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    1. The FORCE.

      by , 08-14-2015 at 08:33 PM
      Hey Lucy! Thanks for giving me a visit last night and boy was it awesome! I woke up floating above my body in my bedroom. I looked down and saw my husband asleep and for some reason, I had the thought that I didn't want to wake him being out of body . So I slowly floated above his body aiming for the bedroom door. Then all of a sudden a gust of wind (or force???) threw me back in my body and I DEILD my way back out. This wind or force continued to throw me up high into the sky and then throw me back down. And I mean way down...I began to see like layers of the Earth going down. The speed of being thrown up and down made my stomach feel like it was going into my throat and then down to my feet. I kept getting scared and ended up back in my body about three more time but I was still able to DEILD my way back out. This seemed to continue on forever until I got a hold of my lucid self and directed my attention on something else.

      So I decided since I couldn't do much without agitating the wind/force I would practice summoning and teleportation (I totally forgot what the TOTM was). I didn't know what to summon so I though a cross would be really good about now. I held out my hand (if I had one) and concentrated on the cross appearing...it DIDN'T. I then tried teleporting to somewhere Ancient so I concentrated on a place with old temples and turned around hoping to be there...I WASN'T. By now I was so mentally exhausted I glided back over my husband with my heart still racing and went back in my body.

      I stayed up for awhile trying to understand what that wind/force thing was. It is not really scary...well, the only thing scary about it is I don't see anything but the strength of whatever it is blows my mind! Even thought I never see anything, it sounds like a freight train! This has happened several times before but I have never been able to understand what it was and why does this always happen. When it does happen, I have no control over where I'm going (being pulled) and I'm literally being dragged to some place but I always get scared and fight my way back to my body. If anyone understands this phenomena please feel free to enlighten me. Anyway Lucy, always humble and always grateful.

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