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    I stopped posting my DJ's for various reasons, one of them being the amount of work required. I do believe the time you spend posting your DJ online helps keep your mind on dreams and reinforces your dream recall, both of which definitely help with lucid dreaming in my experience. If you want to view my dj without the Photobucket stamp on all the pictures, you may want to pull it up on archive.org where you can view past versions of webpages. Easy link: https://web.archive.org/web/20171208055654/https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/fogelbise/ and at the bottom of each page you can choose page 2, 3 etc.

    1. Special Lucid Dream :)

      by , 11-21-2016 at 11:07 PM
      20th November 2016

      Just a quick entry…

      (private part of lucid)

      I walk up to a DC that I take to be my wife as a toddler!

      I go to pick her up and she becomes an infant that I hold in my left arm and call my son over.

      My son is now an infant laying on a surface and I cusp his cheeks in my hands and I am amazed at how real he feels and it feels like I am experiencing him as a infant once again! Very special experience!
    2. May 21st 2015: Sex, Consoling Crying Girl, Astronaut Pilot, Becoming Tree

      by , 05-22-2015 at 12:23 AM
      Thu, 21 May 2015:
      1st feel transitioned to dream but float to confirm. Slow! Yes. Darkish. Wife gets out of bed and goes to toilet. I wonder if she did in waking and go in front of toilet and dance around to see if I get a reaction. Not really but she looks up and either she has no face or it is blurred and hard to make out. Shortly after back in bed needing to turn over.

      Later after a WBTB, I get comfortable.
      I feel I have transitioned again but when I make a small move to get out of bed it feels like I risk moving my waking body and waking up. I try to float again but nothing and then I mentally push my whole body towards the right front corner of my bad and my dream by jumps up on to the corner of the bed! I walk out of the room this time and out to the loft

      and I think about my day time visualization: floating up and then over the loft and I do. I float down to the landing or ledge where we could display items but we don't. From there I float down to the floor. I get some audio of my son asking me what I'm doing but I know it's just from the dream I head to front door and I walk out. Before I walk out I can hear what sounds like a crowd of people outside and I like that I will be able to walk through the crowd and pick out some beautiful DC's! as I walk out there is a crowd and I find one girl.
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      and then I think how I wanted and planned to go about things like this more consensually. I cross the street and there are 3 women wearing choir robes like you might see in church. I think about the church connection but continue over there with my dirty intentions. I look at them with the look that I know they all want a piece of me and one by one they go to work
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      and there's a little girl nearby that approaches and starts crying. I decided I had enough and switched to consoling her. I no longer felt like I was naked but neither did I put on any clothes or really consider this. I tried to commit to memory what she was saying as she was crying but that part is gone. She hugs me back as she cries.

      I walked back to the other side of the street and there was another woman crying a little more gently, whereas the girl was more sobbing. I was going through the dream details in my head to better commit them to memory when I felt what was a false awakening but I wasn't sure at first. I was back in my bed and my wife was playfully touching my arm but then started tickling me under my arm and I kind of moan like she is going to wake me up but I tried to feel if I was still asleep and decided that indeed I was. I did an in dream wild again (like earlier in the month) closing my dream eyes until a new scene forms through my closed dream eyes or maybe I open them up gently but either way I was in a long room not very wide but plenty of space. There were a number of pieces of equipment to the end of the room in front of me and this pilot or astronaut in a suit

      like a pressure suit and there was a small one man rocket or flight craft that was warming up its' engines

      and pointing towards the ceiling though there wasn't really a ceiling or a sky but mind you this all felt very indoors. he gets down from the rocket contraption having started the warm up process and is talking to me and something in my head makes me wonder what they wear under that suit and he hears my thoughts and unzips his outfit and shows me that he is naked underneath. I see his penis and everything. he's zips it back up and continues to prepare. I look back towards the part of the room I was in before that was basically behind me when I was facing the astronaut guy and my son is sitting and doing his studies and back towards where the astronaut was there is now a TV and something risque is on TV. it seems to be some r-rated version of MTV where some chunky lady is walking around without a top on. I start to lose a little lucidity here as I wonder if we should change the channel but after a bit I realized it doesn't matter regaining some lucidity. I start thinking about how it seems like the scene is going on for a long time and I start thinking about my goals. I jump to memory peg number 5 and after a bit of a scene fade I find myself standing over my wife

