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    1. Playing Pokemon mystery dungeon red on PC - 1st january to 2nd january 2014

      by , 01-02-2014 at 04:43 PM
      Today i dreamt i was playing pokemon mystery dungeon red on PC.
      i was on the mewtwo dungeon (Western cave) i was near mewtwo already.
      but i saw mew instead in a floor, i wanted to kill him to be my friend. but when i got near him
      he evolved into a wigglytuff (lol) then i went ahead to mewtwo. i was with moltres and mewtwo
      was a giant weird gyarados. i had to kill that gyarados, if i die i would face mewtwo. no one ever
      won that weird gyarados it was impossible. but i keep hitting him far away with some
      fire blast attack. then i got near him and made him sleep with a sleep seed. i thought it didn't work
      i made a step back but he was sleeping, when i got near him again he woke up. then i had to ran away
      from him again, he took me like 90 hp with 1 single skill. i made a step down and 1 diagonal right.
      and i made a last skill on him, i thew fire. and i killed him. the screen went black and asked me
      "do you want to save?"

      i said yes. then another question came up.
      "do you want to enable VMware?"


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