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    1. [January 5, 2016] Random Lucid

      by , 01-06-2016 at 02:41 AM
      Hey hey long time no see. I have been out of practice with my LDing for sometime but I got a very very low level one recently so figured I'd type some details.

      The dream was cool, I was running through quite a maze from docks by an ocean. they went for twist and turns all over the place. must have gone for miles. At some point i was laying down on a dock and there was this orca anthropomorphic person laying there looking at me. Then I realized I was in a dream, and the orca person began trying to eat me alive, and I tried to help it accomplish that goal, but I couldn't fit. So we just started doing other stuff. I was lucid, but barely. Kept on the edge of losing it. Thats really about all I can remember.

      I think, dont know for sure, that I had one other low level one before this and forgot to record it. Until I remember for sure though I'm not going to count the other one.
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    2. (July 8, 2014) highway ride and work the next day

      by , 07-08-2014 at 02:45 PM
      July 8, 2014


      The first few parts of this are hazy but I was outside somewhere in a lawn with a few things such as my iPhone dock, my fenix PD32UE flashlight, my knife, and a few other things. It was at night again and the only light came from street light. I was in a neighborhood that was a bit urbanized so the houses had some lawn space but not much. I was in the front yard of a house near the street on the corner of the property with all of my stuff in the grass. I dont know why i was there but I called someone to get picked up. So i started to pick up a few things. A bunny ran by me and i looked around for it with my flashlight but could not find it. Before i got picked up i decided i wanted to run into town and come back, not sure why, maybe just to see if i could. So a truck pulled up alongside the property along the grass and i started to put things on the back seat. i rode on the truck that came to pick me up and it drove into a city where i was waiting a bit to jump out from the passenger door but it was taking a while because every red light it was going to, turned green before we got to it. Eventually it slowed in traffic and I jumped out and landed on the road next to the guard rail that was over water and jumped over to the other side before the cars came racing down the road. I saw an old 50's cop car out on the road in the sea of modern cars. Weird but i guess i did not question it. I started to walk back towards where I started. Trying to hold all of my things from falling too. I don't know why i decided to bring everything with me but i did. Some one on the road told me i should hold them differently or something but i cant remember. They used someone else who was apparently walking over the same spot i was as an example to how my stuff should be and it was some random person holding an iPad with a case and thought this is dumb and kept doing what i was doing.

      I was later at my friend Jacobs house where i was helping his dad with a landscaping project. It was getting dark and over cast. His house was different than usual, the upstairs garage that usually was not used was open and had lots of tools and tables like table saws, and there was not much clutter. It looked like a brand new garage that had dry wall done but not painted yet. The house was in a L shape too. Looking straight at the front door from the street the long side of the house faces me and the street and on the right quarter of the house it went back into the back yard like an L. i went out back along the left of the house and there was mostly grass and decorative cut stone wall holding up dirt. Jacobs dad told me to level the dirt and cut some if the concrete foundation doing it and showed how he wanted it done. Went to grab a saw but i woke up.

      I think i woke up because my back was getting sore in the position i was laying in

      Unknown time below

      I picked up one more fragment of a dream but its just it. I was looking for a clean shirt to wear out of my suitcase that was in the back of my dads truck, and i found another dodge shirt like the one i got all dirty from wood staining except this one was nice and clean.
    3. (July 6, 2014) short lived highway stop

      by , 07-06-2014 at 02:51 PM
      Jul 6,2014

      Another night of bad recall ugh. Couldn't remember a full dream, just one image of the whole night, till i made myself go back to bed in the morning, then i had a dream.

      I was in a parking lot that looked to be next to a highway. I was facing out in the distance, where it looked like flat grassland as far as i could see, behind me was a light orange fence and when i turned around to look that way there was a roller coaster of some sort. It had red tracks and grey supports.My brother got there, grabbed a chair and joined me. then a some girl asking where the towels were for some reason. Someone came over and started talking to me about how i got there so early but still didnt know what i was there for so i went along with it. I then walked over to a locker room (seen this on a few times in other dreams) and there were some people talking and one person passed out on the floor. It was decently big, and was made up of dark green 1x1 tiles on the floor and walls. Before i could leave someone woke me up.

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