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    1. No problem with coworker and massage in company kitchen + lost doctor

      by , 03-11-2014 at 03:40 AM
      10pm (I went to bed early feeling tired and feverish so already had recall)

      My husband called me to a conference call at his office to try to work out a problem he thought I had with one of his coworkers. The coworker started defending himself saying he had no clue I had a problem with him. I replied that this because I have no problem with him whatsoever, and my husband misunderstood. As I was leaving the conference room, I said that of course part of the reason why I have no problem with him has to do with the fact that I do not actually know him at all, and he agreed.

      Still in my husband's office, in the office kitchen: I first randomly give a female stranger a backrub from behind. Then it's as if I forgot that this female stranger is there and I definitely forgot about rubbing her, and I start thoroughly massaging my husband. He is fully clothed but on the floor in a way and I give him a full back massage while squatted on top of him. Very sensual.

      Only then do I remember the female stranger coworker, and that we were blocking her way out of the kitchen and forcing her to watch. I appologize to her. She says, no problem, and that she wishes she had watched me chew out Alexandro. I figure Alexandro must have been the male coworker in the conference room who I had no problem with. It occurs to me that he did not look like an Alexandro, looked very WASP. I explain to the coworker that there was no chewing out involved.

      Fragment: I was in a waiting room of a doctor's office explaining why I was there. I do not recall why. I had the sense though in the dream that I had been waiting for a long time and had given the same explanation many times before. Later in same dream I was trying to help the doctor not to be lost: I was telling him that the reason he could not find an office number was because the address was from before his practice moved to another building, but he would not listen to me, and just kept going and looking.

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    2. Reality Checks Fail at Disturbing Visit, lost and doubting

      by , 10-06-2013 at 08:59 AM
      My family was visiting my dad and step mother, but we were staying next door in some sort of rental. I did not notice that neither their home nor neighborhood were anything like they actually are.

      My husband and sons and dad and step mother were going to go somewhere in a car, but I was not going. I was helping them to the car, carrying a booster seat for my almost 5 year old. I did not notice that the booster seat was a way more elaborate contraption than in reality. But suddenly they were gone, and I did not remember them having left, and I was left with the booster seat.

      i did the finger through palm reality check, but it failed. Instead of seriously questioning reality or following up with another reality check, I started rationalizing that something must be mentally wrong with me, that I must not have long to live. I tried calling my dad on my cell phone, but he did not answer. I rationalized further that they must have had another booster seat in the car, and maybe the one I was carrying was not needed. I did not notice that the booster seat then disappeared.

      I then tried finding the place where we were staying, but could not. The neighborhood was nothing like what I "remembered" it being - both not matching reality and not matching false memories. It in fact became a more and more elaborate neighborhood, the longer I walked. It was like a small tourist town with shops. I heard some tourist comment, how quaint it was, that they had no clue this charming town was there, that they needed to explore it more. I heard someone laugh.

      I meanwhile was panicking more and more, and doubting my sanity. i did more reality checking. Again just the finger through palm attempt, but again without serious questioning, and again it failed. However, by then I was too panicked to stop and think. I tried calling my dad again and my husband in vain. I was crying, and thinking that this can't be happening to me.

      And that's when I woke up, and realized that it was not happening to me. And that I checked reality repeatedly in this dream, but did not seriously question it, even though the reason I checked was because stuff was happening that should not be happening! Soooo close, and yet sooo far.

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    3. Weird job interview

      by , 08-20-2013 at 11:02 AM
      I went to this weird job interview. I got the interview because months ago a former coworker had apparently told me they were looking, and then i was not looking, but now i was (in my dream), so i contacted them again. when i arrived there was some confusion and I had to wait for someone to see me, but then a man came. The office was weird: Instead of sitting at desks people sat at tables with small groups of other people doing different stuff. I remember thinking that those chairs would not be as comfortable as desk chairs.

      At one table people were verifying the consecutiveness of page numbers in a bible. My supervisor who was interviewing me noticed that the page number that one of them was on was much lower than his count. The man insisted that it was nonetheless correct. I pointed out that it could be if the preface had 37 pages that were counted with Roman numerals. I was trying to impress that I could subtract like that.

      At another table I don't know what they were doing but part of it involved petting dogs. I asked whether one could pet cats instead.

      I finally asked what they actually did here, and was told that they did whatever their clients requested, and that people just figured out how best to accomplish it. I remember I was very impressed out of some reason. I wanted to know whether this was the company headquarters, and was told that no, that was in Vegas, but they were thinking of relocating to San Francisco or Detroit.

