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    1. Huge tire, subliminal dream signs

      by , 01-21-2017 at 12:49 AM
      20 Jan

      I find myself on the street with a decent amount of awareness. Hey, finally, I note to myself, I am actually asleep and lucid. I cautiously examine the trash cans and trees in front of me. I know there is no time to lose and I have to get the 3 step tasks going. Step one is telekinesis. I look around for a movable object. There a tire hanging from one tree but it as I try to TK it, it gets larger and larger and actually is now part of a construction and totally unmovable. Okay, let's try something else. I spot couple of leaves on the street which easily move but I am not convinced as it could be the wind. Finally, there's a ball that I tk around for a while.

      It's a bright sunny day and am in the middle of a small park. I recall I had another brief ld earlier in the night. It's time to get started on the next step of the 3 step task - use a device. Couple of DC boys hold what looks like a mobile, but I find it easier to use mine. I put my hand into my pocket trying to get the phone out. As I do this, I feel my physical eyes move excessively, which make the dream collapse. I believe I am back to my bed and give up (actually it's just the void with only tactile sensations).

      I have a short FA near a cool pool on a very sunny day and the music is playing "bai zi hua bai zi hua", one of my other goals. I walk around non-lucidly though and soon wake up.
    2. Armenians, mini-DILD after monster

      by , 05-05-2013 at 06:59 PM
      Date: 1 May 2013

      Pre bed: 400mg valerian

      Total sleep time: 6.30 hrs, pre travel

      Recall: Had vivid dreams today, but my recall is very weak. A strange combination perhaps due to the valerian. Had to rush out of bed so that may have contributed too.

      Overall impressions: It feels like I had a great night, whatever I was dreaming left me with positive feelings.

      Dream1: I went somewhere before that and now am on my way back. Following me are the brothers of someone who looks like my boyfriend. He is Armenian and obviously so are his brothers. Overall positive feelings towards these guys. I think about them and how their family is looking for someone like me, to get married to their son. I also think about how I have figured out they are Armenian and find myself in an Armenian church.

      I am back from wherever I came and me and another DC not sure if he was Armenian, are on the street. I am looking at the sunset and commenting it. The sun looks a bit strange but since a few days ago I was looking at a very strange sun phenomenon, caused by the setting sun and some rain clouds, I thought I am seeing something similar.

      Fragment 2 mini-DILD: I am on the street and suddenly a strange creature, like a game-like monster with a skirt, similar to a Cyclops maybe, appears out of nowhere. I immediately become lucid and tell myself not to be afraid and that this is a dream. He vanishes as fast as he appeared, I find this a bit strange. Memory gap. (I did not know about TOTM May at the time, this is game-related residual I guess).

      I suppose that after he was gone, I lost my focus and lucidity and engaged back in the dream. I have no other recall.

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