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    1. Journey up a Mountain

      by , 05-19-2013 at 05:36 PM

      I lived in a tribal area with a large family. I know that we lived at the foot of a huge mountain, and that we might have lived in tan-colored tents. Something was threatening us, I think it was a guy that wasn't human (dark hair, I think). My job was to go up the mountain and stop him, although I can't remember what he was doing wrong.

      I remember climbing up a snowy mountainside with my servant. It was very steep, and tough to not slide. I remember catching bugs and finding plants to eat. I was constantly worried that we would starve or not be able to find shelter. We came upon an abandoned house on the mountain, had been white but was now green with mold and moss. It had a very creepy air so we kept on moving.

      The mountain had this spiral 'stairway' that was constantly moving. My servant and I had reached the stairway and were staring at it as it descended below us to a point that we couldn't see. There was a digital clock with red letters above the stairway that I think said 4:20. It told us how long it'd take for us to make it to the top of the mountain if we started now. We decided to wait for a while, because we wouldn't have to walk as far if we waited until the mountain had descended a little.

      We used materials that we found to make a shelter, and at this point others joined us. I remember seeing a big sheet of metal that I think we used as a roof. At one point we went and checked the clock again, but decided to wait when we saw that it still had two hours left.

      Fragment: There was a radio or old TV that someone got very angry over and accused another person of stealing. I remember seeing someone carrying an armload of supplies. I was very busy.

      We finally did come back down the mountain. I remember running on my hands like some animals, but going really fast. I remember seeing a tree that was growing like a huge corkscrew, but was like Jack and the Beanstalk because it was still growing. My dad met me at the bottom of the mountain. At this point I felt like I had been chasing someone, and that they had escape up the spiral tree.