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    1. Flying in the cold

      by , 01-15-2017 at 10:32 PM
      15 Jan

      WBTB, reviewed goals, recall prior to that quite poor. Late dinner is not a good idea.

      I'm at a non-existent apartment with bf. We are getting ready to go to bed on time when his friends come and stay for a while, making it impossible to do so. I am upset, smash a potato on the floor and then decide to leave - go to my old place to sleep.

      As I go out on the streets my awareness increases and I realize that I'm dreaming. My thinking is still clouded. I recall I forgot the keys in the previous place, but conclude there is no need to worry about that because I can just summon them. I try to take off flying with some initial difficulty launching. I briefly contemplate that I have been using this sort of flying in my dreams lately - slightly pushing towards the ground, something like a jump launch and then superman style.

      I am quickly gaining altitude, trying to orient myself above what I consider to be my home town. The scenery changes with lots of unknown streets and gets extremely cold. I feel the cold is hampering me from flying properly, the snow and people on the ground become a distraction. I decide to land in a snow-covered yard.

      My awareness diminishes as I go to inspect what's ahead. In the building ahead is an administrative refugee help center. Looks like it was founded a long time ago, there are 4 traditional Chinese characters on the wall. The place has gotten a lot of attention from the locals with journalists and a few unknown celebrities waiting to go inside. I excuse myself, remembering that I was originally headed home and leave.

      As I walk down the streets I see the stadium and know I should be near. I choose a shortcut by climbing a few buildings. As I climb this weirdly looking structure, with lots of metal shaped in strange forms, my awareness increases again. Finally I reach the top of the structure, which faces a well supervised office. I don't think passing through should be a big issue as I can technically go as I please. I sneak in and look for the door out. There are several doors, one of them has a female security guard talking to another DC. No matter which door I chose, she is going to notice me. Oh, well that doesn't really matter, does it? I decide to ignore all that and just exit the building. I know the DC has seen me. I know she finds this weird and would probably want to go after me. But I intend that she does not. She just looks at me and ignores me. At the same time, a feeling of regret overtakes me. I feel I have ruined this scenario by meddling with the natural course of events and now the story feels incomplete.

      Memory gap. I find myself at my old place. There's a minor leftover of awareness upon looking at the weird balcony and room being merged. The dream takes over my consciousness. I hear squeaks and other noises coming from the neighbours and see the neighbour kid playing on the balcony. He hasn't grown up at all, I think. Couple of minutes later, as if it's a game, he jumps off the balcony and hits the ground. I am terrified as I see his imminent death but even though he seems injured, he gets up and hurries into the building. I call his grandma (DS) to make sure he gets an examination as soon as possible.
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    2. NY Resolutions?

      by , 01-04-2014 at 12:50 AM
      Date:03 Jan

      Wbtb: around 50 caffeine (latte), way too wakeful again

      WILD: I finally feel as if I am not in bed anymore but somewhere else, so allow myself to look around (don't remember opening the eyes?). Yes, I am in an unknown room that has a slight resemblance to grandma's place.

      At this point I recall 3 tasks and notice that there isn't a single DC here. The dream feels unstable and I recall that we talked how 501 would examine his hands in detail to anchor himself in the dream and decide to do so. I have a good look at my hands, which look quite realistic and similar to my real ones and move on to my arm where I concentrate on the fine hairs. I also remember to do the old classic stabilization where I lick my arm but with little effect. I still feel the dream slipping away and nervously walk around, thinking maybe I would try this opposite task I had in mind, but I begin to lose vision. The lower part of my vision becomes a blur and I begin to feel weightless, so conclude now isn't a good time for that particular task.

      My vision gets somewhat better. I turn around and see a window, a good opportunity to get out of here. There is distinct coldness emanating from outside and I am sure it will help me freshen up and condense me back to normal. Before going out, I briefly wonder whether to bring a blanket or something, since the air is chilly. I open the window and push myself outside. In the meantime, a girl passes by carrying a blanket that she drops nearby. I ask her about her NY resolution but can't hear what she replies.
      The dream collapses.

      DEILD: I very briefly touch on my body and concentrate on dreaming again. There's a confusing mid point dreamlet where I remain in darkness and can hear women talking around me, I keep still, waiting for the dream.

      I feel a scene change, but decide I will wait a bit longer to allow the dream to fully form and maybe it will be more stable. I finally conclude it is ok to move and begin exploring. I am in my old room and can see that the voices from the previous part belong to a number of women. They are sitting on couches around a table with food and drinks as if there's some sort of party going on. A friend from school is also there.

      I remember the NY resolution task and make an announcement that I would like to hear what their resolutions are. My friend says "I want some juice" and points at the table. A bit unsatisfied with the answer I move on to the next woman who looks in her forties and repeat the same question. She just stares at me with her mouth open. I wait a bit but not a single word comes out. There's another woman sitting next to her and I address her "what about your beautiful friend sitting next to you?", I feel as if I am moderating some sort of show. She says something about a friendship club in New York. I try to memorize as much as possible.
      The dream soon ends.

      I make a quick review in mind and wonder if I should try to go back for more but really need to visit the restroom.

      I also remember a fragment that I can't allocate, where I was looking at a blue/grayish backpack with something written on it by CL.

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