      who is sitting in a chair in our dining room. number 5 is the smell task of the month and I remember how I smelled her hair earlier in the day freshly washed with a nice scent to it and the dream seems to replicate the scent but it was a little more faint almost as if the dream accounted for the time that has passed since the fresh washing of the hair. I then think about how I reset memory peg number 2 back to the lucid dare to become a tree and I start stretching out my arms like the branches of the tree and my feet down like the roots and I get the sensation of my torso and arms growing and expanding upwards

      but I'm not too sure how much of a tree I became with no mirror around. I then thought of memory peg number 6 and this is the talking to the monster under your bed for task of the month. I decide that there is a bed just ahead and I walk that way but I don't see one and the dream is fading a bit and I decide that I will just arrive back in bed, my dream bed and then I can get out of bed and talk to the monster from there but it doesn't work
      and I soon find myself back in my actual bed needing to urinate but I stay still and try to reenter the dream but eventually realize I am too wake and need to relieve myself before trying anything else. when I go back to bed I do get a lot of great visualisations that seem to take legs which like in my previous LD aftermath several days ago I wondered if I might be in a dream state with the amount of effect I have over what seems like HH's. very long lucid series! 8 milligrams of G + 500 milligrams of choline. #326 & 327
    3. 11/22/14 I Can't Believe This Is Not A Dream! Many RC's, DILD

      by , 11-22-2014 at 10:38 PM
      11/22/14 I will see if I can do a written DJ entry in a quick way...trying to find a good balance. This "meditating" on my previous dreams seems to bring much more of my immediate waking life into the coming dreams somehow but it's only been three nights in a row so it's hard to tell if it could be some other cause and hardly conclusive. Leaving out some non-lucids should help speed it up.

      I am on the couch with my wife and we are cuddling and getting more frisky and we have a blanket and while I wasn't looking she removed all her clothes and I knew what was next. The visuals and the vividness are quite good with very enjoyable sensations. <snip********************************************* ************************************************** ***************************>. Next we hear the keys in the front door lock and my wife rushes to get up and brings the blanket with her and runs around to the hall to hide leaving me with just my hands to cover up. I find my underwear and put them on. My son comes through the front door. As I greet him I hear a hair dryer going in the back corner room which, in hindsight, the layout seems most like my childhood home. The sound is coming from the bathroom in the master bedroom and no one should be in there. I ask my son if he knows why there would be a hair dryer going in there, did he use the hair dryer in there but that wouldn't make sense why would it come on by itself as this whole situation seems more supernatural...I get the thought that I can't believe this is not a dream. As I carefully head that way to see if there is an intruder or ghosts or what, my mother in law comes out of the bathroom and it is explained supposedly. I wonder what she is doing here though. I decide to do some state checks as we all head to an eat-in kitchen area that is in the place where the wall used to be between our kitchen and living room. I try to float and it feels like I'm doing it a little bit but I start to doubt...could I just be imagining the sensation really well right now. I do finger into my palm and my palm is solid but I know that many times the dream will create that scenario and decide to push my finger harder and I am amazed as I can see the skin on the back of my hand pushing out in the shape of my finger. But then again I wonder have I ever pushed this hard...can I actually see the shape of my finger on the other side of my hand if I do it this hard in waking life? I then decide to do a floating back flip and this convinces me enough to say OK then I can remove my underwear this is definitely a dream. I look over at my son who has a normal waking life reaction like "you are crazy what are you doing" but then I look at my wife and she has a "go ahead, whatever" look on her face and that is all the confirmation I would ever need! Unfortunately all this buildup, and then full confirmation in my mind, kind of felt like a strong emotional moment and I think it woke me up or I was just coming to the end of REM anyway.

      I had several lucid just before waking moments after this that I won't count. 236
    4. Competition #17, Night 12 & 14 Scarlett Johansson and Flying Goldfish

      by , 03-21-2014 at 08:56 PM
      Night 14 - 1 DILD success & fun, then so close on 1st WILD attempt, 50% there on a 2nd WILD attempt (I was trying, thanks to BrandonBoss for the encouragement to hit a new high yesterday). Nice NLDs also, drank a lot of water to ensure I wake and recall better. I did a good review of dream signs before bed but was hoping for more points tonight. Dreams sign review seemed to incubate a number of minor dream signs, but only one helped me become lucid (making out, kind of like FryingMan's KILD). The other dream signs that showed up this night were: amusement ride, police, party, mall, and 2 I should add to my list that have shown up enough: cave/tunnel & sleep related.

