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    1. The wrong kind of jealousy, chocolate pierogi

      by , 10-30-2013 at 11:24 AM
      In this dream I was a lawyer or anyway working on a high profile legal case, helping some sports celebrity, or rather some owner of a sports team - not sure but he was connected to sports,very rich, famous, but not actually doing the sport himself.

      In my dream I was single and my boss was trying to help me out, and thus in addition to being assigned to this case he had also set up a number of one on one meetings with this client, which had the potential to turn into dates.

      There was a class of some sort and the students who were mostly grown women were asked why is is such a high profile legal case, and they could not answer it, but I did "Not only is the client a celebrity in the sports business, but also this case is of crucial importance to the US Department of Defense."

      Then there was a scene in a class room of sorts and I was there with a man who in my dream was either my ex or an on and off again boyfriend. the famous client passed in the hallway, and I told the man I was with that not only am I on his case but I have a number of one on one meetings scheduled with this client and they are turning into dates. I had the sense that the man I was talking to was jealous but the wrong king of jealous: he was not jealous of me, but rather jealous that I had that close encounteres with this famous sports world guy. I realized that I was hoping my friend would be jealous of me, upset that I had dates with another man, but he appeared too star struck to notice.

      Fragment: in this dream there was a buffet of sort and I was there with my friends, a husband and wife who are Muslim. They were eager to try Pierogi, which is a specialty from my home country Poland. pierogi actually is a stuffed pasta, but in my dream they appeared to be alcohol filled chocolates. It appeared there was only one left and the wife (my friend took it) before I could warn her that there was alcohol in it. I wondered whether I should tell her, but then I figured the harm was already done, plus if she took it unknowingly surely it would not be a blemish on her Muslim religious practice. the husband meanwhile was eagerly taking another "pierogi", which appeared to actually be a gingerbread cookie. I hesitated whether to tall him that that was not a pierogi, because his wife had had the last one, but then I thought that he seemed eager to try a pierogi, this gingerbread cookie was also a Polish specialty, the wife had already had a real "pierogi" so the husband could not, and if there had been one left he too would have broken the no alcohol religious rule, so I decided to let him think that the gingerbread cookie was also a pierogi.
    2. Runaway

      by , 03-09-2013 at 12:35 PM
      I remember a dream I had earlier tonight:

      I was a teenaged boy (so definitely not myself). I had runaway from home, and had started being part of a bad crowd. The people I hung with appeared much older than me, and hardened criminals. I had a sense that they would not stop short of murder. I felt that I was I over my head, but a self proclaimed mentor tried to persuade me that I was where I belonged.

      Interesting re-occurrence of self-proclaimed mentor idea
    3. Stabbing Murder Believe to Have Been an Accident or Suicide

      by , 03-04-2013 at 09:17 AM
      In this dream I was not myself. In fact, I saw it kind of from a distance most of the time like watching a movie, though I vaguely identified with one of the participants.

      The dream starts with the watching of a movie, a documentary prepared by a company about a valued employee of theirs who died a while ago in something that was either believed to be an accident or a suicide. On the anniversary of his death, they were gathered outdoors on a mountain. The weather was nice and sunny. Lots of greenery. The person whom I sort of identified as was the man's sister, and after the movie she/I speak(s) up and says that this was neither an accident nor suicide, but murder.

      One of the men pulls her aside and asks how do you know it was murder. He does not wait for an explanation, but proceeds to attempt to kill her/me. His attempts though are completely ineffective and harmless, like he can't touch her/me. So he proceeds to account how he killed her brother in this very spot. (During the retelling I could see the murder happening as clearly as any other part of the dream.) The motive was that the brother had discovered something he should not have, and would have told those who should not know. The murder weapon seemed to be glass tubes, the kind used by scientists for chemical experiments. The murderer broke them, and proceeded to stab his victim repeatedly, but the man refused to die for a while so there was a lot of stabbing needed until he finally did. While being stabbed so many times, the victim did not struggle, or try to defend himself, or even cry out in pain. He just kind of took it.

      I have no idea how anyone could interpret or cover up such a murder as an accident or suicide. This was not a nightmare. Even though I vaguely identified with the sister, and the murder did in effectively try to kill me too, but I was throughout this dream watching it like a movie and ai had no emotional response to it - I was not committed not judgmental. It kind of was, even when what it was was a gruesome murder.

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