      It seemed they were interested in hiring me. I said that I had had a raise at my current job though since the time I told them how much money I made, would this be an issue. They said no, that they actually would pay me even more.

      Then I somehow lost my supervisor / guide. I wandered the hallways trying to find him. Some company hallways were weird like there were spas and locker rooms etc there. I found someone who recognized me and knew who I was looking for, and he tried to help me. He took me downstairs and there was this fancy Middle eastern restaurant there. But we could not find the supervisor.

      I finally gave up and left. Then I found out that I now would not get the job because I had not staid and waited. I wanted to know how long he had expected me to wait. Was I supposed to stay around and wait even after everyone else left for the end of the day? It was weird that I asked that, since I really had not waited long at all.

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    4. Lost and found

      by , 08-16-2013 at 07:25 AM
      I remember this was a long dream. I remember there were several rounds of it, and it was kind of repetitive but not exact repetition. It was all about me loosing my sons over and over again. It was always either entirely or at least partially my fault, and sometimes also someone else's.

      I don't remember all rounds, but in the last iteration the boys were playing somewhere in a grassy area of a city street, and my car was parked nearby with the motor running and key in ignition. A woman who in my dream was the mother of some friends of my kids, but in reality is an unknown, she started chatting with me, and she then went behind the wheel of my car and I got in the passenger seat, and she suggested that we go for a short ride while we chat, and leave the kids here, but come back to them, and I agreed. After we had been driving for a while, she realized she could not easily drive back - I think it was because of one way streets that prevented us from driving back the way we came, and the streets were not in a straight grid like many streets around where I actually live, but they were more curved and complex, more like the streets of old European cities. So in my dream the woman abandoned me or just disappeared. I abandoned my car, and started walking back to find my sons. It took a long time. Eventually I found them. They looked worse for wear, a bit dirty and dischevled, like they had been living on the street for a while. They were delighted to see me, and I them. And just when I found them, my husband found all of us to. I had no idea how he found us because I had not contacted him, and he had no way of knowing that the boys had been missing nor where we were. I had the sense that my husband was reproachful about my loosing our kids, and he had every right to be, because it was my fault.

      This dream is reminiscent of a few previous dreams of mine, in which I am also lost, also with a car, and my husband in at least one of them also finds me, and I don't know how. And I also have feelings of guilt in at least one of them.
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    5. Don't know where going (bar), election loss my fault, banned from iPhone

      by , 06-20-2013 at 03:35 PM
      I started out driving from work toward a bar. I was going to meet a man there I know a bit from work, and don't really know and don't really like on some kind of date or happy hour. But I wanted to call it off, and say another woman would attend in my stead (this is a woman I do not know in real life). I did not know the direction to this bar but was driving there any way, though I did not know where I was going. I was desperately trying to use my phone to either get directions to this bar or to call this man to call it off, confused which.

      In mid dream, my husband showed up and he was now in the driver's seat, and he was telling me that I would not be allowed to use my phone or iPad any more because he needed all our data plan for himself. And while I thought this was harsh, I accepted that I deserved it. I had caused the loss of the election - it was all my fault - I felt profound guilt. In the middle of this discussion though where my husband is saying how I lost all my phone privileges, I interrupt him to say that I now have to use my phone to either look up directions to the bar or to call the man I was going to meet to tell him that I am not coming but another woman is coming instead.

      Side note: I found the references to my two dreams from June 6th in this dream fascinating. It's like this dream is a continuation and spin off of those dreams:


    6. Lost and will be late to Vote

      by , 06-06-2013 at 10:42 AM

      I was trying to get to the voting booth on time. I needed to vote even though I had voted yesterday - one of those two day elections. I knew voting closed at 5pm, and it was almost 5. I was lost. I was moving further and further West, away from the city, but unable to figure out how to turn around.

      My kids were in the car with me. I thought of them as my kids, although I only saw one in this dream, and he looked nothing like my real life kids, but in this dream, I did not question it. There was chewing gum stuck to the radio, which didn't look anything like the car radio does either. And there was something wrong with the outside front of my car, though I don't know what - I got out at a light and tried to fix whatever was wrong.

      My husband materialized. I asked how he found me despite my being lost, he did not explain, and I did not ask again. He said he could drive. I asked, don't you have a car you got here in? He said no, but then I thought maybe we would get back here for his car after the election. Though I seriously doubted we could get back in time.

      The kid wanted milk. He wanted to know if the juice box contained milk. We said, no juice. He said that he wanted milk not juice. In fact he seemed to already be drinking juice. My husband pointed out there was milk in shopping bags in the car, but the milk was in gallon containers, so not ready to drink.