      <snip>the woman standing in front of me seems to be a dignitary, maybe even a head of state. She is somewhat tall and thin and has blondish-brown hair and a formal skirt & jacket on. Surprisingly she reaches behind her and gently grabs me down in the crotch area making a bold pass at me and I realize that I am dreaming. We are behind some other people standing facing a presenter that is saying something about having great confidence in Russia and she plays a clip of Vladimir Putin saying that Russia is the god of the top 3 nations (that are assembled here?). I am ignoring this and doing some various things with the dignitary woman with her back to me but I think that this is a good opportunity to bring Scarlett Johansson in. She still has her back to me and I think confidently to myself that when I turn her around she will be Scarlett Johansson. I turn her around and her face looks like a nice representation of her and her body has shortened a bit from the tall woman and it seems to look like her body. Her hair is black though, which is not the color that she usually has (but I found a picture I will put below). "Hello Scarlett." "Hello." I am so thrilled to have her in front of me and begin to kiss her while staring into her beautiful eyes and soaking in her beautiful face. I keep going and going but after a while it seems like her face is changing slightly and I decide it is time to move on lest she changes into something undesirable. I fly up above the group and start to recall my goals for the night and competition and as I think of the first one I feel myself fading back to bed and it seems that I was at the end of my REM cycle. 122

      Night 12

      <snip> I am in my office moving a goldfish bowl with 2 small goldfish in it (none currently IWL) when I am clumsy and slosh the water partly out of the bowl. There is a gold colored gold fish and a darker one. The gold colored one gets splashed out of the bowl but amazingly starts to swim in the air!! I quickly realize that I am dreaming. What a cool visual! I fly and float a bit and I have to really think hard what my goals are and I ask myself several times before remembering next two goals. I decide to start with the one that I think will be easier and I do a closed eye teleport to a bridge scene. As I am looking around I feel myself fading back to bed / but I feel like I can DEILD so I squeeze together the area around my eyes which usually brings on vibrations and there are light vibrations but I relax and I find myself back in a combination of my office and my bedroom and my wife is laying there. She asks me what I am doing and I notice that I am completely naked so I ask her if she wants to...I fly over to her and <edit> before fading back to bed once again and I later figure out I must have been at the end of the sleep cycle as it took a while to get back to sleep, trying to WILD. As my wife got up I found myself feeling as if I was still in that weird office/bedroom combination but I should not have corrected myself because it solidified the fact that my body was back in my actual bed and I eventually fell asleep during the WILD attempt. 120,121
    5. Competition #17, Night 2 & 5 Telekinetic Fighting, Cult Compound

      by , 03-13-2014 at 03:18 AM
      Night 5:
      3/12/14* <snip long cool dream trying to find way out of cult compound with many interesting rooms and old instrumentation.> I make my way out of the compound through the exit I was originally trying to convince the team to use but we are all now separated. As I find my way outside onto a busy street I notice a guy in a blue jacket and I wonder if he is security for the compound. I decided I should not be obvious and continue my path it will go very near his path and as I get closer to him I hear him calling over the radio something like "the guy is over here." I notice more and more guys in blue jackets with some fake Chase Bank logo and I finally realize that this is a dream. I use telekinesis to throw the guy 20 or so yards. And as more come I sling them aside one by one with telekinesis. I notice that there are quite a few and they may make ground on me so I use telekinesis out in a circular wave pattern and blast them all outwards - about 15 or 20 of them! Awesome! I then think that I want to move on to my goals for the competition and I fly up above all of the mess and stop mid air maybe 200 feet up and start to recall my goals and consider which would make the most sense to do next and as I am thinking I feel myself fade back to bed. I lay still to try to re-enter the dream but it felt like I was at the end of REM and was awake for now so I rolled over and wrote in my dream journal.

