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    1. LUCID: Toilet in Wrong Place, Stabilize, Dissolve DC, Flying!

      by , 07-23-2013 at 11:10 AM
      Despite being a DILD this was also a WBTB because I got up around 3:30 am and made myself a warm milk with honey, and thought about dreams, and intended to lucid dream.

      At the start of this dream, I was outside with my mother. The area was not at all like my home's surroundings - lots more grassy open spaces for one, but in my dream I did not notice. All of a sudden I needed to pee bad. I ran for my home (or what my dream mind considered my home). When I got there, I realized that I forgot my purse somewhere outside, but luckily my door was open. As I was stepping inside the house, someone was after me, so i closed and locked the door. but they tried to get in, and then i realized it was my mother, so I opened the door for her. I said: "I forgot my purse somewhere close to the bushes, but now I really got to pee!" My mother said "So you forgot your purse," as if it were not a big deal, "so go pee."

      I went into the bathroom, and saw that the toilet was not where it usually is. My first thought was to try to rationalize it, maybe the toilet is broken. But then it hit me: it's a dream! As I turned to what used to be my mother, (s)he transformed into a strange man, and there was another strange man there now. But I knew it was a dream, and I did not care. In fact I out of some reason sat on the lap of one of the two men on the floor in the hallway in front of the bathroom, and I grinned, and he grinned back. I knew he was not real.

      I exited the bathroom and hallway area. The home now was our current home: same layout and look. I remembered that I had to stabilize my dream, so then I looked at my hands. They started shaking, but then stabilized. I don't remember any more how the first man disappeared, but I do remember looking at the other guy (this was not the guy whose lap I had sat in, but the other one), and thinking "why are you still here? I don't need you." So I stared at him, and he faded slowly out of existence, until there was just a transparent shape, and then completely gone.

      I remembered that I was supposed to have dream goals. I couldn't clearly remember then, but I remembered that some were specific to the dream competition, and I remembered that had just ended. So I decided to go with the tried and true generic goal: flying. I exited the house by the door, but then started flying.

      At first I had trouble and was flying upside down and did not see things well. But then my flight stabilized, and I was at a height that was close to roof tops. I was flying through what seemed to be a little European style town, very different from where my home really is. The buildings were all somewhat unique looking, but not artificially so - it fit the European small town look.

      Then while still dreaming, I heard and became aware of my husband shifting in bed next to me. I knew I was about to wake up. I looked around at the houses in flight a bit more, but then I did wake up.

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    2. Voting at a Bar is ok, but my mom is on TV telling about a dream - LUCID!

      by , 06-06-2013 at 10:47 AM

      So there I was at a counter at a bar, still trying to vote, and out of some reason I thought one could vote at a bar. I was looking in my purse either for my credit card to pay for the purchases at the bar or for my license as proof of identity so I could vote.

      My husband was saying how this election was to show George Bush that he could not limit elections to just some voters. But while I was still rummaging through my purse, my husband left.

      Suddenly I heard my mother on TV trying to tell about a dream she had had. She was much younger, like when I was a kid.

      And then it clicked. I shouted "This is a dream!" And I started doing sumersaults in the air above the bar. Out of some reason though I kept closing my eyes, and the dream was fading. I managed to notice that my husband was not there, so I expected to find him right outside the door, and so I opened the door and there he was. "This is a dream!" I shouted. But then I woke up.

      Memory of previous dream:

      The rummaging in my purse for either my credit card or license reminded me of a dream earlier that night, where I had the hardest time finding my credit card in my purse in a store, but then I remembered, I had just bought chocolates in the store next door, and I had them in a small paper gift bag, so I looked inside, and they had put my credit card with the chocolates! The person at this place said that this is what the store next to them has a tendency of doing. As I was walking out, I noticed that she had named the store on the other side of hers, not the one I remembered shopping in, but in my dream I rationalized that the two stores on both sides must then be owned by same owner.