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    1. The Strange Move: Don't want to leave my socks

      by , 08-20-2013 at 08:56 AM
      I dreamed that my father, my stepmother, and I were moving out of a house. For some reason there was a rush and my stepmother especially was hurrying us along, and we were going to leave most of our stuff behind for good.

      I was worried that we were leaving my fathers guitar, many of my toys (though I was a grown up), but most of all my socks: it appeared my stepmother was actively trying to prevent me from taking any of my socks, and out of some reason I felt very deeply the need to take them.

      We were almost ready to go. I managed to persuaded father that we come in one more time to get more of the stuff, and so I could get some of my socks, and he agreed, against my stepmother's wishes. The socks out of some reason were in a large chest in the basement.

      As we passed the yard, a huge owl landed, and he said "They love eachother very much" (At least I think that was it - what the owl said is the part of my dream recall I am least sure about). I said to my father: Did you hear that? What this owl said? He had heard it, but he insisted that the owl must have learned to parrot the phrase without understanding the meaning. I agreed.

      I did get some of my socks. Though most of my stuff did stay behind.
    2. In donut shop with iPad and my stepmother and dad

      by , 03-04-2013 at 09:32 AM
      In this dream I was in a bagel shop waiting for a man to finish glazing bagels I wished to buy. I knew the bagels were for my father and stepmother. In fact they were there too (though they may have appeared only after I knew who the bagels were for). Even though they were there, I did not acknowledge their presence. Instead I facebooked on the iPad. I was looking at pictures they had placed on Facebook (in reality neither of them is on Facebook and they are opposed to it). I liked one of the pictures. My stepmother broke the silence and said, see she does not acknowledge even that we are here, but at least she liked one of my photos. I then did acknowledge them, went over to where they were sitting. My stepmother said that my father was wondering how I can read anything on the iPad, so I showed her that it was actually very easy to read on an iPad. Meanwhile the man making the doughnuts wanted me to decide which kind I wanted to buy, and I realized I wanted Boston cream donuts, but they did not appear to have any. Some of the donuts they had were pretty weird, including a giant cake sized donut that the man had just finished glazing. Even though the donuts were supposed to be for my dad and step mother, I did not consult them what they wanted, but rather tried to base my decision on what I liked.

      In hindsight, I found it interesting that my stepmother knew I had liked one of her photos even though she was not sitting next to me yet, and she was surprised that I could read on an iPad suggesting that she did not have such a handy device to read Facebook on. I guess she just "knew" when someone liked her photo on Facebook.

      This dream was awkward, but not a nightmare. Definitely not lucid.

      I also remember that the guy glazing donuts looked familiar in the dream but I could not place him. Upon waking I no longer remembered his face, so I could neither confirm nor deny whether he actually was familiar.