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    1. The Book of Secrets

      by , 02-27-2017 at 09:13 PM
      27 Feb

      I'm in a room with lots of DCs. Some of them are leaving for an event. There are different kinds of chocolate boxes at a nearby counter. The DCs go to get chocolate, leaving a bit of a mess. I take couple of chocolates as well and consume them slowly. There's a particular idleness in my mind. I recall I was trying to fall asleep. Something tells me I can already act as if in the dream. I look around - indeed it's a dream. In still somewhat clouded awareness I recall about totm.

      This is now incorporated in the dream - there's a room where people do the current totm. It then changes to totm suggestions written on the door. Spellbee has suggested that we do programming def functions which appear on the door.

      My awareness increases and I now have greater clarity. I decide to leave this place and look for a window or door. I opt for the nearest door though a bit afraid I may end up in a labyrinth inside a building rather than outdoors. There's an unappealing old corridor with worn out walls. Luckily, after I reach its end is another door leading outside.

      I'm now walking near a wall, wondering what will be on the other side once I glance at it. A couple of blocks like those in my hometown appear. I stop to contemplate briefly on this entire process. How and why did these blocks appear, from all the possible items and images that could have been assembled. Did I think them up? Why precisely these objects and not something else. I stare in the distance ahead, thinking that I am not seeing images. What I am seeing are endless possibilities of what could be there.

      After the feeling of amazement has subsided a bit, I decide to get back to the totms. I am now on top of the wall and think about summoning the book of secrets from the basic task. To do so, I cover the top of the surface with my palm, moving it slowly to reveal the book behind. A red leather book promptly appears underneath with to my suprise the title Book of Secrets. It has relatively few pages and they are all leather. On the first browse there's a list of words with positive qualities or goals. One of the words is "innocent". I try to memorize two more words but forget them after wake. The entire book has a rather medieval appearance. The rest of the pages contain portraits of figures of importance like cardinals or archdukes. I browse one last time to find pictures of weird experiments that were done at the time. Some sort of medieval type of scientific research.

      Memory gap. There were several moments of the dream thinning out and me back to bed and back to dream, ruining coherent recall.

      The next scene I remember, I am still lucid and inside a room talking to a DC. I want to continue with totms and the task I recall next is the advanced one to change the weather. I confidently ask the DC for help - "There's something you can help me with. I know you can do this!" We are near a window and I can see the outside ground. It's not too evident which season it is - just bare ground, but I need it to be definitely winter.

      I turn my back so that I don't see the outside world but face the DC. She is looking outside and waves her hands around as if she is painting the snow. I then turn around and look again - now everything is covered with snow! Alright, now we need for spring or summer to come. I turn myself around and let the DC do her magic again. I look back and the snow-covered ground is now green grass. There's a weird bird resembling a toucan but much larger walking on the grass. Its beak is very unusual - a shiny green color. A closer look reveals that its beak is actually a purely reflective mirror-like surface and the green is just the grass being mirrored. Now there are several of these birds with shiny green beaks, black feathers with strangely warped structures. I am amazed at the kinds of stuff dreams can come up with.

      I take one last look at the weather transformation - despite the season change, it's still a bit dark and cloudy. To let the sunshine in, decide to get rid of the clouds. First, I stretch my arm and literally pick a few clouds from the sky as if they were nearby objects. Moreover, I get the sudden desire to try to blow the rest of the clouds away. I do it and it actually works! Now the scene is much brighter.

      The dream soon thins out and I feel my body once again. I fall asleep almost immediately and end up in another room. I feel this dream idleness which makes me realize I am still dreaming. I come up with a funny song and start dancing around while DCs stare at me.
      Pretty fast this time, the dream disappears, I feel my body once again and wake up.

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    2. Hold on to the bottle

      by , 06-12-2013 at 02:36 PM
      Date: 11 June

      Comments: A bit behind on journaling, today's entry to be posted later, and sorry for any typos.

      Total sleep time: 6 1/2 hrs

      Pre bed: multivits, l-arginine

      Dream quality and recall: dreams were vivid, started earlier (3+ hrs after sleep), dream content was normal this time (referring to l-arginine). Recall - I was lazy

      Early Fragment1: I was left with the impression that this was lucid, but very little memory of it. It had to do with seeing some objects from Xanous's OBE? The only more or less clear visual memory is of small cotton-like object/s. >>> goes to category suspicious

      Fragment2: In my parents' place, some disturbing noise

      Dream3: I thought it was interesting and easy to remember. We all know how this ends.

