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    1. Voting at a Bar is ok, but my mom is on TV telling about a dream - LUCID!

      by , 06-06-2013 at 10:47 AM

      So there I was at a counter at a bar, still trying to vote, and out of some reason I thought one could vote at a bar. I was looking in my purse either for my credit card to pay for the purchases at the bar or for my license as proof of identity so I could vote.

      My husband was saying how this election was to show George Bush that he could not limit elections to just some voters. But while I was still rummaging through my purse, my husband left.

      Suddenly I heard my mother on TV trying to tell about a dream she had had. She was much younger, like when I was a kid.

      And then it clicked. I shouted "This is a dream!" And I started doing sumersaults in the air above the bar. Out of some reason though I kept closing my eyes, and the dream was fading. I managed to notice that my husband was not there, so I expected to find him right outside the door, and so I opened the door and there he was. "This is a dream!" I shouted. But then I woke up.

      Memory of previous dream:

      The rummaging in my purse for either my credit card or license reminded me of a dream earlier that night, where I had the hardest time finding my credit card in my purse in a store, but then I remembered, I had just bought chocolates in the store next door, and I had them in a small paper gift bag, so I looked inside, and they had put my credit card with the chocolates! The person at this place said that this is what the store next to them has a tendency of doing. As I was walking out, I noticed that she had named the store on the other side of hers, not the one I remembered shopping in, but in my dream I rationalized that the two stores on both sides must then be owned by same owner.