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    1. Saturday; 24th of May 2014. Semi-Lucid Dream of meeting a girl I saw years ago.

      by , 05-24-2014 at 02:20 PM
      Some of these were lucid, Or semi-lucid.

      I was in a graveyard, Observing what crimes some corpses committed. I then knocked on the door of an observatory in the graveyard next to the corpse of a woman that had been buried for at least 214 years (I say that because she died in the 1700s) and a person smaller in height than I am (A midget/dwarf/whatever you want to call a person who is of such a height) opened it and talked to me. There was not enough room for me to fit in the observatory. Soon after that he had me repeating things after him to make me sound stupid or so he thought; People were then coming by and observing what I was doing, Which was saying "Ha Ha." One person was a woman wearing glasses, And at this point I was on top of a tarp that fell down from an elevated position while I was laying on it. I also saw doors and it looked like I was on the inside of a department-store building.

      Some time after that I may have woken up and fallen back asleep and gone back to dreaming in the same general place. I then saw a woman who I think was ten or twelve feet tall and someone said to me a thing like "Do not think of dating her," To which I commented something like "She's too tall" (For me, I mean.) I then (Or was this earlier before I saw the twelve-foot tall girl?) met a red-haired girl who I saw when I was eight years old. I asked her a few things and learned her name which I'm sure is in my memory somewhere. When I saw her while awake, She had long hair and was nine years old (She said so when asked when I saw her, Though I didn't ask her or even talk to her on that day.) And I talked to her in the dream and asked her questions to see if she is the girl I saw on that day, All of the questions worked out too (Meaning I found that Yes, She is who I think she is) but then I woke up.

      I went back to sleep and "Woke Up" In the dream close to the same place I left off at. I then kept searching for this red-haired girl I had met in the dream, With a blond-haired girl who occasionally wore glasses. I once said to this girl something like "Do you realize I am lucid dreaming?" and she said "Yes."

      Later I recall being in some sort of a flea market and I went up to a very beat-up (It looked as if it had been crumpled and un-crumpled or was in an accident) and grey (If it was painted at all) truck next to a man and I looked in the truck's back seat.


      I do think I was semi-lucid as I didn't try to manifest any magical powers, The dream did just go on without me changing much. And, Yes I would like to meet this girl in waking life.

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