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    1. 15/April/2014: Escape the Universe? and Kurt Cobain in a Sonic The Hedgehog costume.

      by , 04-15-2014 at 04:02 PM
      There are more dreams which were had this day but here are those that are shared here:

      Prior to dreaming I was thinking of turning into Rainbow Dash.

      I was seeing stuff in a river and was fishing for something, Something I was fishing for went by and then I went down the river where it went and swam back. Meanwhile I saw lava as if it was in Minecraft by the water, Making its hissing noise not turning into Obsidian but into something else.

      I came back to the fishing area and there was green stuff on the river on top of the water and so the fishing area was not as big. Then (If looking at the river) I went to the right and looked up, Saw a room above me and used a grappling hook like in Zelda: OoT to get up there.

      I went into a room (Minus walls and ceiling) and there were two gates on each side, That were doorways with iron bars that would come down to close them. They both closed with me inside and things or creatures came either inside through these closed doors or they came up to the doors and the room reset.

      Bing! I was now Twilight Sparkle.

      In the same room with the gates again (And there were computers in it) Princess Luna and Princess Celestia came up, One at each gate; Princess Luna came from the gate I came from which is now on my left and Princess Celestia from my right. Princess Luna said something like "Follow me and I'll give you fame/money/etc" and I (As if I were playing Team Fortress 2 on PC) hit a few buttons on the keyboard to say "No." I then faced Princess Celestia and she said "Find a way to escape the universe." And I said "Yes." The feeling is enlightening.

      How does one escape the universe?


      Later on I also dreamed of Kurt Cobain in a Sonic The Hedgehog costume in a building, Then he died and his body fell on its face and someone picked it up and tried to make it seem as if he wasn't dead but it just fell over again.
    2. 2013, September 17; I'm beginning to wonder if it's really healthy to have this many Pony dreams.

      by , 09-18-2013 at 04:15 AM
      There were numerous dreams this night...

      I went to sleep after 2 AM I think.

      > (this might have been September 16th) The Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker scene from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back happened but was a little bit different. Luke then fell, Went through the vent or whatever it was and was hanging from the railing, And the "Movie" Was an abridged version to some degree.

      > Some people were cosplaying as Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man from The Wizard Of Oz. A man was as Dorothy in white makeup. Later they started avoiding people and turned into MLP: FIM characters including Twilight sparkle and Derpy Hooves. They were all caught except for Derpy who went up a building and started acting like the bomber from the Atari 2600 game "KABOOM!" dropping things down.

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    3. 2013 - ? - Pony Murder

      by , 09-10-2013 at 03:52 AM
      Derpy Hooves and Twilight Sparkle (Who wasn't an Alicorn at the time) lived in a bubble. Derpy then murdered Twilight and the garden in the bubble bloomed much and Derpy smiled. Twilight was then safe with at least three other Ponies in a garden in peace and Derpy was hurled into the sun with many other Ponies including one who I think was a lying car salesman, And oh my the sound of them yelling as they were cast away was there.
    4. 2013, September 7: Teleporter/Secret Passage to Old Abandoned Store?

      by , 09-08-2013 at 02:04 AM
      > In awake life on the north side of the place I live is a road that goes to another town where the man who owned the store lives.

      In the dream the road was separated like it would be in a video game with a loading screen in between one part of the road and the next. Then, There was this short section off the road in which I explored and I remembered that there was a very large area with a passageway that led into the abandoned building which was a store, Which is about five or six miles away. When I got there all four passages to the end were blocked by walls, And I told someone about it. I recalled in the dream going there by the route before, Prior to it being known.

      Later I think Twilight Sparkle had part to do with the center passageway off the path I found to the store and there were bright colorful lights.

      I've had other dreams of this store, Before and after it closed which was in 2011. The building is falling in on itself now.

      I had more dreams too.