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    1. 2016/2017 Dream: Black Wolflike Monster

      by , 10-21-2017 at 06:58 AM
      I dreamed that I saw a dark wolflike monster in the distance from me that started charging me; I was frightened and then decided to not part out cars (I had been thinking of doing this) and it passed me by without any harm.
    2. 9 May 2016 -

      by , 05-09-2016 at 02:26 PM
      Dreamed of a deep cavern and there was a monster there. Later found that people on an expedition found it too. Many people died as a result and deep in the cave the leader who was in his 60s and had a beard then walled up the place where the monster was, yet later as I was hearing his thoughts was thinking to put even more walls up because the monster could get out in other ways.

      Dreamed of a collection of video games and DVDs that wasn't organized, some of them included Gamecube games I once had. Briefly thought of Mike Matei. Saw a DVD which was "30 Ways Indiana Jones Could Improve" or something similar, then saw video of him and kids on a wooden raft in a lava river - which sunk of course and they all died.

      Dreamed that Grandfather's 1941 Dodge truck was outside and I was putting it back together to some degree and I saw results from when it was attacked by some monster that waved at a group of people then attacked. At least one man survived by hiding inside either the back of the cab (which is funny because the cab doesn't have a back seat IRL) or by hiding inside a cabin that was installed on the back bed, but which wasn't there in-dream.

      Dreamed a man I'm acquainted with, Bob who has a junkyard, was cleaning up the place albeit by burning the tires. Then, it was a place where people could buy stuff and it looked like a department store with things from 20-30 years ago and someone said to "Snails", a character from MLP:FIM, "...find a cereal box from 20 years ago your Mom wrote your name on." and I saw a thought of him hugging that box (he didn't find it outside the thought.) I picked up a bottle that was supposed to be some sort of bear repellent (why did I say "bear" in here, I don't recall that?) it was a blue bottle and it was good against things which they had three images of including something on the lawn and porn too, though they had no graphic image for porn on the label. Instructions were to "just put the logo on your lawn" and it would be 10x better than... Something.

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