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    1. Not so funny

      by , 12-28-2015 at 10:02 PM
      Date: 28 Dec

      A typical chase-run scenario - it's been a while since I had one of these. With this one, not so much being chased but rather running away. At the old place, menacing DCs coming, I jump out the window, land on the neighbors' porch, grab some food and take off again. I continue running and flying at top speed in the neighborhood, passing by houses and yards. My awareness gradually increases and while I'm flying around this interesting old looking red building, I begin to tell myself that I'm dreaming. Now, I also find myself circling around the building while using the sticky fingers technique to hold myself to the surface. Yes, definitely dreaming.

      I remember the first part of the mantra, the basic totm which was to laugh in front of a DC. There's only buildings and trees around so I fly ahead to reach the street where I spot a weirld looking DC. He's the unpleasant overly active to mildly aggressive DC type. Couple more DCs appear near us and I send him to the side to interact with them instead. I come across a tall handsome Swedish looking guy with ear-length blond hair. I make a mental note of his appearance. Ok, task time already - I announce to him that for this totm I will have to laugh like a crazy person. He waits in expectation as I laugh out loud in a manner that sounds very unnatural. This doesn't seem to impress him much and he just keeps looking at me with a blank expression. I think about the other tasks but the dream thins out and I wake up.
    2. Dark chase quick summary

      by , 10-16-2014 at 07:17 PM
      Still haven't fully typed my entry from the 10th, and I'm kind of tired, so I'll write a quick summary instead.

      Basic ii: Two DCs were after me on a lucid chase. After getting rid of them and going in a pretty creepy house, a spontaneous scene change/teleport happened returning me to the house entrance. They caught up with me and I decided to face them, at the same time remembering the bloodsucking task, so I bit one of them on the cheeck and sucked in some blood. He was an unpleasant DC and didn't make for the fulfilling true blood experience I was hoping for.
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    3. Cats

      by , 03-23-2014 at 08:23 PM
      This is a short info summary from the 15th

      Pre bed: l-arginine (500)

      Natural wake: l-tyrosine (500)

      Didn't do wbtb, no notes on pre bed work. Focus was on sleeping, no review in mind or notes taken until final wake.

      The dreams were extremely vivid, wonder about the effect of this combo. Vividness may have also been boosted by lack of sleep in the days before.

      NLD: In some very green neighborhood that transitions into a forest, very vivid experience. I notice there are cats everywhere, more and more of them (DS). Further there's a place where this DC is giving a presentation about getting rid of the cats and making some sort of lucid camp on the same place, teaching people how to ld.

      Short ld: In the early part of this dream we are in a cool mansion where there is some event and I'm collecting various food items. We (me and some random and changing DC companion) then leave the mansion and I shortly get a game like view of the map where the mansion is. We decide that something is chasing is and go back in the mansion to find some item to helps us with that. The mansion is now deserted, this thing is supposedly after us, we end up jumping on roofs and climbing down couple of trees. I know it is a dream when climbing down, somewhat low awareness here.

      On the street, I look at the DC and tell him to repeat this is a lucid dream and remind me of it later on as I would actually like to continue with this scenario. It's a bright sunny day and I catch part of a greek temple/baroque building behind the near buildings and contemplate whether to explore it. Decide to run through my goals first but the dream ends.

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    4. Lucid Chase

      by , 12-26-2013 at 03:31 PM
      Date: 19 Dec

      Natural wake:500 mg ginseng

      Wbtb: 22 mg caffeine

      LD: We are four guys in some city in the past like the 30-50s in the winter. It feels as if we belong to a gangster organization or so and have just walked away from this store where we got some expensive long winter coats, mine was grey, the other guy's white, without paying. A group of other men is standing nearby, ready to come after us.

      I become lucid but decide to play along (didn't check on my body if I was still a guy) and allow them to go after us and get the gang to start running. The bad guys slowly start coming in our direction, while we are discussing how to escape. I see a large city river running between the buildings and decide I will use it as a quick way out. My companions are a bit unsure of this, but they follow me as I go ahead with the idea I have in mind. Not quite sure if it will work, but it does. Just as I wanted, the surface of the river freezes and we get on the ice, gliding forward for couple of seconds, then walking and running. I turn back to check on the bad guys, they still seem to be in the distance. I try to manipulate the thought of where they will be. Yet, since they only seem to exist when I turn back, they are at a random distance each time. From what I can remember, the river turns into a melting snow street, I feel the dream destabilizing and try to control my speed. At some point I am running very fast, but it feels really weird as I don't feel my body the same way, whatever.

      I lose track of some of my companions, then I remember I wanted to summon a horse (or raindeer) and this will be the perfect opportunity to use it to to ride faster than the chasers. Not sure how to proceed about this since I am still running, I pretend that I am already on a horse and feel as if I am riding it. The guy from our group in front of me is now riding a horse and I get the feeling that I am too. This whole thing is happening too fast for me to notice what's below, my vision is shaking from the movement and I look to the side to see if I am at a higher distance from the ground and I am. It feels as if I am riding a horse, but I am sure that there's no horse. Oh, well.

      We soon reach the end of the road, get inside ? At this point the dream is quite unstable and things change a lot. I still check if the chasers are after us, and of course they are. Trying to use my eyes to spot the best place to go, I look for a place that looks more appealing. Some sort of flooded sewer, no. I just want a place where the dream continues on the street. As I look around everything closes and becomes dead end. Oops. I wonder what to do, contemplating a phase if things get too heated up and but turn around and decide to face them. The chasers are now here (since I kept thinking about them) and this guy carrying a large spiked club is getting closer. At this point, I conclude I went way too far with this "game" and mentally prepare being hit with the club. Then I remember that CL didn't feel any pain in a recent dream and maybe nothing will happen after all. The guy swings at me, but indeed nothing happens, did he even hit me?

      I decide the moment is good to practice some kung fu. Another attacker approaches and we get into a struggle, but he's too hard to move initially. I still manage to throw him on the ground 2 times yet he doesn't seem to be hurt. I get distracted by thoughts and leave him standing, contemplating how are we (there is no we, but I still follow the scenario) going to deal with the bad guys. As soon as I think about us, my companions are back, but different DCs, we are five now, with a female classmate of mine being part of the team. Each of us will deal with each of them (they are four). Now there's this completely different DC attacker and I start getting a completely different idea of how to deal with him, we can seduce him with my classmate. This thought is enough and he is no longer menacing and I have other things on my mind. At this point and probably for the best, the dream ends.