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    1. 2014-Jan-16; Double Rainbow!

      by , 01-16-2014 at 05:51 PM
      This is mostly a copy of a text file I wrote:


      Earlier dream;

      It was as if I was playing a video game in which I could go all around Pennsylvania. So I first went out the road towards the Eagles' bar and it isn't the same in this dream as it is in waking life at this date. I thought of driving the 2000 Honda Insight, Then some people shot at me then I kept going past them and walked around a locked church (Which is not there in waking life that I know of) and then went down to Limestone, PA and met some people at a yard sale at a house near the top of a hill. A father, His son and a woman were all there and they had a black 50s car for sale and I went into their carpeted garage and used their remote-controlled vacuum cleaner (A kid would enjoy this so much) and sat on a couch, My Dad came by through driving And their (Adult) son who wore an orange shirt talked to me and said they'd like to say happy birthday to me. So I turned around in the chair.

      (UPDATE, 16/December/2014: I did not have a 2000 Honda Insight car in the physical world when I wrote this nor do I have one now!)

      Dream of Dad driving another odd car (The same as was described in 2014-Jan-15's dream?) and I went into the kitchen fireplace and wind was coming through as the bricks weren't all there between the wall and outside.


      Third dream


      I looked out my bedroom window (Which I found on the first floor with plants outside the window) and saw a double rainbow for a very long distance and other people looked at it too. Later in other dreams I wanted to tell people about it and was trying to tell them! The rainbow started not horizontally as most do but I saw it starting closer to home, In the alley close to the trailer factory? And it went in the direction I call south (Or close to south), Using the waking-life house as a standpoint for compass direction.

      I went downstairs to tell my parents about it who were in the living room at one point. But my room was on the first floor?


      I was in the garage (Which was different in the dream than it is in waking life) and someone or some people were there. I at one point put on some other clothing including an "ARMY" Hat to get fat like D. Boon as if I were creating a Rock Band character? I thought of jumping around like he did. I also tried to communicate to someone regarding something but couldn't talk very well. (In waking life my throat was dry; I woke up a few times in the morning.)


      There are dreams of waking up and trying to tell people about that Double Rainbow.



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    2. 2013, September (09), 16th (Monday); D. Boon, Car, Destroying stuff

      by , 09-16-2013 at 11:19 PM
      > D. Boon playing guitar on stages, Twice

      The first time I saw him on a stage that was for a large outdoor venue and he was heavier-set in the dream than he was while he was alive. He also spun like a top on stage once on purpose.

      The second time was in a club of some sort. He finished playing guitar with two other people who may or may have not been George Hurley and Mike Watt and then D. started mouthing off, Cussing about some person and then going to the back of the stage and he looked through a small hole in the wall.

      > Car trying to pull another and me realizing it was too small to pull as the engine would be ruined

      I was in my driveway, Then the old Jaguar XJ6 was there and later I was driving a 1957 Studebaker. (See video linked below) There was talk of the wheel wells not being rusted out as I looked in the trunk, At one point.

      Later I was driving the Studbaker (Though it looked more like a 50s Nash metropolitan at this time) and I tried to pull another car in a parking lot (Near a Staples which was not where it is in waking life) but I realized the engine would be ruined so I stopped.

      > Splinter Cell-esque guy ruining places that were being used to destroy things

      This was a rather long one. Someone was destroying industrialized polluting places on islands (And killing people in the process)

      At one point I saw some characters who resembled Pinkamena D Pie, As if they were clones.

      At another part the person kicked a guy named Murphy out of a crane, Killing him.

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