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    1. Rolling in a plane.

      by , 08-01-2013 at 04:50 PM
      It started off with me in the middle of a plane with a bunch of other people.

      It was a generic plane, nothing special about it. We landed at some place, but I stayed on for whatever reason. The only other guy left was a 18-ish year old, with brown hair, and, sort of fat.

      We took off and started going to some other place when the flight attendant came out. Since there were only two people there was no need to be formal. She didn't use a microphone or anything. She asked us if we were OK with the pilot doing a couple rolls.

      I said "Yeah! Sure! That would be awesome!" and the other guy must have said yes in some other way because she went up to the pilot and told him something. Since it was only two people I was lying down on the two seats to my right, and I pulled down the armrests to hold me in.

      It was awesome, rolling around in there, after 4 or 5 rolls we stopped. Then

      I woke up.
      Tags: plane, rolling