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    1. Potion of forbidden knowledge

      by , 12-28-2017 at 09:38 PM
      28 Dec

      My awareness spikes in the middle of the dream, making me pay more attention to the surroundings. I am certain this is a dream and happy about it.

      It takes a bit to recall my totm intentions and in the meantime I decide to improvize and go bananas with dream control. I start a massive onslaught on the dream environment, initially tking all sorts of objects in sight and later doing impromptu room modifications. It seems to come quite naturally although I am not too sure what precisely am I trying to accomplish. The technique is look straight ahead and modify with thoughts the door and everything behind it, and once changed, bring it back to its original version. <possibly subconsciously trying to integrate a version of the portal from Dr Strange>

      Once I have calmed down a bit, I finally recall I wanted to do task of the month. There was a familiar DC running around so I ask him to bring to me the potion of forbidden knowledge. He gives me a light blue medieval type of bottle and I drink the small amount of liquid it contains. Nothing happens for a while, which leaves me slightly disappointed as I was preparing for some sort of false memory revelation to take place.

      I still feel quite euphoric being in the dream and I recall how you can actually use dreams to improve yourself, including physically <quote below>. At this stage I am very enthusiastic and totally determined to use the dream to influence my appearances and get more muscular. Quite conveniently a mirror appears right ahead, so I look at myself as I try to flex my stomach muscles. As if this isn't enough to get me in good shape, I decide to do some crunches and get on the floor.

      I also imagine myself doing crunches every time I have a lucid dream, as a part of a new fitness routine. I do around 10 crunches with great ease. The movements are really light and pleasant, but this seems to exhaust my concentration and the dream soon ends.

      Quote Originally Posted by Harvard Business Review

      If I dream about doing crunches, will I develop killer abs?

      Yes and no: You wonít really get a six-pack just by dreaming, but research shows that envisioning yourself doing exercises can make specific muscles stronger, so you should get a stronger belly than if you didnít dream about crunches. In general, if you want to improve in waking life, dreams are the perfect place to do it. 
    2. Facelift

      by , 01-12-2014 at 02:28 AM
      Date: 10 Jan

      Pre bed: turmeric

      Sleep was rather bad, like I was lacking some sleep chemicals, recall from non-lds pre bed - close to zero.

      Wbtb: felt sleepy, had 1/3 latte

      DILD+DEILDs: In a room and there's this kid from my childhood and he is somewhat grown up now. I am thinking about that. He's naked from the torso up and is sweating while vacuum cleaning. I am sitting behind a desk, contemplating and the thought that I was supposed to be lding comes to mind.

      I begin to examine the surroundings and wonder if this could be a dream. Yet my thoughts are so orderly and organized at this moment and everything feels more like real life than dream (no usual dreamy feeling).

      I keep thinking in what feels like a daylife manner, reflecting on lack of dream feeling. I know that in such a case I have to perform a RC, but I don't see any sense (like it's possibly going to fail). Something in me tries to convince me and kind of distantly makes me feel that right now my body is in horizontal position and asleep. I conclude that it is a dream and remember my goals. There is a black girl with ponytail and I reverse the inital plan (make an old man younger for the opposites task) and decide that I will make a potion to make her age instead. I feel conscientious about doing this to a little girl and how evil it looks, but really want to see the results.

      There are a number of small items like two small cups, nail-size gemstones and something else I can't recall. While the dream is generally very stable, it begins to thin out at this point and I am left feeling concentration wise powerless and slowly find myself back in my body. Not ready to let go I remain still and short afterwards the I am back in the same dream.

      It comes slightly as a surprise that I succeeded to resume from the same place, but welcome it and continue mixing my potion that looks like a shot of cough syrup. If I am not mistaken by the time I'm done mixing the dream thins out again and I am shortly back in my body.

      The dream resumes again. This time I wait a bit before undertaking any task related action, thinking it may be proper to stabilize at this point so I unconvincingly rub my hands and run my fingers through a nearby towel, feeling it's texture. At this point the little girl and my childhood friend are nowhere in sight. I move away from where I was standing and look around, the entire room looks extremely realistic and detailed, filled to the brim with objects. It's like I am really in someone's room or a life memory. There are way too many objects for me to memorize so I don't try to, just remember a number of toy boxes with something written on the them in red, and a very prominent display of video games. There are two black gaming machines like from the late 80s.

      The DC of my bf comes from somewhere as I am examining the room. Suddenly, I feel coldness on my feet and look below to see that I am barefoot and feel the cold coming from the green tiles on the floor. This is simply amazing and this whole dream feels incredibly life like detailed and stable (not so much vivid as detailed). I analyze this and share it with my bf who agrees with me. At this point I briefly wonder whether I might have run accross a smart DC and should ask some questions, but then remember my other tasks.

      This time it feels appropriate to summon a DC and work from there. I decide I want to call Mrs. and think about her. The part of the apartment where I am looking, mentally calling for her is a bit dark and I briefly worry a scary DC might appear instead, but in a second, a DC that closely resembles her comes in. She has some sort of hat/bandage on the head. I get closer and begin to examine her face, she has lots of wrinkles on her forehead, around the mouth and saggy cheeks. I place my palms above her face to cover the places I want to change and then move my hands away. Initially, her face remains the same, but after a few more procedures the wrinkles visibly diminish. She doesn't look as young as I wanted but at least her skin is in much better condition, as if she just had a facelift.

      Somewhere around this moment, the dream fades again. I know the drill and continue as usual, in the meantime become worried about my memories after each blackout/deild. I mentally count the number of blackouts to be sure, 3.

      Back in the same room. I feel that I have spent too much time with this task, while there were other main tasks I had in mind. Time to go out and look for a palace. I head for the window and look down. Nooo! The whole dream continues to be worryingly detailed and realistic and it doesn't feel like a good idea to jump out of the window. I gather courage and hang on to nearby windows and water pipes to go down.

      On the street I look around for a suitable building but become overwhelmed. In every direction I look are closely packed residential buildings. Finally, one of the streets seems somewhat less cluttered with a larger building at the distance that leads me to believe there's enough room for a palace round the corner. As I head in that direction, I have to wait for a large industrial truck part that's slowly coming out of a garage to make a turn and continue in, of course, the same direction as me. I manage to squeeze between the building wall and the large truck part and reach the end of the street.

      Unfortunately, this turns to end of town cars-only road with lots of concrete and weirdly shaped boulders, cars passing by in close proximity. I think that I don't want to change the dream too aggressively as not to compromise the coherence. But maybe not everything is lost, I just have to find a way to cross over and go to what seems like a more appealing part of town. The dream fades.