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    1. Asking a guy if i am lucid - 28th february to 1st march 2014

      by , 03-01-2014 at 07:33 PM
      Today i dreamt i was in some kind of office, i did thumb reality check and it worked. i saw my thumb trespassing my hand
      although i didn't get lucid, i kept doing the reality check because i thought it was cool
      someone came in the office and i asked "Am i lucid?" then i did the thumb reality check in front of him
      and it worked but i said "This reality check works, but the others don't. So am i awake or dreaming?"
      for a few seconds my mind woke up on that dream, and i asked myself again "Am i wake up or dreaming?"

      Dream elements:

      -Reality check

      Technique used: WBTB

      hours slept: 8 hours

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