the dream.[/COLOR]
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    5. 2/6 fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

      by , 02-06-2013 at 05:26 PM
      Out of dreams: Black
      In Dreams: [COLOR="#4B0082"]Indigo[/COLOR]

      Argh, I just deleted so much of my previous entry, but I'll try to write this up again. My dreams are beginning to work better, I'm starting to see my dreams more vividly. I began to say "I will have lucid dreams" as a mantra, and it kind of works because I have more vivid dreams, except they still are not at lucidity yet.

      Sleep: 1:30
      Wake: 5:00, Concious and trying to enter REM 5:30 - 6:45, 9:20

      [COLOR="#4B0082"] I begin in a weird basement I've never been in before. I see a game system next to a tv so I pop in this sonic game. Sonic is running and apparently I have a PS3 controller even though I only play xbox 360. I press circle to do the spin dash thing when I get to a giant room and there is a giant button in the middle with a star, kind of like the one in this image except much bigger [/COLOR]


      [COLOR="#4B0082"] Then this guy starts commentating in the background of the game while I'm playing. "You have to collect all the rings to hear the whole story", and as I collect the rings I can hear some sort of story being told but only as I collect the rings. I don't get all the rings and I jump again (sonic spends a lot of time in mid-air so you can hear a lengthy story) to hear the rest of the story that I missed. Except when sonic jumps he doesnt spin he just does a boring jump like everyone else. The commentator says "Let it be heard you can have sonic do classic actions and my own specialized actions" and he obviously set his actions to default. From the big button there are three different paths of rings, so three different stories I guess. After that I find this other object in the next room, this weird device to listen to music.[/COLOR] I'll try to draw it but I am terrible at MS Paint, so bare with me here.


      [COLOR="#4B0082"] You could move the machine along the song list, and I just chose the song in the middle, which was a Madonna song for some reason, and so the machine started playing it. Then after a while it played Van Halen, it probably automatically goes to the next song by itself.[/COLOR]

      After this dream I wake up, and even though I feel tired I get up for about 5 minutes so I can wake up a little and record that in my dream journal. After I record it in my dream journal I take a few sips of apple juice and go back to bed. I lie in bed for a while trying to stay concious as my body and subconcious would go into REM mode, but all I can get are slight hallucinations after an hour, so I just give up and go to sleep for real.

      [COLOR="#4B0082"] My first dream after this is me and a girl eating cake in a dark room. The cake is kind of gross so I only take one bite. Then I start to see me and a girl start kissing on the chair/table thing you sit on at the doctors office, except I see this from the third person. We don't really french kiss or anything just sensual touching and just the lips. The girl wants to have sex after that but she tells me she can't perform a specific sexual action (forget what it is) and so for some reason I refuse to have sex with her. She keeps begging me to do it anyways but I say I have to go, and I walk out a door, and through the door light is coming in through the sides of the door for some reason maybe because the room/outside on the other side is much brighter.[/COLOR]

      This dream makes me so angry lol. [COLOR="#4B0082"] Me and two other people are talking, I think just anonymous people from my classes at college. We are sitting in chairs outside my bedroom, two of us on one side of the room and another guy on the other. The other two people start talking about dreams and then I say how hard it is for me to go lucid and how I'm trying hard to get a lucid dream, and I'll have to keep trying tonight.[/COLOR] THEN I WAKE UP, I was so angry at my brain....
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    6. A very weird high school

      by , 02-01-2013 at 03:44 PM
      I'm glad my dream recall increased so greatly last night, might have to do with all the apple juice I drank, or the fact that I actually went outside yesterday.

      Sleep: 11:30
      Awakenings: 4:00, 9:00
      Methods: MILD, WILD

      1. Skyrim Ruins

      In my dream somehow I knew I was in Skyrim, except I was actually in the game. I was in this snowy place, it looked like the stones from stonehenge except they were on hills and there were a lot of them. This group of other people were chasing me and I kept trying to get to a city so the guards would attack the group of people chasing me. I looked on the map and saw I was right near one of the gold little stonehenge pieces, which somehow I knew meant a city. I started climbing up this big hill with nothing on it so it was like a field on a hill. Somehow I didn't wake up after this but I still remembered this dream.

      2. Vacation house

      I was in this vacation house with my cousins, this seems to be a very common recurring element in my dreams. It somehow got dark outside at 4:30 and we were just sitting around talking, a very boring dream. All i remember is what I wrote down when I woke up, we were talking about health and somehow one of my cousins (she'd never say this in real life) said that she eats one quart of club sandwhiches every day lmao. After a while my uncle asks me what channel is the hockey game on. So I start to flip through the channels, and in this house somehow we have comcast or something cause it's different from what I have at my house. After a few seconds of browsing the channels I wake up.

      At this point I feel WIDE awake, I write my notes down in my dream journal, go upstairs and drink some applejuice and some water. Then I try to fall back asleep.

      3. High school Weirdness

      I dreamed I was back in high school and we all went sledding. I did not feel the cold at all and somehow all I was wearing were soaking wet whitey tighteys. (LOL) After sledding we went to this weird cafe to have dinner, and there was one aisle with two rows of booths where everyone was eating. At the end of one row was a podium where some guy was giving a speech. After he gave a speech everyone was just waiting and sitting, so I went up to the podium to see if I could give a speech. After I got up to the podium Someone else from across the room started giving a speech talking about prom and some other events so i went and sat back down. After we started eating I guess two security people kept moving me around because I kept causing trouble. I went to a few tables then to a popular table then to a table in the back. I do not remember anything that happened at any tables. Then I remember when we were leaving we had to walk past another big group of people and I shouted "SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!!" (it was in bill and teds excellent adventure) then as everyone was leaving I was running through the snow, up past a wendy's and a few other restaurants until I got to this big snowy field that seemed to go on forever, I kept running towards this hill but I never got closer, this went on for a long time in the dream. I kept wondering why I wasn't cold but I never realized I was dreaming. I eventually imagined I was on the hill on purpose so I could get home faster but I still didn't realize I was dreaming. After that I woke up.