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    1. Stay out of the acid pits...

      by , 12-18-2014 at 03:41 AM
      ... They dissolve. And that's deadly.

      Back in 2001-2004 as those years are called by many, I had dreams.

      One was similar to The Sims: One Sim, A Light-Skinned Female with brown hair and blue jeans and a grey short-sleeve shirt knocked two others into an acid pit with a rod before jumping in herself. Then there was a part where I told another person, A girl about three years younger than I am, something about Acid not being good.

      Another was within a large building (made of stone?) and it had very large doors more then three times the height of the people who went through them. There were seats for many people on either side of the door (the path was only in-between the seats, to my recollection though I wonder if I'm missing something) and at one point there was a guy who abhorred (or at least it looked that way) what his lords/masters/bosses were doing so he announced his departure. He walked out and was thence dissolved in a pit of acid that his ex-boss or bosses made appear between the seats. The lord then walked and I think talked, then (while he was not paying attention) walked into the acid pit himself and died. Very dead.

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