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    1. Vicious mob overthrowing brutal prince

      by , 05-14-2013 at 02:17 AM
      In this dream a brutal prince reigned, who enjoyed killing people for fun. Then a mob rose up to overthrow the brutal prince. I was part of the mob. I remember there was a lot of gore, a lot of people died brutally on both sides. Toward the end I think the prince was overthrown, but I could not be sure because I was too far to get a good viewing what was happening. But there was a procession of sort, and the mob was not attacking the procession. I remember seeing a modern looking woman as part of the procession, and my dream self identified this woman as Eep. Upon waking I at first did not remember where I got the name Eep from: it's the name of the daughter of the cave men family in the movie The Croods. But the woman in my dream looked modern, well more modern than a cave man, and more modern than most of the mob anyway. In my dream I knew she was an influential leader of this revolution.