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    1. Flying in the cold

      by , 01-15-2017 at 10:32 PM
      15 Jan

      WBTB, reviewed goals, recall prior to that quite poor. Late dinner is not a good idea.

      I'm at a non-existent apartment with bf. We are getting ready to go to bed on time when his friends come and stay for a while, making it impossible to do so. I am upset, smash a potato on the floor and then decide to leave - go to my old place to sleep.

      As I go out on the streets my awareness increases and I realize that I'm dreaming. My thinking is still clouded. I recall I forgot the keys in the previous place, but conclude there is no need to worry about that because I can just summon them. I try to take off flying with some initial difficulty launching. I briefly contemplate that I have been using this sort of flying in my dreams lately - slightly pushing towards the ground, something like a jump launch and then superman style.

      I am quickly gaining altitude, trying to orient myself above what I consider to be my home town. The scenery changes with lots of unknown streets and gets extremely cold. I feel the cold is hampering me from flying properly, the snow and people on the ground become a distraction. I decide to land in a snow-covered yard.

      My awareness diminishes as I go to inspect what's ahead. In the building ahead is an administrative refugee help center. Looks like it was founded a long time ago, there are 4 traditional Chinese characters on the wall. The place has gotten a lot of attention from the locals with journalists and a few unknown celebrities waiting to go inside. I excuse myself, remembering that I was originally headed home and leave.

      As I walk down the streets I see the stadium and know I should be near. I choose a shortcut by climbing a few buildings. As I climb this weirdly looking structure, with lots of metal shaped in strange forms, my awareness increases again. Finally I reach the top of the structure, which faces a well supervised office. I don't think passing through should be a big issue as I can technically go as I please. I sneak in and look for the door out. There are several doors, one of them has a female security guard talking to another DC. No matter which door I chose, she is going to notice me. Oh, well that doesn't really matter, does it? I decide to ignore all that and just exit the building. I know the DC has seen me. I know she finds this weird and would probably want to go after me. But I intend that she does not. She just looks at me and ignores me. At the same time, a feeling of regret overtakes me. I feel I have ruined this scenario by meddling with the natural course of events and now the story feels incomplete.

      Memory gap. I find myself at my old place. There's a minor leftover of awareness upon looking at the weird balcony and room being merged. The dream takes over my consciousness. I hear squeaks and other noises coming from the neighbours and see the neighbour kid playing on the balcony. He hasn't grown up at all, I think. Couple of minutes later, as if it's a game, he jumps off the balcony and hits the ground. I am terrified as I see his imminent death but even though he seems injured, he gets up and hurries into the building. I call his grandma (DS) to make sure he gets an examination as soon as possible.
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    2. Not so funny

      by , 12-28-2015 at 10:02 PM
      Date: 28 Dec

      A typical chase-run scenario - it's been a while since I had one of these. With this one, not so much being chased but rather running away. At the old place, menacing DCs coming, I jump out the window, land on the neighbors' porch, grab some food and take off again. I continue running and flying at top speed in the neighborhood, passing by houses and yards. My awareness gradually increases and while I'm flying around this interesting old looking red building, I begin to tell myself that I'm dreaming. Now, I also find myself circling around the building while using the sticky fingers technique to hold myself to the surface. Yes, definitely dreaming.

      I remember the first part of the mantra, the basic totm which was to laugh in front of a DC. There's only buildings and trees around so I fly ahead to reach the street where I spot a weirld looking DC. He's the unpleasant overly active to mildly aggressive DC type. Couple more DCs appear near us and I send him to the side to interact with them instead. I come across a tall handsome Swedish looking guy with ear-length blond hair. I make a mental note of his appearance. Ok, task time already - I announce to him that for this totm I will have to laugh like a crazy person. He waits in expectation as I laugh out loud in a manner that sounds very unnatural. This doesn't seem to impress him much and he just keeps looking at me with a blank expression. I think about the other tasks but the dream thins out and I wake up.
    3. Cats

      by , 03-23-2014 at 08:23 PM
      This is a short info summary from the 15th

      Pre bed: l-arginine (500)

      Natural wake: l-tyrosine (500)

      Didn't do wbtb, no notes on pre bed work. Focus was on sleeping, no review in mind or notes taken until final wake.

      The dreams were extremely vivid, wonder about the effect of this combo. Vividness may have also been boosted by lack of sleep in the days before.

      NLD: In some very green neighborhood that transitions into a forest, very vivid experience. I notice there are cats everywhere, more and more of them (DS). Further there's a place where this DC is giving a presentation about getting rid of the cats and making some sort of lucid camp on the same place, teaching people how to ld.