      Night 2:
      3/9* Excerpt for lucid part that came way late after 9+ hours in bed and getting over the hump of nothing but advanced dreamlets: I am driving through the neighborhood looking for her and I realize - wait a minute, this is not my old or new neighborhood but a dreamy mix of the two, I am dreaming. I am already driving and one of my top 10 lucids was flying in my car, so I pull back on the steering wheel like you would the yoke of airplane and I fly around a bit before everything turns dark and I end up in a very convincing false awakening that I don't catch! Ugh!
    6. Nice Vivid DILD: Sexy Time and Floating Into the Cosmos

      by , 02-27-2014 at 07:12 PM
      2/27/14* Quick entry

      Awareness work type: retracing my steps (&looking at myself from the outside)
      Pre bed & short wbtb: visualization, interacting with desired DCs: Scarlett, Girl Friday, Wife
      wbtb: as above + very short SSILD session, closed eye teleport attempts

      Early non-lucid(!) with Girl Friday, sexy

      LD: I don't recall the beginning of the dream (feels like at least a conversation missed before this). I am in an odd combination of my primary childhood home and M Blvd similar to the early non-lucid which I was thinking about during my short wbtb. My son just left the room and I give my wife the look and close and lock the door but the lock is strange. No door knob and the lock is a sliding switch that looks more like a light switch and I intuitively slide it down to lock the door (don't recall ever seeing a lock like this) and I am already questioning the scenario. I fully realize that I am dreaming as I look over at my wife standing there in atypical blue jean shorts nicely fitting and a tight t-shirt. I float towards her as she unbuttons her shorts and I am amazed at how vivid everything is and I start to look at the wood paneled wall behind her and the old fashioned wall paper on another wall and how the light is hitting everything like when the sun is low in the sky just before sunset. This focus on the backgrounds seems to make my wife disappear and I attempt to summon her in direct view a few times before I start to float towards the ceiling unintentionally and I think, oh well I will just continue through the ceiling and fly or something. I remember the sensation of phasing through the ceiling a little more markedly than usual as if my body warped a little as I passed through...usually I just fly straight up and out. I am floating up into the sky further and further and the sensation is just so wonderful that I simply go with it, allowing myself to float effortlessly into the cosmos it seems until it turns into the void before fading back to bed. Quite a sensation!

      Updated 03-02-2014 at 12:53 AM by 61674 (correct date from 1/27 to 2/27)

    7. Ecstasy Upon The End Of The World DILD

      by , 02-10-2014 at 09:17 PM
      2/10/14 Excited and carefree witnessing the end of the world. Exhilirating non-lucid turned lucid (dild)..."overjoyed!!?" is what I wrote in my bedside journal.- It might have been influenced by day residue of seeing a listing for the movie Melancholia in my on screen guide over the weekend and recalling the movie of which I had seen parts of (featuring a glowingly beautiful and bare Kirsten Dunst in one scene). I guess I need to go back and watch the whole movie. Very unusual awakenings tonight either due to an unusual (for me) and more extensive pre-sleep/in bed/closed eye review of recent dream signs, day recall, and some mantras and visualization of diving off a cliff softly onto a beach and floating back up, repeat. Unusual awakening #1 was after only 1 hour of sleep and directly from a non lucid dream. I don't remember waking up that quickly after going to bed anytime at least in the last year. Unusual awakening #2 was 40 minutes later (perhaps end of normal 90 minute cycle with some interruption time in between making it approximately 100 minutes from going to bed.)