      WBTB: missed the usual natural wake, woke up a bit later, and I drank the whole latte although I knew it was not such a good idea. Struggled for quite some time, but did not look at the clock as not to add up more anxiety.

      Dream4: In my parents' place, aunt is also there and starts eating, this distracts me. I casually lie on the couch, three blankets and a bottle of plum sauce.

      Dreamlet5: some rasta guy

      I drift in and out of sleep. In bed, I want to sleep. I continue with my efforts to fall asleep.

      Dream6 WILD: I'm in those strange states where I am semi-consciously controlling what I'm doing, trying to have the dream form around me and hold on to it. The first thing I notice are my hands, clasping a bottle. Slightly confused as I think for a second I am still in bed, I keep my eyes closed. Still not fully in the dream, I know that the key to my integration today has to do with me holding the bottle of I think then alcohol or plum sauce, so I apply as much pressure as I can. Then the surroundings become clearer and I know I am successfully there.

      I am sitting on a bench in my neighborhood, no DCs in sight. I begin touching the surface of the white bench to stabilize. I look up and see a few ghost-like transparent but black birds in the sky. I check out my surroundings but I have an issue moving my head, and then identify that the problem is coming from my right eye, which gets some sort of tunnel vision. I don't want to move my head too much to avoid waking up, so I ignore this and decide to walk on the street.

      I make a few steps and then my right side is paralyzed, so I lose balance and fall. Oh, no, not this thing again! The feeling is very hard to describe, but it's like I am feeling the physical body's atonia with my dream body, which makes me lose control over parts of the dream body. I try to ignore the issue, drag myself forward a bit and think that maybe concentrating on some tasks will fix it. I remember four tasks. I don't think I am able to get to Xanous at the moment. There are no DCs around to interact with. I think about transformation but nothing seems to happen. What did the guys say to do in such a case? Try floating up. Doesn't work. I have no dream control at all.

      It is also cold, and I notice my blanket is nearby so I want to reach for it. The last thing I remember is looking above a building and seeing a large dark military helicopter above it. It is also ghost-like transparent. I am not very interested in it, I look down, struggle for a little while and then give up. I wake up. I am too caffeinated to fall asleep although I try.

      Note: This was not scary in any way, but it was really annoying.


      1. Yes, drinking the whole latte was a mistake!
      2. Starting an ld from scratch can be a pain in the b. I need more practice.


      - Do 100 RCs (8/100)
      - notice real life DS 100 times and RC (9/100)
      - 10 proper WBTB attempts -> days (4/10)
      - 10 morning RCs (1/10)
      - 2 proper WILD attempts (0/2)
      - task flexibility
      - journal flexibility

      LDs: 6 (official count) as of 11th June
      micro-lds: 1 (not counted)
      suspicious events: 2 (not counted)

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    3. Hospital campus bizarre

      by , 06-09-2013 at 08:48 PM
      Total sleep time: 9 + hrs

      Pre bed: 500 mg l-arginine (inspired by Highlander)

      WBTB: woke up naturally after 5 hrs, but was super sleepy, so decided to skip the efforts/latte today.

      Dream recall: I was planning on taking a break and just sleeping tonight, had it not been the ld at the end, there wouldn't have been a journal entry

      Dream contents: the night was characterized by bizarre vivid dreams that I mostly forgot. I tried committing one dream to memory (again no keywords noted) as I thought it is easy to remember. Nothing from that dream. What I recalled is from the last hour of sleep, still pretty bizzarre and gave me a strange feeling too.

      Dream1: In our old place, the way it looked many years ago. I am in the room, which at that point in time is dad's workplace. There are a lot of birds there, but soon I notice that some of them are on the floor and do not move. I conclude they are dead. I have a fake dream memory that there was some kind of disease raging, affecting mostly birds and other small animals. I notice lots of robin-like birds (alive) on the wardrobe. Then more dead birds on the floor. I don't think it's a good idea to stay in the room, the air is contaminated. I see some textbooks of mine and begin to gather them before I leave the place.

      Dream2: I am in a bus and there is a discussion about a race ( cars/bikes?). My parents are also there. We are looking forward to finding out who the winner is, but it won't be known until 4 hrs later. We can buy tickets to the final, where the winner will be cycling/parading on the streets. I don't want to go there, but mom is talking to the bus driver. I think she will buy two tickets, but instead buys two coffee machines. They go to the back of the bus to get them.

