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    1. 9/7/17 - 3 Guns and a Schedule

      by , 09-07-2017 at 05:19 PM
      I'm walking around a school campus. It's palms. I'm late and walking towards a portable classroom with a group of people. I pass by a statue of scooby-doo. I stop in front of a ramp and there's a group of kids blocking the entrance. I shove my way in. When I enter I say "Excuse me" and the teacher, a male, looks up and tells me I needn't be so polite. I smile and ask him if he can help me. He starts looking for my seat but I tell him I'm not in his class. I ask him if he thinks that the office will print me a new schedule since I accidentally left my backpack as home. He smiles and says that shouldn't be a problem. I smile back and thank him. I turn to leave and notice that the door is block again by students. I walk to the door and the kids are swarmed around another student. He's popular and a group of girls are the ones blocking me so that they can stare at him. I get annoyed and shoe them out of the way. As I'm walking down the ramp and about to leave, the girls come up behind me and try to pick a fight. I turn around and a girl hands me a gun. I smile at it because I know its the good one. Shes holding two more but they aren't the best ones. Then the teacher comes out and acts surprised that the girl let me have the good one. I smile and say it's because she trusts me. I then hand the gun back to the girl and walk away.
    2. 7/24/14 - The Pokemon Song

      by , 07-24-2014 at 11:54 PM
      I'm sitting in a classroom at the teacher's desk. I am the teacher. I watch happily as children file inside and take their seats. While they are sitting down and taking out papers and what not, I'm looking at a list that has all of the students' names on it. I quickly look over the list and then back up at the students to see who is missing. I realize that one student is missing and her name is Ashley Ketchum. I smile to myself and duck under my desk to get the boombox that I keep. It's big but super light weight. I put it on top of my desk and face it towards the classroom door. My right pointer finger hovers above the play button as I patiently wait for the late student to arrive. After a few moments, she runs into the classroom and apologizes for being late. I smile widely and press the play button on the boombox. Out of the boombox blasts the original Pokemon theme song.
    3. 7/17/14 - Easter Eggs and Ballots

      by , 07-17-2014 at 08:33 PM
      I'm sitting in a classroom at a group of tables pushed together as if I were in kindergarten or elementary school again. The classroom is full but I am not focusing on the other students, or the teacher for that matter. I am focusing on the person sitting at my table directly across from me. Stiles is looking at me in slight confusion. I'm angry at him. I ask him why he's taking so long. I don't understand why he isn't choosing me, why he doesn't want me. I hold a couple of those plastic Easter eggs that you can put candy or prizes in and I throw them at his face, trying to get something out of him. They pop open when they hit him and I can see that they all have something written on them with a sharpie, but I can't read them. Stiles looks at them for a few seconds and then they drop to the floor. I get up and walk around the table to him. I take the seat next to his and I sit down, much more calm than I had been a minute ago. I look at him and he smiles and takes my hand in his and squeezes it. I feel happy. I suddenly become aware of everyone else in the classroom. Everyone is all of a sudden busily cleaning the classroom. Stiles and I jump up to help. The floor is covered with dollops of whipped cream and I step over all of it to make it to the door. I peek outside and a stern looking woman is hurriedly making her way towards our classroom. I look back inside and everyone is still busy. I turn back around and step outside, closing the door a bit to keep her from seeing. When she's in front of me, I smile brightly and say hello. I tell her that we are just cleaning up a bit and we'll be done shortly. She huffs as if annoyed and stomps off. I sigh in relief and go back inside the classroom. Stiles comes up next to me and the teacher does as well. She tells us to follow her. She leads us outside to the basket ball courts where a long row of booths are set up. Each booth has two or three people and they are all filling out some kind of ballot. She tells us to clean all of it up though I'm not really sure how to do it exactly. Still, we agree and she leaves us. Stiles and I stand there watching, trying to decide where to start first.

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