      Earliest possible part of dream was in a version of my office where I always seem to be coming back from training sessions and SC (who I haven't seen in a long time) was in a cubicle nearby and I could hear her leaving me a voicemail (could hear by way of the sound travelling from her mouth a short distance across the room). Possible transition or new dream to a group setting perhaps in a conference room with families present and someone hands me a camera asking me to take pictures of everyone. I see two cute babies across on the far side of the room and zoom in on them and snap a shot but the baby on the left's head disappears. I think "what?" but my mind fills in an explanation "ah, the baby tilted her head behind the other baby's head...there it is now" (or very similar thought). Moments later, while looking at the front of the camera it accidentally takes a picture and I look at the screen and it features a woman in the room looking provocatively towards the camera and her dress is purposely revealing in more ways than one. This scene somehow transitions to a large group walking outside at night time. The provocateur is there with her boyfriend and my wife just in front of me. The provocateur walks close to me and then in front of me as if she wants me to check her out and I grab her from behind in a flirty way but then move to my wife and grab her from behind in a loving way. I can hear someone talking about how some planet (or other celestial object) is crashing into Earth and I am looking into the sky. Everyone starts running but my wife and I seem to have no fear more like a joyful running through this field and there are flashes in the sky, beautiful flashes and I realize that I am definitely dreaming. My wife says something like "lets make love one last time" and we are now running in a different direction from the group deep into the field for privacy I assume. I remember the TOTM (true love) but I think I said it wrong or she heard me wrong and she answered "It is to give others what you can not." I remember thinking that perhaps she meant "give what you think you are not able to give." I woke up shortly after and just had to write it down before trying to re-enter that dream or any dreams. The most memorable part for me was running through that field and looking up at the sky lighting up...breath-taking! Afterwards I managed to get various dreamlets of 2 to 10 seconds in length, some of which I found fascinating at the time but eventually had to get up. 105

      Got lucid at the very end of a dream 2/8/14 but decided not to count it. It involved my computer acting strange (dild) but my awareness was low as it had been recently until this morning.
    8. Possible WILD-style Entry, Sexual, FA-like Transition

      by , 02-04-2014 at 06:41 PM
      Will be another quick entry. "Possible" WILD because I am not sure that I maintained awareness all of the way to the entry. Mostly data for myself...so those easily bored, beware. Go to bathroom after 4 hours, hmm...usually 90 minute increments (though 120 minute increments seem more common if less sleep the night before, but not enough data recorded to support that yet...previous night didn't sleep great though). Woke up recalling a dream about lucid dreaming and relaying them in two different ways. Back to bed quickly. Woke up from the actual LD about 25 minutes after laying back down so also supports the idea that I might have woken up to go to the bathroom in the middle of REM since I got back to REM so quickly...or REM rebound...Anyway no big plans tonight but did the old mantra that never seemed to be consistent: "The next time I am dreaming, I will realize I am dreaming" maybe 5 times but I think this was not the key. I think it was a combination of nightmarish SP-like HH's raising my awareness just before the vibrations hit. I don't remember the "villain" but I remember thinking it was based off of a paranormal movie. Regardless, I recognized it as not being a real threat, felt the vibrations and nudged them on. I felt myself being carried into the air but I flew back to the floor and happened upon a sexy DC woman. I removed her pants to reveal white cotton underwear bunched up in places as if it wasn't the right size. I removed those and was awe-struck once again at how realistic a DC's skin could feel. I removed her bra and for was surprised that the breasts were not larger but they were just right and so realistic to the touch. At some point during all of this sensuality I heard a DC of my wife waking up across the room and I went over to her and she said that she was dreaming of silk purses and silk dresses. I wondered if this was some form of a false awakening for me but clearly still a dream since I was in a studio apartment nothing like my house with a kitchen and bedroom adjoined with no wall between. I had been getting busy with the sexy DC woman in between the futon(?) where my wife was and the kitchen but she had disappeared. Thinking about FAs I started actually waking up and I attempted my idea of what I think BB's awakening test/teleport technique must be or at least what I think an effective one would be for me but apparently I was too awake to go back in despite staying calm and still...probably finished up that REM cycle..? 104
    9. Deceased Loved Ones Again, DILD, Puppy Love

      by , 02-02-2014 at 04:00 AM
      Super quick entry. Last weekend I had an regular dream involving my grandmother in which something else made me lucid and then the next day one where seeing her triggered lucidity. Last night my grandfather triggered lucidity!

      I had a romantic NLD early in the night...felt like puppy love...she was so beautiful and I was reassuring her...a little shy. Red head with faint, fading freckles. We moved our way to bed and sexual feelings and she changed to my wife. I then had a lucid triggered by my deceased grandfather...so strange! Grandmother last week: first, and now him and he's been gone over 20 years...woke up a little teary eyed and almost deild with a dream forming or possibly just HHs a little threatening at first so I laugh it off and feel myself waking up again. I kept my eyes closed and reflected on deceased relatives and interesting unexpected memories flowed in. 103
    10. Night 19 - Final Night, Competition #16, Short Lived WILD and DILD

      by , 01-02-2014 at 05:28 AM
      (Just copy and pasted my competition post to add to my DJ.)

