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    Leaving the matrix

    1. 4/9/14 - I kidnapped a girl

      by , 04-10-2014 at 12:53 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm standing what seems dead center of this endless crowd. I see an old Victorian looking street lamp about 5 feet to the left of me possibly indicating I'm near a side walk. There's just too many people to tell. I see this girl walking through the crowd, when she makes eye contact with me she gets this look of fear or worry in her eyes, then puts her head down and tries to hurry past me. Seeing this, I become paranoid. I wonder why she reacted this way to me, I become compelled and consumed into her and what she's thinking that I whip around to see how far she's passed me and I chase after her. She only runs a little ways, more like speed walks with a slouch. I grab her shoulders then tell her I'm going to take her some where tranquil so I can ask her why she seemed to fear me, but then all of the entire surrounding crowd becomes overwhelmingly quiet and focus their attention on me with anger and suspicion. I know, I can feel it that they think I'm kidnapping her, so I tell them "I'm not going to trapezoid her in a prism", and then the entire crowd makes noises of disappointment, like a boxing match without a knockout. I was some what disappointed that that was all it took to get a crowd to submit. Then I woke up.