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    1. Not so funny

      by , 12-28-2015 at 10:02 PM
      Date: 28 Dec

      A typical chase-run scenario - it's been a while since I had one of these. With this one, not so much being chased but rather running away. At the old place, menacing DCs coming, I jump out the window, land on the neighbors' porch, grab some food and take off again. I continue running and flying at top speed in the neighborhood, passing by houses and yards. My awareness gradually increases and while I'm flying around this interesting old looking red building, I begin to tell myself that I'm dreaming. Now, I also find myself circling around the building while using the sticky fingers technique to hold myself to the surface. Yes, definitely dreaming.

      I remember the first part of the mantra, the basic totm which was to laugh in front of a DC. There's only buildings and trees around so I fly ahead to reach the street where I spot a weirld looking DC. He's the unpleasant overly active to mildly aggressive DC type. Couple more DCs appear near us and I send him to the side to interact with them instead. I come across a tall handsome Swedish looking guy with ear-length blond hair. I make a mental note of his appearance. Ok, task time already - I announce to him that for this totm I will have to laugh like a crazy person. He waits in expectation as I laugh out loud in a manner that sounds very unnatural. This doesn't seem to impress him much and he just keeps looking at me with a blank expression. I think about the other tasks but the dream thins out and I wake up.
    2. Who's calling

      by , 12-28-2015 at 09:48 PM
      Date: 22 Dec

      A nld scene with classmates and unknown DCs. Later the unknown DCs cause tension.

      As the DCs keep looking me in the eyes, I begin to realize that I am dreaming. I examine them in greater detail, now fully convinced. I tell them this and start to control them, making them look happier and make them loudly express their excitement.

      We are in the living room now. I recall the phone task, look to the side, where there is a black home phone, a slightly older model. I ask it to ring, it does so a couple of times, then pick it up. The first try it's just the normal ready to dial sound. I hang up being confident that somebody will start talking soon and repeat the ringing, pick up again. This time it's my mom trying to lecture me about something that I'm not doing the way I should be. I feel a bit disappointed but make a mental note of it anyways.

      End of memory. Other dreams.
    3. The Sensei channel

      by , 06-29-2014 at 06:42 PM
      Date: 28 June

      Both of us had indigestion that led to early wake and insomnia. After a long time of discomfort, I finally fall asleep for a bit.

      Funny HI: there was this really strange crazy camel monkey face that was shaved like Hulk Hogan.

      LD: Don't quite remember the beginning of the dream, but in the earliest part I find myself on the floor in the same position I was sleeping, topless and staring into a mirror. My torso is that of a ripped man though and I marvel the amount of muscle on the abs.

      As I focus on the abs, they slowly turn into the image of a fortress as my mind zooms in and transforms the scene. Here I have awareness that this is a dream, but no spike in awareness or aha moment. The castle turns into the doors of a fortress and I mentally open them. It looks much like playing a game now and I feel excited, move forward as if playing an rpg game and not moving bodily initially. The doors reveal a tunnel that splits in two sections. I am bodily present now and decide to take the right fork and enter a room. There is an ancient chest inside. This is so exciting, I'm thinking, my awareness gradually going up. I open the chest where there are two pieces of a broken Persian tablet. Lots of false memories come with the stuff - you have to gather the pieces, which fit by some sort of magnetic attraction. Two pieces are missing and I examine the rest of the chest although I know they have to be in the other room.

      At this point, the DC of this person from real life comes. She hasn't featured in many lds, but is usually an irritating DC in non-lds. Now she begins to mess with the chest and stuff and I totally dislike her being around. I try to get her to leave, telling her she has no place here and that this is my dream. She doesn't like it and produces a knife and after a bit of struggle stabs me with it. If I'm not mistaken it's in my palm. This is outrageous, and I decide to use the lucid dreamer's weapon "You are not real, the pain doesn't exist, I'm ok". She just stands there but alas I feel terrible pain. The sensation is so strong and overwhelming, I'm afraid I'm going to go into dream trance (which happened once after an intense bout of fear). Nothing against that, but I wanted to act more in the dream and now one of the effects is that everything becomes blurry and out of focus. This angers me and I tell her "See what you did, you ruined the dream".

      Not quite sure what exactly happened, but I decide to move on and continue walking around and things return to normal. It's a nice apartment now that I perceive as my parents' place. There are lots of DCs here and I interact with them but don't remember all of it. Went from one room to the other and also had some sexy thoughts but then I got annoyed with myself and dropped the matter.

      I go to the kitchen and see a classmate and think this is a good opportunity to talk to his DC and ask him why he behaves like he does. But by the time I reach him, his features change and it's another person. We still exchange a few words. There are about 6-7 DCs in the kitchen I interact with them. The first thing that makes an impression is that after saying something funny, they all start laughing in exactly the same manner, making the exact same movement. I make them laugh some more and then shout out loud to get their attention, they all look at me in the same way. One final attempt, I raise my hand to get their attention as if making a speech and now all of them do this at the same time. I find if weird that all of them do this and think about asking on DV.

      In the living room, I do the raise your hands and shout thing again and get echo replies from the DCs again. This makes me want to have a music experience where all of them sing & shout in the same enthusiastic fashion and decide that it will be cool to play "take a look around" for this effect. Not quite sure if there was previously music playing in the background or false memories, also more false memories about me preparing the place beforehand so that you can use it as desired in an ld. In this case it is possible to leave a device with a song from real life and play it in the dream. But I didn't prepare it, so I have to improvise.

      While I play the song in my mind to check if I know it correctly, I'm not confident that I will be able to fully produce it by singing so would rather rely on an external device. There's a TV nearby and I get the remote and begin searching channels for MTV. The first thing that appears on the screen once the TV turns on is a manga channel, the series they are showing is called Sensei and the whole channel is dedicated to it. I get a false memory that this channel only shows the Sensei series and the series are named after the main character. It makes sense to me now that Boss chose the name of the main character in this series. I continue changing channels, looking for MTV and shortly come across it, but the TV switches back to the Sensei channel. (It doesn't dawn to me at all that I am supposed to look for him even after seeing this! )

      A bit later I decide to give up and go near the window where there is DC. We engage in a conversation but I lose my lucidity. Soon after wake up.

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