      Dream3 DILD: In a special room, a woman I know is like the head of this organization. It looks like a room for a lot of audience, but a bit altar-like. On the stage are a lot of this woman's favorite actors/musicians, most of them are from the past and long gone. Freddie Mercury is also among them. So she is related maybe a deputy for an organization's leader, who I identify as a special friend from my past.

      I see a newspaper and begin reading the whole story of the organization. I can't wait to finish it and find out where my friend is now. At that time a DC, who plays the role of a classmate of mine is next to me, places her elbow on the newspaper, so I cannot read. I move the newspaper, but the article is not there, I start browsing the pages, looking for it in vain. I give up.

      Me and classmate DC are going somewhere. I see a shop where they sell bracelets and try out one, but it doesn't fit. There are also lots of golden objects, the size and more or less shape of a pen. I notice one very cool looking - a brush entirely made of gold. The bristles are very soft and flexible and I swipe the top of my hand with the brush, but don't feel anything at all. I leave the brush where the other golden objects are. My classmate had selected some golden item and goes inside the store to pay. I accompany her inside and notice that I now hold a golden knife-like item, but do not have the money to buy it. It somehow ends up in my mouth where it stretches, changes shape, and by the time I get it out it is a golden spiral covered with pinkish chewing gum. I move on.

      I face a door leading to a hospital-like corridor and go into that direction and end up in a vast room. I have the desire to find my special friend. While observing the room I become lucid. At this moment, my classmate walks through the door and joins me in the room. It is just a DC representation of my classmate, doesn't look like her much, but I am really amazed how this DC managed to follow me from the store. I pay no more attention to her and concentrate on the huge room in front of me.

      There are many DCs there, and I decide to ask them where my special friend is. I go and talk to an old lady and ask her about him. She says she will go and get him soon, so I find that pretty cool. I contemplate on the amount of DCs in the room and how they all seem very independent (from my subcon). I have some feeling of the dream becoming unstable so move forward and wonder how real it all seems. I run my hand on the top part of a sofa, so real, stare in front of me, and I even hear a beeping sound which repeats over and over again, like an ECG (possibly an alarm from WL).

      The room is on the first floor and leads to a large campus like inside yard. There are lots of people there, but the thing that immediately catches my attention is a black coffin, held in the air by two DCs. The sight gives me the creeps, and I begin crossing myself, a number of times, closing my eyes. Once I calm down a bit, I begin to feel that the dream is about to go, because there are no stimuli, I almost don't see anything and cannot open my eyes! I then remember that someone in DV ( gab or OB, or both, thanks a lot!) said it is possible to see through your eyelids. So I actually see a bit of the scene through the eyelids, and concentrate on it. My vision gets back to normal and I forget about the issue. The same DCs are still gathered there, holding torches as this funeral? is taking place. Most likely the coffin will be brought inside.

      That doesn't matter much now because I feel the dream slipping away once again. I look around as much as possible and notice the building surrounding the yard, reminding me of a 18-19th century large hospital or campus or both. I begin to panic as I know I am waking up and I really wanted to learn more about the place. I stop a female DC dressed with strange clothes I don't have much time to investigate and say to her "Quickly, tell me where is this place" twice. She replies something like "America, reserve Neuhausen/Munchausen". I believe at that point that there really may be a place like this and repeat it a few times so that I can check it out later. I consider going in the building but the dream is violently coming to an end and the first floor is on fire.

      I decide to check with the place location once again. I see three unpleasant problems individual DCs and engage one of them, asking him where we are. He is so out of place in this dream, doesn't pay any attention to me but instead picks up his phone and starts talking to someone else. Whatever. I look down and see lots of broken mobile phones in the mud...(end of memory and wake up)

      I wake up overexcited and tell bf about the dream and he tells tha strangely he also dreamt about Munchausen/neuhausen. I wanted to know more about his dream. We concluded that it is very likely that I have repeated the name during my dream with my real voice and that has carried over to his dream.

      Comments: I don't know whether it was my once again very deep sleep or the l-arginine that has caused so much bizarreness today. The dreams had a distinguishable different feeling to them, although it is hard to describe.
      The last dream felt very ...different too. I will refrain from any rationalizations at this point.

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