      Short ld: In the early part of this dream we are in a cool mansion where there is some event and I'm collecting various food items. We (me and some random and changing DC companion) then leave the mansion and I shortly get a game like view of the map where the mansion is. We decide that something is chasing is and go back in the mansion to find some item to helps us with that. The mansion is now deserted, this thing is supposedly after us, we end up jumping on roofs and climbing down couple of trees. I know it is a dream when climbing down, somewhat low awareness here.

      On the street, I look at the DC and tell him to repeat this is a lucid dream and remind me of it later on as I would actually like to continue with this scenario. It's a bright sunny day and I catch part of a greek temple/baroque building behind the near buildings and contemplate whether to explore it. Decide to run through my goals first but the dream ends.

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    4. Class and other short lds

      by , 03-16-2014 at 08:32 PM
      A summary of a few mostly uneventful short lds, possibly the result of pre bed work. This was inspired by CL's success in Jan and his following bed time lds, combined with my need to skip some wbtbs.

      Date: 23 Feb

      Pre bed: 500 mg Omega3, 200mg val

      LD: In a classroom and teacher scolds me about blocking the way. I start a speech about classmates, realizing it's a dream. I briefly have a conversation with my teacher who says something cool about time I can't recall. I contemplate leaving the room, the dream ends.

      Second? ld where I become lucid in class!

      LD: Initial setting - birthday party with friends and relatives. The front changes to deep water, I'm standing at the edge, my awareness goes up, I caress a dophin, where it emits some positive emotion. I become fully aware and go around exploring the street (this actually felt like a somewhat longer dream but blacked out and recall is messed up). I run into gradma's DC on the street which leaves me surprised as I didn't have the vaguest thought about her in that moment. Dream fades

      Date: 26 Feb

      Pre bed: 50 mg B6, overall vivid dreams

      LD: In a friend's place, awareness gradually increases, I explore the building, then climb back in, changing the windows so that there's always something to hold on to as usual with dream climbing. I go to this friend's toilet where I lose lucidity.

      LD: I'm busy following a trail of Brazilian Olympics miniature toys on the street and into a building. After going through a number of rooms collecting items, I enter into a new room and become lucid, start telling the DCs that this is a dream. A moment later they become very blurry and out of focus, the dream ends.
    5. Snowman D

      by , 12-27-2013 at 01:40 AM
      Date: 25 Dec

      Wbtb: sleepy so only 5-10min with 35-40 mg caffeine (Red Bull)

      Dream quality: vivid, shifty items, recall evading

      The ld part is preceded by a short non-ld FA fragment I barely recall.

      LD Frag: In the next scene, I am walking down the street lucid. There was something going on here, not sure what. I decide I want to have some fun (part habit part task) climbing up a building. The dream is already very shifty. I go up climbing this building where I easily place my hands even though the distance between the frames of each window fitting my left and right hand separately is out of day life proportion. I keep on climbing but when I reach the end of the building, last floor, another one appears, I climb it, this repeats two more times, then I think about the roof and finally reach it. Some thoughts about having to draw the wall of china, looking for a place to do it. Evading recall at this point but I want to go down and the whole thing happens quite quickly. I descend but at the same time am still holding on to the building with one hand. As I almost reach the ground I stop and look to see what's going on - my hand has stretched all the way down to where I am. I have some more thoughts about this and as far as I can remember the dream soon ends.

      Not sure if I touched on my body to deild or chained in dream. Don't remember.

      LD: In an office building now, want to cross over to next building, very distracted as something is going on in the building, announcement to all employees which are going somewhere. Between the two buildings are a few red wires and I am confident that I will be able to walk on them. As I try to adjust them for an easier use, they change so that there are two additional wires I could eventually hold on to with my hands.

      Not sure if I cross the entire distance or just a part of it, memory is hazy, in the next moment I also do some vertical climbing. This time I have the realization that there are invisible horizontal lines that have been helping me with my climbings all along, therefore it should be easy to climb even on empty space. I touch the air above me, trying to feel an edge or something to hold on to. Initially there's nothing, then I hold on to something, although I also summon some sort of intangible wall/building part as well. I climb a bit upwards in the air.

      I finally recall the snowman task. It's dark and there is already some snow on the street but it's not enough. I scan the area, looking for a place with more snow. Initially see these kids that are playing with the snow, in the process of building a snowman. I have a mix of real and false memories, where I remember that this is how Steph completed the TOTM, she built the snowman together with some kids. I don't want the task execution to be exactly the same, therefore I go to another place.

