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    1. Headlights

      by , 02-23-2016 at 09:30 PM
      On the street, I decide to tk around 10 cars at the same time. I reflect how obvious this is compared to my real life RCs. The cars levitate in the air, then slowly move higher towards the night sky. I recall the basic totm and look at the sky seeing tons of stars. But wait, these are not stars, these are the headlights of hundreds of cars that are being lifted and controlled by my thoughts. Hundreds of stars headlights gently moving around. I enjoy the view for a while then decide to go for some element bending, starting with metal bending the nearest fence.

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    2. My own business, Dr Dre, Connie Flowers

      by , 05-14-2013 at 07:45 PM
      A bit out of time this week, an actually not so brief update:

      13 May

      - Me and a group of 5 kids decide to create a business. We go to register it, and the start up costs are only 100. We talk to some lawyer who says its is excellent because we are all from different countries.

      - I become upset and leave the house of a friend wearing slippers. It is very hard to walk with these but I don't find this unusual.

      - In our old neighborhood, there are lots of new stores. I go in a supermarket where they are making fresh carrot juice, it is green in color, I wonder a bit about that, but conclude that green carrot juice is ok.

      14 May

      - In our old place, my mom keeps talking, while I want to go to sleep. I tell her that her talking activates my brain and I cannot fall asleep. It is early morning, still dark outside and snowing.

      - I see Dr dre on the street, he is smoking and I want to join him. Before I do, he has finished with the stuff. A skater boy pushes him hard and I think how rude kids are nowadays. I follow Dre to a building, but the cops are all over the place. I have a micro second of lucidity, remembering I read a part of Xanos's dream from yesterday and know it this the cause for this one. I lose my lucidity a second later and try to leave the building.

      - I am in jail which looks like a normal house, my belongings are also there. A woman calls me and I think they are finally letting me go. She informs me that she allows me to go out, so that I can find a woman called Connie Flowers or something similar. A friend from school is also accompanying me. We look for the place where Connie lives, but cannot find her. I have another second brief moment of clarity and high awareness, when I am climbing a fence, while looking for her. I continue following the dream but get the brilliant idea to ask some old ladies to show me the way to Connie's house. They all point in one direction and that excites me a lot. I am absorbed back by the dream and we go to the place the women were pointing at.

      - A false awakening where I jot down key words from the previous dream. I write Connie Flowers on a piece of paper. Had it not been this FA, I probably would have forgotten the name. It was so realistic that I actually looked down and expected to see it written in my notebook, but nothing was there irl.

      - On a street, thinking about last night's dreams. I look at the sky, and decide to star gaze. I have my blanket with me. I get interrupted by a machine washing the streets. My slippers get washed away...

      Note: micro-lucids, not counting
      Pretty busy this week, I wish my sleep could condense, so that I still get some nice REM moments.

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