      Night 19 / Last entry

      4 fragments, 3 dreams, wbtb success - 8pts

      Wild/become lucid, dc interact - 10pts
      My first of two painfully short lucids. I finally made sure I woke up enough to maintain awareness all the way to sleep and used a motion based entry when I felt I was close...was bounding higher and higher which brought on vibrations and I found myself in a car at a gas station with my wife looking at me strange asking me what am I doing. I thought about giving her a more specific answer but I said I'm just lucid dreaming. She starts arguing in the dream and it wakes me up into what I later realized was a false awakening but nonetheless out of lucidity.

      Dild become lucid, dc interact - 7pts
      I was close to wilding again but lost consciousness and found myself in a big Department Store with just me and my wife and as I ask where is everyone because no one else is around I realize that I'm dreaming. After a short interaction I hear my wife IWL moving around the room and wake up. I was able to get close to conscious REM a few more times with some advanced HH's but lost awareness before entering the dreams.

      Competition total - 265pts
    11. Night 3, Competition #16, DILD during FA, DEILD Eh..Mostly Data/Practice

      by , 12-16-2013 at 04:18 AM
      Night 2 was uneventful...no DJ.

      121513 Combination of three different examples of day residue from the day after which I went to sleep were in this one dream. Thinking about what Laberge wrote on this. One was visiting the city B, another was old signs that we saw in one of the stores and finally another was that my son was watching The Parent Trap movie (couple splitting) all IWL. Dream: The city B to our North in the 1970s. There was a big old house and the old previous couple that live there are being discussed. Had a computer virus when they live there before they split up and moved. There was discussion of whether or not the idea of a computer virus was invented there perhaps someone going to the university there. Before this we are standing outside of a Federal Building and we need to go in. There is a group of about five to six of us and only two of them have badges but the security guard says each can bring one guest. I said I'll wait unless you need my help and one person
      says yes go in with us. I say we can pretend to be a couple but wait a minute you two actually are a couple. When we go in that is when it becomes the big old house. Inside someone is looking through some old files and there are old signs and old log entries from the 1940s. I just realized a fourth piece of the residue when I was bringing up the 1940s yesterday.

      DILD FA I wake up feeling cold and I realize that I do not have a shirt on. My wife is sitting up watching TV in bed and I dig in the blankets looking for my shirt. At first all I find is a printed t-shirt but I remember I was wearing a long sleeve shirt when I went to bed and eventually found it put it on and got up. I'm floating around the house and the halls and I realize that I am dreaming, yep I'm in an odd version of my house! I try to go back to where I saw something interesting on a bed in what appeared to be a master bedroom. As I search through the halls of the house I don't find it and I find myself heading back into bed. I immediately go for a DEILD and I feel the vibrations going in and out and I hear my wife saying something and holding onto my back firmly and I say in my head go ahead and hold me really hard I know this is just hypnagogic hallucinations but then the bed starts shaking alot alot! I stay calm and nudge on the vibrations
      and they fade away and I find that I can see through my sleep mask the wall next to my bed I'm looking at all the texture of the wall and thinking the texture looks very realistic but doesn't look exactly like my wall I don't think. I do a motionless reality check where I make a glottal sound. When I practice it while awake it makes a very distinct sound in my throat and reverberates through my head. This time being a dream there was no sound at first but then there was a very delayed and far away, faint, almost echo of the sound. Very interesting as this is the first time I did this particular reality check in a dream. I start to slowly move my leg towards the end of the bed and I start to worry that I might move my real body and this starts to wake me up and I fade back into bed. I find that instead of laying on my side as I was in my dream body that instead I am laying on my back as I was when I had the mini-awakening and did the DEILD. I am a little disappointed
      that both dreams were fairly short but I got some interesting practice with the false awakening and with my motionless reality check. I did try to re-enter the dream one more time and must have been close because I got vibrations and some heavy hypnagogic hallucinations of my son coming into our room twice and one time standing over me and saying something very loud but I recognized it for what it was and try to wait it out but afterwards I find myself too awake but I double checked with my reality check and sure enough I was quite awake.
    12. Incredible Threesome Experienced, 3 People Become One For a Moment

