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    1. Three Lucids and Sugar Cookies

      by , 05-18-2013 at 07:43 PM
      Lucid Dream 1
      I don't know where I became lucid. I wanted to find Angel Falls or the Colosseum so I started to fly above wooded land. I knew that I should try to find a jungle so I willed it to start to turn into palm trees. I somehow threw something down there that made it start to turn into a jungle. I was pleased.

      I flew low to the ground and looked forward and up and little, commanding Angel Falls to appear in front of me. I came to a clearing with a little town, and two houses stood out to me. One was made of dark, polished wood but was made almost completely out of glass. It was very modern looking. There was a house next to it that looked very homey and was about two stories tall. I knew instantly that it was a hotel. The grass was neatly trimmed around these two houses, There might have been a pickup truck next to the glass house, and I think that there was a shed next to the hotel. I decided that I could take a detour, and lighted down in front of the hotel. I walked up the sidewalk and on the the front porch. I think that they had a screen door. The people there instantly welcomed me, and I felt at home. My room was directly to the left, like at my mom's house. I had a bed that sank almost to the floor when you laid in it.

      I remember the buzz of conversation, and I went into the main room. There might have been a dining room table. One of the women who worked there was wearing a maid's outfit and holding a plate of sugar cookies. I reached forward and took one. It was exactly how sugar cookies are supposed to be, so soft that they nearly break just picking them up. I know that she was talking to another woman while I ate around 3-4 cookies before stopping out of politeness/didn't want to get fat.

      I left the house and wanted to find another hotel to stay at, because I thought that this was really cool. I walked across the dusty road and thought that I had bee in this dream for a while, accompanied by an exhilarated feeling. I think that this was the dream where everything got narrow very suddenly, the feeling that usually precedes waking up. Everything in my vision got squished together, and my nose was really long and narrow. I think that I woke up. It's like all this happened, but it also didn't happen. I flew out over the edge of the mountain that I'd been on which declined steeply. There were two hotels there, one was interesting looking but looked unreal, like something made of clay. The other one almost made the cut. It had a rounded top and looked similar to a Colosseum. It looked too small though, and also had that air of fakeness.

      So I kept flying. I wanted to see a log cabin hotel, and pretty soon I was fast approaching a long line of log cabins. I immediately knew that they were rented out by people who came here in the summer/winter. There was also a fairly small town next to the cabins. But, there was a huge mansion that was in the corner of the town. I flew above the town and looked down, and the mansion was almost a third as big as the entire town put together. I was going to pass the mansion by, but then I caught a glimpse of a bedroom through a burnt sienna colored stained glass window. I was pretty high up, so I swooped down to the entrance of the mansion. This is where I started to lose lucidity. I remember water, I think. I guess that I got lost or something because I kept on going in and out of the building. I remember a ledge, and one of those things that covers the top of a bed, that filmy and fluttery material.

      Lucid Dream 2
      I was at my grandparent's house. My brother was there as well. Everything was dim and gray. there was a gigantic spider, bigger than a trailer, that was circling the house on a set track. My brother and I were mostly hiding on the front porch, but then I decided to be brave and try and kill the thing. Oddly, I don't remember seeing any trees in my grandparent's front yard. My brother stayed on the front porch while I circled around to the back porch. I remember trying to run really fast,and constantly checking over my shoulder to make sure that it wasn't there behind me. I think that I saw it coming, once. Also, I went to the back porch because I somehow knew that we had to attack the spider from the front and back at the same time. That doesn't make much sense, though, since it was impossible for the spider to be in the front and back yard at the same time.

      My brother had a sword, as did I. I remember seeing the spider scuttling around the side of the house and hiding behind the porch while trying to get within distance to attack but not close enough to get grabbed by one of it's legs.

      When I was walking further into the backyard I thoughtlessly did a reality check and counted 6 fingers out loud. A moment later I paused because I knew that I should have only five fingers. I realized that I must be in a dream. I know that I flew around and did cool stuff, but I can't remember any of it! I do remember doing a nose plug RC and being completely taken by surprise when I could easily breath. I tried it again, and knew that I was in a dream when I could breath. I remember a field.

      Then I had a false awakening, of sorts. I 'woke up' in the same place that I'd been in before I'd become lucid. I checked my hand, and counted five fingers. I was still a little doubtful, so I triple checked, and each time I had five fingers. I shrugged and continued to walk forward, non-lucid.

      Note:This dream was probably influenced by the movie Charlotte's Web, which I watched yesterday.

      Lucid Dream 3
      I was with a group of my friends. I forget how I became lucid. I thought that we were all having the same dream, and that it was really them. I was super excited when I told them to check their hands, because they were in a dream. They all looked down in confusion. I remember seeing N with his face scrunched up in confusion. I looked down at my own hand. I whispered "wow" because it looked as though there were tiny cracks all over my hand, very strange looking. I think that K came over and was curious as to what my hand looked like.

      I told J that we were going camping, and hiked a blue backpack over my shoulder. I was pleased that I'd be able to check off a task in my personal summer goals list. I commanded there to be a field of purple violets in the next field. I went over the hill, but it was really bumpy and I wanted it to be smooth so I held out a flat hand and made a wiping motion over and over. The landscape slowly flattened, but it was if the violets had been sheared because only short green stalks were left. I remember a field with corn that had grown about up to my thigh. I was disappointed that the field was ruined, and continued onward. We came to a road at the other end of the field, with a farmhouse, maybe red. Around this point we started running from a man who was trying to kill us. I remembered promising my friends that we'd go horseback riding as I was fleeing. I could only see that ground beneath me as I ran with all my might. A horse appeared underneath me, tan colored. It had an odd gait, but I was content.

      I remember running across a rickety bridge and trying to cut the ropes before the man could follow me across.

      I was on a rock in the middle of some very dark water. I was close to the shore, but I'd still have to swim to get there. There were a few rocks scattered around me, along with some floating pieces of driftwood/rafts. I was absolutely terrified in this place. It had a slimy, creepy feeling. I was scared that something would come up from underneath and grab me. I wanted to conquer my fear of this place, though, so I began to thread seaweed/thread/rope between all the stranded rocks and such, like I was making little bridges so I didn't have to step over cracks. It calmed me.

      Dream 4
      I was in the place with the glass house and hotel. I was trying to continue up a hill, but it was so steep that I found it impossible. KM was climbing it with ease, and I loathed her because of it. There was someone else with me who disliked her as well. When we reached the top and looked down, the view was breathtaking. KM laughed and said that she wouldn't be testing it out

      I remember entering this pathetic little dog who I loved in a dog contest.

      I had to skate up the mountain which had just climbed, and you had to control these three lines and keep them in line with the lines printed on the ground, sorta like a video game of some kind. It was nearly impossible, I only got two stars and whatever machines I was using got damaged. Someone said that they told me so.

      The judges said that I did bad.