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    1. Khakis

      by , 09-06-2017 at 08:36 PM
      The final 15? mins of sleep I experience multiple falling asleep/waking moments which lead to fragmented dreams and a brief moment of lucidity.I find myself in a dimmed room, with not very pleasant brown greenish hue and examine a picture with the same color. It feels as if the dream hasn't fully formed which is probably the case from the constant short wake asleep episodes prior to that.

      A DC runs around trying to engage me, but I only examine him and then try to project the same image of him on the picture I just found. I flip it around and try to see if it's the same DC, but it is a different one. I examine his clothes and try to memorize them (brown khakis). I spend way too much pondering whether khakis can be any other color than brown and remark how poor my dream memory can sometimes be.

      I hear the voice of my boyfriend supposedly from real life telling me that I have overslept and will be late.
      I wake up to find that there are 5 mins left to the alarm.

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    2. Habits

      by , 08-01-2013 at 11:17 PM
      Date: 1 Aug

      Total sleep time: 7 1/2 hrs

      Natural wake: 2x, impression of vivid dreams with fleeting memory after both wakes

      Dream quality: very vivid, realistic and generally stable, lasted a while

      Recall: I had to rush out of bed as was late, spent a few mins motionless after wake but the dream memory began erasing, reviewed dream during shower and wrote down 4 hrs later

      Tech: snooze by-product. After the normal alarm I pressed the snooze button which was set for 15 more mins.

      DILD+: The beginning of this dream is almost impossible to recall as were my very first actions while lucid. I think it was one of those from scratch dilds, where I suddenly appear in a scene.

      The location is a non-existent room with an open view to the street of our first home. I look around and say something to the DCs in this strange room. There are a number of them, at least two are classmates. I have no idea what I said there, or what else I noticed in the first part of the ld.

      Then I think that I'd better start doing some tasks as I worry that I will either lose lucidity or destabilize the dream by not engaging thoroughly. Haven't thought about tasks for a while, but look at my hand where I have mentally recorded my tasks irl. I recall 4-5 tasks. Any that involve leaving the room are out of the question, as I have the certainty that this lead to me losing control over the situation in this particular dream. So I decide to stay in the room and see what I can do here.

      My personal "ask a DC" task comes to mind and I go over to the DC girl that looks like my classmate and ask her how to ld more often. She says a few words that don't make any sense. I repeat the last word she said, asking for a confirmation. While she is in front of me, she continues talking, but now I hear her voice coming from somewhere to my right. I find this kind of strange. Also, the DC of my dad, who only looks like him but has an aggressive nasty feel to him, is there. He behaves daringly, coming closer to me and then grabs me. For a moment I feel helpless as this DC is very strong. I struggle for a while, then recall a similar situation where I escaped a DC by thinking that he can't hold me because I have no hands/body. This works again so he lets go and I back away.

      Hearing the girl's voice coming from a different location helps me remember I also wanted to do alternative voice experiments. I say a sentence, but I only hear my own voice. I gather more power and shout out. This time my voice sounds different and there is a pleasant resonance, a bit like echo, but not exactly.

      I move on to the next task "transformation" and get ready do it, although I feel that my dream control powers in this dream are very weak. I notice that I am wearing my winter coat plus a hood and feel very warm. I just want to take those winter clothes off before I proceed with the transformation. I start unbuttoning the coat but then remember that none of my naked TOTM attempts were successful. I feel this will take too much time to execute and might destabilize the dream as well. I think about ripping my winter coat, but I just can't find the courage to do it. I go over to another classmate (male) and delegate the task to him.

      My classmate does a very good job undressing me, the layers of top clothes just disappear in front of my eyes. Then I get carried away, sit on top of him and start kissing him, forgetting about anything else. A few moments later, I notice that I am sitting in the darkness, I guess kissing with my eyes closed?, but I still feel his body and the room. I begin wondering what exactly am I kissing, are these his lips or his tongue. Very confusing. I can see now, weirdly, his ears catch my attention and I zoom into some strange things there. I tell him that he will need to clean his ears later on.

      I have no more sexy interest and think about the dream and that it was pretty stable and long. I am running out of tasks, and regret that I have no idea what this month's TOTM is. I decide that I will try to reach out for this information and my tablet magically appears in front of me. The browser as well as the virtual keyboard open and I want to type dreamviews.com.

      The initial letters are fine, but towards the end, the keyboard letters are on the wrong places and reverse. I try to ignore the problem, tapping on where I know the letters should be. I type something close to dreamviews.cm and the page starts loading but the address changes to something like google, and the page that loads is google as well. Just instead of the google logo, it's something with less letters and reverse again. Disappointed I leave the tablet aside and look around.

      I think at this point the dream ends, but instead of me going through the void, the dream skips forward to the next scene.

      This leaves me a bit confused, as I expect to have a non-ld FA or wake up, so I passively start thinking about this. I remain disoriented in the room as the surroundings change and then gain back my clarity to realize that the dream continued in this strange manner. I am now in a very large furniture store, where me and my bf are the only "clients". It's a very calm atmosphere, crystal clear and extremely realistic. I wonder what to do in this room and see an empty champagne glass that I take with the intention of breaking. I am somewhat reluctant to do it, as it feels bad to be vandalizing this nice quiet real-life like shop. I playfully throw it high in the air, but instread of falling on the floor and breaking, it lands comfortably in my hand. I find this very cool and I do it again...

      At this point the snooze alarm wakes me up!

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