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    1. How Do You Dance with a Lady

      by , 03-02-2013 at 08:03 AM
      I was at a high class resort of sorts, and I was not me, though I don't have a a good sense of who I was.

      The most memorable part of the resort stay was the tutorial they did mostly directed toward men of "How Do You Dance With a Lady" when there is a wine bottle involved. It appeared to be a formal evening dress code event, with classical dancing. So the men were given a multiple choice quizz:

      Do you "Dance with a Lady" and a wine bottle
      (a) by renaming your wine bottle "lady" and dancing with her
      (b) try to pour or drink the wine while simultaneously trying to dance
      (c) you enjoy your wine while the lady dances
      OR and this was the "correct" answer
      (d) you pour the wine for your lady and yourself, you both enjoy it, then put down your glaces, and then you dance together

      A later scene at same resort (this one woke me up):

      I was sitting on the veranda or a large balcony of the resort, and I was not paying much attention. All of a sudden I hear this terrible looming noise, and a loud voice saying something from a loudspeaker that sounded like "Ally Action" though I could not figure out what they were actually saying. At first someone else blocked my view, but then they moved, and I realized that a helicopter was the source of this noise and loudspeaker too. Then I realize that the helicopter was going to land right where I was sitting/lounging. I moved quickly to avoid being squished. In fact this was so vivid and realistic that upon waking up, I immediately sat up in bed and got out of the way.

      This was not a lucid dream but it was vivid and detailed and long with more than one scene.

      And upon waking I remembered a previous dream also which I shall record separately.

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