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    1. 9/7/17 - 3 Guns and a Schedule

      by , 09-07-2017 at 05:19 PM
      I'm walking around a school campus. It's palms. I'm late and walking towards a portable classroom with a group of people. I pass by a statue of scooby-doo. I stop in front of a ramp and there's a group of kids blocking the entrance. I shove my way in. When I enter I say "Excuse me" and the teacher, a male, looks up and tells me I needn't be so polite. I smile and ask him if he can help me. He starts looking for my seat but I tell him I'm not in his class. I ask him if he thinks that the office will print me a new schedule since I accidentally left my backpack as home. He smiles and says that shouldn't be a problem. I smile back and thank him. I turn to leave and notice that the door is block again by students. I walk to the door and the kids are swarmed around another student. He's popular and a group of girls are the ones blocking me so that they can stare at him. I get annoyed and shoe them out of the way. As I'm walking down the ramp and about to leave, the girls come up behind me and try to pick a fight. I turn around and a girl hands me a gun. I smile at it because I know its the good one. Shes holding two more but they aren't the best ones. Then the teacher comes out and acts surprised that the girl let me have the good one. I smile and say it's because she trusts me. I then hand the gun back to the girl and walk away.
    2. 8/19/16 - Dangerous Crossing

      by , 08-19-2016 at 06:56 PM
      I jump into the ocean and swim full speed to a bridge. It then hits me that I went too far and I'm in dangerous water. I panic and go around the bridge, knowing that if I stay on one spot too long, something will try to get me. Suddenly the water disappears and I'm standing on a sidewalk, the one across the street from my elementary school. Next to me is my little sister and an old friend Jasmine. We know that we have to hurry and get to the other side, but there's a ton of large cars and buses speeding and keeping us from being able to cross safely. After a minute or so of watching the speeding vehicles, I gain a large amount of confidence and get ready to run. I wait for two more buses to pass and then I run faster than I ever have and make it to the other side easily. I look next to me and Jasmine and my sister are with me already. We all feel relived and start to walk slowly, casually to the school gate entrance. Jasmine takes me hand and intertwines our fingers, repeatedly saying that I'm her best friend. I smile at her.
    3. 8/7/16 - Fingers and Hands

      by , 08-07-2016 at 08:12 PM
      I'm sitting in some kind of school gym/multi-purpose room. There's tons of students and parents. Everyone is sitting in rows on the floor, facing a stage, but nothing's really happening. Everyone is talking happily so the room is pretty loud. I'm sitting in the very back row. Sitting next to me is Lay, and sitting next to Lay is Chanyeol. We're friends and talking and laughing, but I notice Chanyeol keeps staring at me a lot, which I ignore. I hardly make eye contact with him. Jin shows up and is walking up and down each row, checking on everybody. As I look up he looks down and smiles at me. I grab his hand as he starts a conversation with someone in the row in front of me. He stays in the same place as he talks. Without getting up I reach for his hand and we hold hands the whole time. Occasionally he moves a bit forward, so I end up only being able to hold his fingers, but the whole time he's talking we never lose contact. Finally, after Jin's done talking, he smiles at me again so I release his hand and he leaves to check the other rows. I watch him go. I look down at my hands and notice that I feel Chanyeol staring at me again. Without looking up, I grab Lay's hand and pull it to my lap. I look up to see his reaction and he seems shocked but happy. I smile to myself and look back up towards the stage, waiting for something to happen. I start to play with Lay's fingers and without thinking much of it, I pull his fingers to my lips and kiss them. I then take his pointer finger into my mouth and start sucking on it. I turn and look at him and he's blushing but not stopping me. I pull his fingers out of my mouth but keep them close and continue to kiss them. After a dozen or so kisses, I pull his hand back onto my lap and hold his hand. I can feel him smiling and he squeezes my hand in return.
    4. 12/10/15 - Jimin and I in a School Hallway

      by , 12-12-2015 at 10:49 PM
      Jimin is leading me by the hand down a dim school hallway. We walk for awhile. There are a few people here and there that pass us by, but I don't think anyone is looking at us. Suddenly he stops walking and turns around to face me, taking both my hands in his. He smiles sadly and says to me, "You know they'll never want us, right?".
    5. 7/25/13 - Blue

      by , 07-28-2013 at 05:56 AM
      I'm in a classroom full of fish tanks. I notice that each tank has something wrong. Too dirty. Not enough water. They all have one fish in them. I try to help them, but all the fish die. A boy shows up and hands me a blue color pencil. He says I need it more than he does. I thank him and hold the pencil close.
    6. 3/28/13 - In plain sight and Aisle apologies

      by , 03-29-2013 at 05:06 AM
      I'm walking through the very crowded breezeway at my old elementary school. Though obviously visible, I'm trying desperately to not be seen. From head to toe my body is covered in black clothing. I stop walking when I see two of my cousins. They haven't seen me, so I run to the flight of stairs next to the office and don't look back.

      Dream Fragment 1: I'm standing really close to a man who looks like John Barrowman (an actor). We're in an aisle of a store. He looks so upset and I feel really apologetic. He moves closer to me and smiles.
    7. 3/24/13 - A Planet and Onions

      by , 03-25-2013 at 03:29 AM
      I'm in Grandma's kitchen and looking out the window at the night sky. After a few minutes, the sky starts spinning and changing. When it stops, I'm amazed at the sight. The sky is brighter and more colorful. It reminds me of the Northern Lights, but a million times better. I run to grab my phone so that I can take a picture. I'm about to take a picture when a massive, rainbow marbled planet appears. It's beautiful. I snap a picture. Suddenly, I'm transported to a desolate place, like ruins in a desert. I get a bad feeling and I know something terrible has happened. Then out of nowhere, an army of faceless soldiers march toward me.

      Dream Fragment: A school councilor is telling me that keeping a container of onions is good and will wake me up. A small container of onions appears and starts singing, "I'm full of onions, please keep me near. I bet you won't let me kick you in the rear."