      Here there's also lots of snow on the ground, cars and there are two snowmen in progress. I'm also thinking about journalling at this point and whether it is ok to use the half-ready snowmen. I decide to add the finishing touches on one of them and decorate the head. Conveniently, there are a number of items right next to the snowmen, so I just pick up the carrot nose and also put a woolen blue hat on it. I get some sort of dream memory from the hat and remark that the snowman looks very much like D (a schoolmate, who also makes lots of appearances in my dreams, come to think about it he does wear a blue hat). Two other classmates are now here and we are discussing this, while I am also thinking about how to journal this dream.

      Without much effort and while I am not looking at him, the snowman turns into the real D and looks kind of pissed off. We irritate him more by making laughing noises behind his back. Can't recall the conversations. Another classmate appears, D is now friendlier I address them both to help me draw the wall of China. Me and the other classmate turn to look at what's across the street where I want to make the wall of China appear. He tells me he doesn't quite know how to draw it but will try.

      With no further involvement (apart from comments I can't recall) from his side, I find a spot in the distance and make a few predetermined moves with my hand. Immediately, I get a sort of a large long rocky structure, obviously not what I want. I look away, say something to my classmate then try again in another place. This time the result is better, it is a close match to the Great Wall, although its existence is uncertain/shifty. Some thought processes going on again, do not draw it again or you will change it, do not lose it out of sight, now I need to get there. It shortly disappears, after couple more thoughts and looking appears again. Now it is on a much more convenient place.

      We are are at the bottom of an overcrowded with items hill and the wall of China, which has a middle age touch to it, slightly lighter stone color, is stretching from the bottom of the hill to the very top. I enter and get on top of the structure, which is made of small steps in the middle. Some task confusion, I take a couple of steps to make it count (even though this wasn't part of the task). Then remember what I was supposed to do - vandalize.

      I look around, the two walls to the side are made of lots of lined statues and I take a heavy metal statue and use it to start breaking the rest. Then I come across a miniature with one of the Sumerian gods/guardians wondering what's that doing here. I don't want to break it. In the meantime, next to the wall the surroundings have changed and I am now in some sort of open air Asian temple, where they honor the ancestors. There is also a creepy dark female deity statue near the part with the wall of China. I feel bad for recking havoc in this place. It surely is enough for the task. What was next - apologize? (I truly think this is part of the task). No, I have to fight the authorities. But then, let's apologize anyways, I do so. Ok, now I have to find some Chinese to fight, I try to summon them, but the dream thins out and I wake up.
    6. Fantastic ladder

      by , 10-29-2013 at 12:57 AM
      Entry 1/2

      Pre bed: 3mg mel, wbtb: 1/2 latte

      DILD+: I've got the impression that I deilded two times after dream fade, got into the same place with the first deild, but my memory is really messed up, so putting this as one ld.

      I am on the porch of this place the way it used to look years ago. I am staring ahead of me, as if trying to figure out if I am in the dream. I confirm it feels like a dream, then turn around to go towards the yard, but the porch is very high and there is a steep slope just below it, so not very convenient for a jump. I decide to take the stairs and go down one level. Notice some details of the house and get a mix of memories that seem to change the place. I am now on the lower level of the yard and see a very long truck that carries some sort of long metal wires. Random thoughts arise about there being a construction site in the proximity and how they have ruined the place and I almost lose lucidity.

      Ignoring the truck, I continue on my way, this time trying to climb to the upper level of the yard using some sort of a morphing ladder. This time, I decide to experiment and see if I can stretch my hands like Mr. Fantastic as I am holding on to the ladder or whatever it is now. My hands stretch somewhat, but it is the ladder thing that stretches the most. The whole thing becomes a flexible rubbery substance that is being dragged down like a curtain, as I clench onto it.

      Still hanging in the air, holding on to it, the next idea that comes to my mind is that I actually want to climb it like a cat (i.e. with claws) or even better, why not make the surface of my fingers just stick to the ladder. I am midair holding myself by clawing on the surface of the ex-ladder, trying to smoothly let go and just allow my fingers to stick to the surface, but feel that I am about to fall. Then, subconsciously apply some sort of mini- vacuum effect with my fingers, that makes the ladder stick to my fingertips. There is a thin indigo energy layer around and behind my fingers as I look at them.

      I finally climb to the upper level. There is some sort of long white board on which I decide to do random acrobatic tricks I can't exactly recall in detail. Then I remember reading on DV that someone used a certain tech to fly and decide to try it out. It consists of putting your hands on the ground and launching yourself by applying pressure to it (Man of Steel). I try to do that and feel some pressure, but can't take off.

      I turn around and acknowledge the greenery which reminds me it may be good for the Wall of China. I look around, thinking about the wall, but only get a couple of Asian/Buddhist statues made of ebony among the trees ahead of me. Maybe I need a little bit of motivation for the task, so I start singing a Chinese tune to help me out. It echoes loudly around me, but the dream slowly fades.

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