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    1. Pokemon Bodyguard

      by , 08-12-2013 at 06:19 AM
      Dream 1
      I'm in a little flat, my dad's house. My uncle and cousin are visiting. My uncle J was unable to bring food, so my dad bought food for dinner (tacos?). Later that same day, not too long after we'd last eaten, J brings in a box of pizza that he'd bought. He seems proud of it, as if it was an accomplishment.

      Whenever they first came in I am oddly embarrassed and can't look my cousin straight in the eye, and vice versa. We talk while focusing on something on the table, and making offhand comments.

      Anyways, J had brought in the pizza, but I was already full from the previous meal. I ate two or three pieces and started feeling guilty because it wasn't too healthy, and the pizza wasn't even that good. It had no taste. But I thought, what the hell, and grabbed another slice. Then I dumbly made a comment about how the pizza wasn't as good as the previous meal, or something that implied that. Uncle Jeff hesitated, looking upset, and I backtracked as fast as possible, feeling like a retard.

      Lucid Dream 2
      I'm sitting on a chair in a baby blue room. Something happens that I find suspicious, and I think, "This is something that would happen in a dream." I see myself in third person as I do a nose RC, which easily turns up positive. I immediately stand up and start to fly, outside.

      Unfortunately I don't remember most of what happened. I flew along the road, heading south from my dad's house. I started to imagine scary things, just after I dropped something I'd been carrying, maybe a bandanna. I looked behind me as I flew and thought, "Wow, that'd be terrifying if that tree came alive and ate that bandanna". The tree's roots reached forward and grabbed it, twisting around. I saw a black, pumpkin-face in the bark. This really terrified me. I started shaking and was really scared, and my fight-or-flight instincts were activated. I was just about to bolt and probably cause something to start chasing me. Fortunately, a voice in my head told me to calm down and fly quickly.

      I remember searching for a partner, and smirking at someone as I quickly took off my pants. I was pleased that I could actually feel my pants, tight around the waist, and actually had to shimmy out of them. In most dreams everything happens in a blur; I want my pants to be off and they're off. Or more often than not, I don't even register that I had pants on in the first place. I want to fly and I'm instantly in the air, not even getting the pleasure of starting to run and then taking off. Everything happens too fast. But in this dream I was wearing my old pair of skinny jeans, the pale gray ones. I kept on trying to speed up my flying but it didn't work.

      I remember flying without any care, but also being slightly worried about a dark creature approaching me. To curb my fear I held out my hand and imagined a pokeball. It appeared, and I grabbed it out of the sky. I used it to capture this gigantic, hulking, furry creature with a snout. It seemed to be some sort of real-life Tepig (minus the real-life). I threw the ball, and the creature disappeared in a flash of white light into the open pokeball, which then quietly closed. I threw the pokeball again and the creature appeared in front of me, except I wasn't afraid of it anymore and it seemed to protect me. It made me feel safe. It ran behind me on all fours, snorting and bucking its head. It had these huge tusks and a wet, pink nose.

      I realized that the Tepig had been missing for a while, probably because it had been behind me and I'd forgotten about it. I told myself that I'd let it run in front of me now so that I wouldn't forget about it. I held my hand out and imagined the shape of a pokeball, again. It appeared, faintly. I 'pulled' it into life, and it popped into 3D. I grabbed it and threw it, and Tepig popped out.

      A witch trapped me and kept me tied under something. Every time I tried to escape my heel got rubbed raw. I finally did succeed in escaping, but my achilles tendon felt so weak that I had to limp and felt as tho it was broken and bleeding. It really did feel rubbed raw. This all occurred sometime after a popular girl's birthday party.

      I remember being inside a trailer and pausing for a moment. I look over and see cake piled on a white plate. I feel disdainful for a moment, but then think why not and pick one up. Something made me think that it wasn't going to taste good, I think that the edge was burned or the plate was grimy. The cakes themselves were good looking, with pale rainbow colored M&N's. I tried it, and couldn't taste it. It was as if my taste buds were miles away, it was really weird.

      I tried to find a city full of people to play in, but didn't succeed. I did manage to conjure a few shops and around fifty people, tho.

      I was flying with someone and remembered when I'd flown into a green lightning storm, but wasn't too scared. It's seems to always be too dark in my dreams. Always a dark, cloudy sky.

      I see signs along a road and read them as I soar along, while thinking of my first real lucid dream. The letters are strange, they seem to be shapes similar to hieroglyphics. Anybody know why I can't feel or taste things in dreams?