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    1. Boredom

      by , 01-10-2016 at 10:28 AM
      Earlier Ld frag: I shortly become lucid and recall the basic totm, start looking for a book. I think I find one with gibberish on it.

      Other dreams and the above section is mostly forgotten.

      Nld part: I get dragged into some sort of a drinking contest where people queue, leave a bottle, get points for it, then are served drinks, some pay for them, score more points. I order grapefruit white wine cocktail. It takes forever to get it but the bartender finally gives me my glass - with a little pink liquid at the bottom. It tastes like smoothie, not too bad but definitely not grapefruit and wine. I continue to the next stage of the contest up some stairs where I find myself in an elevator shaft by mistake. I try to get out of there.

      A man requests my assistance lifting some of his contest goods. In another room - another guy leaves his PC above the toilet seat.

      I'm outside now and everything suddenly comes into focus. It was as if I wasn't seeing where I was the moment before. But now I know - it's a dream. I look around thinking about it. On an unknown street, I try to determine my location. Never been here before. I look at the style of buildings trying to assess which country is this. Maybe the States. I begin to recall that I had another very brief lucid already with the totm. It's a bit blurry and I only recall looking for the book. Better not to go into too much thought right now.

      Let's find another book and see what's written there. I walk down the street thinking about summoning a book. Despite my overall confidence of being able to summon almost anything, this feels like one of these dreams where the environment is different and as if the summon won't work. I walk down the street looking around and wondering whether to enter inside to look for a book but this seems like a bad time consuming idea. I see a pile of junk near one of the houses and decide to investigate it.

      There are couple of books right on top. How convenient! The first one is a notebook, so I put it to the side. Then I grab three differently colored books with lavishly decorated hardcovers. I take the top one and examine it. What does the title say? Gibberish again. Would that count, I feel disappointed. I look again as the letters keep changing until they finally make actual words "The boredom of God". I browse through the pages which are filled with more gibberish words and think about this. Maybe god is bored because I can't get any information out of this book. Nevermind. I look up and try to memorize the title. Surely I will forget this any moment now so I decide to shout it out loud several times.

      I keep shouting as I look around. I feel excited to have a lucid dream. I want to stay here longer, but as am about to shout again, the dream starts to thin out and I wake up.

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    2. 16-19 June Summary

      by , 06-19-2013 at 04:11 PM
      Comment: Stuff has been piling up and I just don't have enough time to properly journal, so here is a summary of the notable things during the last few days.

      Sleep quality: I guess the caffeine frenzy of last week is taking it's toll and as I have been very sleepy in the last few days, to the point where I just can't do a proper WBTB

      Date: 16 June

      pre bed: brain multivits

      The key words never made it to a proper journal entry. This is the second time I take those multivits, they have increased vividness, and added some unpleasant dreams and aggressive DC behavior, similar to last time I took them but a bit less emotional. I also had a guest related FA with unpleasant contents, after I was woken up by guest that came for the weekend.

      Date: 17 June

      pre bed: SJW

      WBTB: p.oil capsules, 1/2 latte

      Pre wbtb dream1: From the notes "Obe" and some other word I can't read. I checked with my feelings, and I get nothing. It is very unlikely that this was Obe/lucid, so this doesn't qualify even as suspicious.

      Fragment2: I am looking through the HI lights but they are in the dream. I am able to see some events form in the lights/fog and conclude that I have developed special abilities irl.

      WBTB: I was very sleepy and spent less that the desired time out of bed, so couldn't quite wake myself up. Fell asleep too fast.

      Dream3: This dream was very long and vivid. I am first in some kind of bar talking to an interesting (in a non-sexual way) DC, that resembles a friend of mine, but he turns out gay and doesn't want to pay me any attention after the truth about him comes out? It is the middle of the night so I head home in some unknown city, have a difficult time finding my way back, but conclude it is because I am drunk.

      I keep on roaming these unfamiliar streets, trying to find some transportation when I run into an old friend of mine. We have a very realistic conversation, and it feels like I am talking to the real person. It is quite late but he invites me to join them in another place where we can continue drinking. I look at my phone, that looks quite normal to see what time it is. Me and old friend are going to someplace but end up instead in the house of a female DC that starts seducing my friend. I try to leave the place and get my friend out of there.

      Date: 18 June

      Comments: I was sleeping very heavily again, got short-ld that I count as micro ld just before final wake

      Mini-ld: I find myself in a room attracted to an unpleasant male DC. This looks very suspicious and I realize this is a dream. Unfortunately my impulses are stronger than me and I still decide to go ahead after doing a RC and taking some precautionary measures.

      Date: 19 June

      Comments: decided to take a break from journaling, WBTB, etc.

      Dream quality and recall: vivid, recall of the last dreams was good

      Dream1 micro -ld: I am on the street and lucid. Something that I hold in my hand draws my attention, it is a spherical object, the size of a tenis-ball. Didn't have much chance to look at it because this thing although a hard object is actually alive and somewhat aggressive, so I grasp with with all force, trying to move my hand and just throw it away. This is not possible because the object is very strong and has gravitational heaviness. I think I wake up after some struggle, then fall back to sleep.

      Dream2: interesting story about some girl

      Dream3: long vivid dream of me in some city

      Progress with goals as the 19th morning:

      - Do 100 RCs (23/100)
      - notice real life DS 100 times and RC (19/100)
      - 10 proper WBTB attempts -> days (8/10)
      - 10 morning RCs (6/10)
      - 2 proper WILD attempts (1/2)
      - task flexibility
      - journal flexibility

      LDs: 12 (official count)
      micro-lds: 7 (not counted)
      suspicious events: 3 (not counted)

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