      by , 11-24-2013 at 11:12 PM
      11/24/13 * ~1145 ~340 wbtb mild+ssild (not meant to be done in the same wbtb at least when learning ssild) sexy strip game turns into incredibly sensual and realistic feeling at times threesome with wife and a very supple skinned blonde woman// I am in a good sized rectangular shaped room with about a dozen or so people and there is some sexy strip game that I either don't know the rules to or have forgotten them since waking and there is one very beautiful but very very game "monkey in the middle" a beautiful blonde woman with delicate features, smallish but beautifully formed breasts who has slowly been losing one item of clothing after another. She has a small wrap around her waste covering the last little bit. Something happens and she loses that last piece covering her and she seems to be loving it. Someone informs me that I am next. I already have my shirt off and I look over to my wife and ask something like "what am I allowed to do with her?" she looks like she is not sure what to say. I tell my wife "all I want to do is feel my skin up against hers" and I go for it. I lay down with her and her skin is so incredibly soft. My wife says "let me get on top" and we somehow partly meld together and I realize I am dreaming (took this long??) and I am already completely naked and I begin to (I will put the rest in a spoiler as it could read X-rated with a little imagination of the specific details that I left out)
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      and it feels incredibly realistic, I can't get over how incredible it feels despite being "just a dream!"
      and I slowly feel my awareness returning to my sleeping body and attempt to re-enter that dream and at some point I somehow re-emerge in a dark parking lot surrounded by a chain-link fence and apparently not lucid and don't seem to have any memory of the lucid previously as I am naked and I am concerned with pulling my pants on but they are incredibly tight. I am guessing this started as a false awakening. I barely get my pants on before a couple of kids pass by but they are lost in their own conversation thankfully. Slowly people of all ages start flowing into the parking lot and I get the feeling that it is a church parking lot and the sun is getting ready to come up and these people are on the way to church (a little dose of shame on me perhaps). One man is saying to I assume the wife that I think that is the same guy except he was wearing brown or green or something. I wake up and I quickly go back to the previous dream and I am just so exhilarated and the pep in my step is still going as I finally post this. I had another interesting dream before this, but probably only interesting to me. Up maybe an hour after not getting back to sleep after writing down the above in my paper journal and had a snack. I also briefly got lucid in a late morning nap but I don't think it deserves counting and was low awareness. It felt more like a late and 2nd wbtb than a nap so I don't even want to call it a lucid nap. I remembered some more dreams after this but this whole night solidified the idea that although my lucidity increases late in the morning if I start going too much beyond 8 hours my lucidity starts waning again.
    13. Quick Journal, LD#72 And a Personally Special Non-Lucid

      by , 11-19-2013 at 09:08 PM
      11/18/13 LD #72 Late morning quick wbtb led to an awareness dild where I floated around the room and structure(drew it un-artistically), found Girl Friday and had a great time between the sheets. Dream sign mantra seems to be yielding some results but this one had more to do with awareness that the location was not in the same condition as it is in waking life...basically it was in the middle of remodeling.
      11/19/13 What is really strange is that one of my dream signs that only comes around maybe once a month but is usually a lucidity inducer (my deceased father in law) has shown up the last 2 nights and went right over my head (I assume my mantra incubated him into my dreams)...yet last night it may have kept me going in a more meaningful dream that was really quite special to me personally...it was my wife as a 2 year old coming up to me and she was just so darn cute...I didn't know her that young but I assume the DC was created from pictures I have seen of her around that age...(I am not posting my other dreams, getting lazy to and besides I have them in my personal journal) The dream:
      Special one, false awakening into a fluffy bed with lots of comforters I can hear the train outside and I think that is strange this is not a place where I normally hear a train, it feels like its a house near (next town south) but perhaps it is the house on M. I get up and go to the living room and sit on the couch...later father-in-law gets up from bed I assume and comes and sits next to me as well as someone else gets up at the same time (feels like it is the strange version of my mother in law from the previous night's dream). He's telling me that he was seeing (this mother-in-law DC) or whoever doing something like a yoga pose where she's starts off on her back and legs up in the air and he's kind of wondering why does she do that, it seems like it has something to do with being able to lucid dream. A little kid walks by in the hall on the far side of the room, maybe about 2 years old and I hold my hands out and say come here about 3 times quickly and the kid comes towards me and surprisingly it looks like a young little (my wife's name)!! She is just so adorable. She has short hair and it just looks like her, like her pictures or like a really good representation of what my mind would think she would look when she was that age. She comes towards me but my father-in-law(her father) picks her up and it looks like she's fussing a little bit like she wants to come over to me and I say no its okay stay with (father-in-law) about 3 times as I rub her shoulder and arm in assurance. It feels like this was about to make me lucid as I woke up. As I'm laying in bed awake I think about how neat it is almost like traveling back in time to see her when she was young when she looked so darling. I also wondered if perhaps it was supposed to be our baby since I've been dreaming a lot about babies lately (no baby expected that I know of!).
    14. I'm a Roller Coaster! Girl Friday! WILD and FA caught!

