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    1. Coke can shuriken and a fight for paint

      by , 03-01-2013 at 06:34 PM
      I tried something new last night when as I fell asleep I constantly repeated: "I will remember every detail of my dreams!" while it did not give me total recollection, I do believe it helped. I also started using my dsi as a dream journal, on an app called flipnote studios where you can write. The benefit of this is that I don't need to turn on a light. I remember at least two non-lucid dreams but with much more detail than usual.

      I was in a movie theatre with my cousin/best friend, Davis. I was showing off a curved knife* (that I have IWL) to nearby moviegoers who were surprisingly impressed for some reason. Instead of a movie, random trailers for low budget indie films were being projected. One of these was for a movie called "Warrior" about ninja and samouri working together, and it actually looked pretty cool. This inspired me to use the knife to cut a shuriken out of my coke can. Once I had it I was throwing it at the screen, but it would come back like a boomerang and stick into the (empty) chair next to me every time. Soon an announcer said, "Intermission time! Feel free to utilize the 'napping holes' provided for your convenience." (What.. 0-0)

      At this time my cousin and I went for snacks I guess, because We were in a room with a vending machine. it was like those coke machines with the touch screen, but instead it had the choices red, green, and blue. I think it dispensed paint, because the walls were painted with random streaks of paint, and there were a few paintbrushes lying around. Davis pushed one of the buttons and suddenly there was a very large man who was getting angry at us. he was yelling and pointed at the machine. Davis walked out the door and I said, "Fine! I'll deal with this."

      The man tried to punch me out with his large round fists, but I kept ducking under his blows. eventually I actually started laughing and (even though he was the one attacking me) told him, "Look, I am not bullying you. if you stop, I will leave you alone." He stopped, and I unselected the color that Davis had pushed and apologized. (at least I think I apologized) This made him happy and the dream faded.

      *note: I had been looking at that knife before I went to bed. I actually wondered if I would dream about it

      I was in my room playing my Xbox360 with a Wii remote. Aparrently this was a bad thing to do because when my mom opened my door, I threw it on the floor and grabbed my Xbox controller. Mom came in and sat on my bed and asked me some stuff about video games (very unlike her) and then watched with interest as I played Halo 4. (Again, something she would never do) I also remember something about downloading a "cute" version of a cheap indie game I have.

      Fragment or maybe part of first dream: I am sitting on a fence, looking at a generic back yard. I have my dsi and I am drawing yard decorations on the dsi that are becoming real in the yard.