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    1. Alaskan dream numero uno! The only one I might add.

      by , 07-12-2013 at 05:17 PM
      Length: ~5 min
      Type: Lucid

      I was in some sort of generic warehouse. With brown boxes stacked high. At the top there was a window. I was walking with some other guy towards them. I didn't get a good view of him, until I stopped to tell him I was dreaming, like I always do. He had brown whiskers all along his face. He had brown-ish black-ish hair too. He reminds me of this guy called Steve, who used to be my language arts teacher in like, 3rd grade. I told him I was dreaming, then decided I would try flying. Either I was nervous about it, and that's what caused me crashing, or its just my first time, either way, I was aiming for the window to do a sort of superman "coming-through-window" sort of thing, but I hit just to the right. I flew halfway through the wall, then woke up.

      How I became lucid, was through doing a random reality check. Almost forgot that.