      by , 11-03-2013 at 07:19 PM
      110313*+ 11 ~4? time chg SSILD WILD patience. "The next time I see , I am dreaming!" (and I mean really see not just images flashing by). Fragment remembered when getting up to go to the bathroom involved a group and making sure that everyone is showing that they are thankful. I walk around a little bit go back to bed and think about new goals since I hit one of my biggest short term ones but I didn't make any of the goals real concrete so need to work on that. Anyway I was patiently laying in bed not the least bit worried getting to sleep- maybe a few times and put it out of my head. After a while I feel like I am about to enter the dream state and I get what I assume now were just convincing HH's of my wife getting out of bed probably to go to the bathroom I assume. Since I feel like I'm almost there I try to will myself out of bed and it seems like I can't move out I do get the sense that can rotate parallel to the bed in my sideways position laying
      on my side and I began to rotate and it feels like fun and then I think this feels like a rollercoaster and I imagined I really long dive on a coaster and before I knew it I am flying along holding on to the rails of a rollercoaster kind of like my hands became rollers on the track I am enjoying going up and down the roller coaster. Is one of those coasters where you're hanging below the track. Is daytime and it is just incredible when I reach the bottom and the track is getting ready to go back up I release and start flying over a beautiful cream landscape feels like suburban area there's a lot of green rolling hills but there is also plenty of activities cars driving on their way to wherever. This was one of my new goals I thought about when I'm back to bed I wanted to see crowds of DCs is it seems like they're usually just small groups of people in my lucid dreams. I'm focusing on one particular truck like a big cargo truck just too see what the DC
      is doing and the truck has an accident and flips over upside down and I think no not interested in seeing what an accident victim looks like in a dream and I continue flying.
      But then I hear sound from my bathroom that I thought was waking life...I feel some vibrations...and I even thought I sensed the light was on in the bathroom but it seems like so long ago that my wife seemingly got up but it was just a false awakening. FA continued: When she came back towards the bed I asked her where she was for so long and she said that she had to go to the store to buy some medicine and I looked at the clock and it was something like 130 in the morning (in the dream, it was really much closer to 530 or 630 IWL according to the time I actually woke up later). I ask why would you go at this time of the night? And then I started looking for my dream journal to record the incredible lucid experience I just had and it was missing. Ask my wife did you do something
      with my papers over there. Where is it? My wife threw it away. Where is it...is it actually gone? And I start imagining all of the journal entries that may be forever lost. I feel heartbroken. She asked me does it give you release before your games? I said yes okay so do you still have it? Then Girl Friday appears to my right completely naked mostly with her back to me (I included her in my new goals also) . Her body looks so beautiful. I realize it's a dream! I start to hold her and we both move towards the bed but now the room seems different . We're kissing and touching each other enjoying each others naked skin and at some point I'm looking at her face and I realize how incredibly vivid and beautiful her face is and then she starts acting strange as if she doesn't know what is happening. We have our tongues in each others mouths and she pushes mine back out with her tongue and I think that is strange, look on her face is strange and I wake up. When
      thinking about what just happened I was obviously exhilarated I also wonder what happened at the end there and with my mind running wild it made me question if only for half a second whether or not we were both and some shared dream experience and she realized hell real or weird it was and have that reaction. One of the other goals is to continue the second part of traveling above the earth and continue on to the moon for some fun. I also thought it would be cool to fly around over to Paris or some other places around the world. I also remembered what I wanted to be able to freeze group of DC's in time while I continue to be able to walk around like in the old Twilight Zone episode.