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    1. 23 Jan 2016

      by , 01-23-2016 at 06:08 PM
      > I saw my paternal grandma (Note she died in 2014) and there were parts before this next part, but this is what I remember most: She was in my living room listening to a cover of "All I Want" by The Offspring. The cover was a lot slower in the beginning until the chorus and I think had altered lyrics, some about a kitchen.

      > I was having a jog with a dog in a flea market. (No, not with bugs.) I then saw a bunch of video games for sale and, semi-lucid, wondered if I should try buying them. (I used to go lucid if I saw video games for sale because I realized after getting excited in dreams and waking up, that I was dreaming.)

      > I saw a three-wheeled car (Like a Reliant) with several people in it (at least four or five) with a woman driving it, hopping buildings in a city like you might expect New York City to be. They eventually ended up on top of an elevator in a building and I thought the idea was to then get the car through the roof of the elevator and... Out the door of it, I guess. The elevator was a lot bigger than the car.
    2. 2005-2013 - Dream similar to Tony Hawk's Underground Game

      by , 09-06-2013 at 11:07 PM
      Location in dream: In a video game environment - In a city by a river which had a raised bridge.

      Todd, The team manager had a mission for me to do: Save his hat from falling off the raising bridge. Someone had stolen it from him and I had to get it back for him and I had to do this within five seconds or I had to start a combo skating line to the bridge.

      I heard his voice clearly: He said "Oh boy. Some (person; ?) --- bridge. ?" The question marks designate parts I didn't recall yet.

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    3. 2013, September 1 (Sunday); Zombies, Facial Paint "That makes me not me", Ponies

      by , 09-02-2013 at 12:23 AM
      Prior to falling asleep my throat was swollen.

      Dreams I had included:

      >A Train that a few people were on. I think it crashed later and then it was as if I saw someone playing a side-scroller video game featuring weird Zombie music and a guy who was shooting lightning bolts or a green beam at the character I may have played as.

      > Something zapped Rainbow Dash or Twilight Sparkle who was on the right of my perspective while the other thing/being was on the left. Then, Something had to do with people wearing facial paint that was all the same for everyone who wore it; It had no emotion and did not care.

      (Edit/Update, 5 September 2016: I recall this "Uncaring Facial Paint" featuring people in places such as a Burger King, McDonald's and Dairy Queen. Watch out.)

      > Scootaloo was in a building and Rainbow Dash was commenting as she (Scootaloo) left as if RD was a narrator or was talking to Scootaloo over a headset and I saw a drawing of Scoots.

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