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    1. Not a bad dream (fragment)

      by , 03-08-2013 at 08:04 AM
      I remember in this non-lucid dream fragment realizing that in dreams it matters less what my mind finds objectionable, but it matters mor that My mind still have issues with the dream.
    2. Fragment: Is Seasonal Hunting Cruel?

      by , 03-06-2013 at 11:53 AM
      This fragment asked the question: Is seasonal hunting cruel?
      My dream answer: No.

      So I continue my lessons in what is proper as I call them, or another way of looking at it is that my mind is struggling with issues of right and wrong, and checking what is right in my opinion. Not that I am ever going to do seasonal hunting myself, but I don't judge people who do. My mind wanted to verify that. Interesting.
    3. Explaining Work Dress Code to a Man in a Women's Room

      by , 03-02-2013 at 08:17 AM
      In this dream I was myself and I was in the women's room of my actual work place. I was with a bunch of women whom I had never seen before and one man (in women's room!) whom I had never seen before either.

      In my dream I rationalized their presence that they must be new recruits, people who just got hired. And I rationalized the man's presence that he was there to assist a handicapped woman (whom I did not see but just inferred).

      Some of them were dressed in formal attire as appropriate for after interview or first day of work. The man was wearing dress shirt and tie. However some of the women were wearing jeans.

      So I started to explain that our boss (who was the boss I actually do have in real life, and who actually does have this preference in real life) that our boss prefers more formal dress code such as dress shirt and tie from all employees every workday. Someone asked for clarification: "even for women dress shirt and tie?" Me: "No, but not jeans, more formal than that, nicer." I went on to explain that even though we are an IT shop, but more and more often we do get important visitors, and the place and people thus need to look presentable.

      I remember this dream was very vivid, and definitely not remotely lucid. I remember I accepted the rationale for man in the women's room without questioning it, and I was not remotely bothered by his presence there. We were all kind of hanging out there, relaxed, and bonding. My explanations of dress code were received by the others the way they had been intended as friendly advice / tips to new coworkers.

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    4. How Do You Dance with a Lady

      by , 03-02-2013 at 08:03 AM
      I was at a high class resort of sorts, and I was not me, though I don't have a a good sense of who I was.

      The most memorable part of the resort stay was the tutorial they did mostly directed toward men of "How Do You Dance With a Lady" when there is a wine bottle involved. It appeared to be a formal evening dress code event, with classical dancing. So the men were given a multiple choice quizz:

      Do you "Dance with a Lady" and a wine bottle
      (a) by renaming your wine bottle "lady" and dancing with her
      (b) try to pour or drink the wine while simultaneously trying to dance
      (c) you enjoy your wine while the lady dances
      OR and this was the "correct" answer
      (d) you pour the wine for your lady and yourself, you both enjoy it, then put down your glaces, and then you dance together

      A later scene at same resort (this one woke me up):

      I was sitting on the veranda or a large balcony of the resort, and I was not paying much attention. All of a sudden I hear this terrible looming noise, and a loud voice saying something from a loudspeaker that sounded like "Ally Action" though I could not figure out what they were actually saying. At first someone else blocked my view, but then they moved, and I realized that a helicopter was the source of this noise and loudspeaker too. Then I realize that the helicopter was going to land right where I was sitting/lounging. I moved quickly to avoid being squished. In fact this was so vivid and realistic that upon waking up, I immediately sat up in bed and got out of the way.

      This was not a lucid dream but it was vivid and detailed and long with more than one scene.

      And upon waking I remembered a previous dream also which I shall record separately.

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    5. I Am Not In This For The Usual Reasons -- Was: Wonderful dream recall progress

      by , 03-02-2013 at 02:45 AM
      I believe I remembered the dream that I forgot earlier tonight, and I remembered the Significant Insight that I had reached before. This dream is actually about dreaming even though it may not appear to be!

      In my dream I was an actress in theatre, just starting out. And an experienced actor had taken my under his wing and was showing me the ropes. During a break in rehearsal I had been chatting with another less experienced actor. My self-appointed mentor saw this, and afterward took me aside and reprimanded me, saying "Why are you wasting your time with that nobody? To succeed in this trade, It matters who your connections are. It matters who you are seen with, and he is not someone you want to be seen with." I rebutted him with "I am not in this for the usual reasons: I am not in it for the money nor for the fame, and I choose who I hang with."

      While analyzing this dream after it happened it occurred to me that this dream was about why I am putting this effort into dreaming now, why I want to lucid dream, why I am here at DV:

      I am not doing it for the usual reasons. Or maybe these are the usual reasons for some people, who knows. An important motivator for me is to regain my self-dignity and self-respect, to regain control of my dreams so that I do not do what my subconscious tells me to do. I get to choose who I hang with. For me the an important motivator for lucid dreaming this time around is moral reasons: I want to do what I perceive as being right (which of course does not mean I won't do something like shoot someone in a lucid dream because it feels right to do so , I need to do empowers me, and I need to not let those more experienced than me dictate what is right for me. This is what attracts me to DV is because it seems to be a place where people generally support this kind of attitude, and do not try to impose their way on others.

      Friday March 1 2013 I took NyQuil for my cold, and went to bed early. Around 8:30pm I woke up. I remember having some profound insight into my dream recall or something like that. I remember feeling very self-satisfied with my progress and how it was not just a fragment this time. After all this patting myself on the back, I almost fell back asleep without writing anything in my dream journal. I startled myself back awake in order to write it down, and it was all gone, except for this.