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    1. 12-21-2013

      by , 12-22-2013 at 07:02 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Last night was kind of a mess. i had to get early so i set my alarm, but a storm came in and the power went off a couple of times. So i had to reset my alarm. All of this took my mind off of dream recall so i didn't get much.

      I go skiing with my dad. We are at the top of a very tall mountain. I start worrying if we'll even be able to get down.

      I'm in Florida with a friend trying to break into my teacher's chemical closet.

      I'm driving along a road and this guy asks me if i want to trade cars. I yell 'Yes' and i end up with a crappy version of my original car.
      Tags: car, dad, florida, skiing
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. 8-11-2013 and 8-12-2013 A person who cares

      by , 08-13-2013 at 03:37 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      I didn't log that night...hehe sorry

      The Wrong Lane:
      It's night, and i'm driving on an elevated highway near a swamp village in the middle of nowhere. I get to the top of a hill, i'm driving pretty fast. However, i run off into wrong lane and i hit a ramp which sends my car into the air. I hit some wooden supports as i fall. I then land on a wooden platform. This man then starts chasing me, i run and jump into the swamp below. I make it to a ladder connected to the nearby village land. I climb up and then start lifting weights with some weird guy from the cartoon ed, edd and eddy.

      A person who cares:
      It's night ( lol it's always night! xD ). I arrive at some dojo i've never been to. There's some people i don't know. As class starts, they line up in some weird fashion and i get really confused, i don't know if they're lining up by rank or height. This frustrates me a lot. I then come back later that night and steal some of their souls! Next thing i know, i'm at my house with some kid. We're outside and it's still night ( yep more sexy night time ). We look in the distance and see search helicopters looking for something.

      This gets me worried, i'm afraid something may have happened. The kid then picks me up in an atv, i quickly tell him to stop because i have a bad feeling like a murderer is on the loose or something. I then see my dad and start talking to him. As i do, i see more search helicopters in the background. Something is definitely going on. Then suddenly, my dad picks me up and rushes me inside the house. He must have saw something behind me i thought.
    3. 7-1-2013 Arcade games and Candy

      by , 07-01-2013 at 06:11 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      I find myself in a room full of candy, I went around inspecting it. Then i sat down and ate some. However, i looked over and noticed a black man sitting in a chair. I instantly thought "Oops, this guy must think i'm either stupid or a thief that isn't aware at all". I talk to the guy and i find out he's part of a group that films porn videos and that he thinks my presence in this room must mean i want to join. I thought " Oh geez, no i don't want to join". But the guy like forces me to get up and follow him to the club room.

      However, there i find a group of some friends i don't normally talk to. The expressions on their face were like "what the hell is he doing here?" And i'm thinking in my head "calm down! i can explain, i promise!". But i soon find out that they actually don't film porn at all and it's actually a casual group that meets occasional, but still, i don't want any part of it. The group sits down in some chairs and starts chatting and etc.

      There's some room behind me and some glass windows behind the free space, i looked over there and i see two mechs fighting inside the room, one mech is completely dominated by the other but before i can see who piloted the winning mech. I see a van with C.C ( from code geass) in it. I instantly jump up and run outside to see what she's up to, she's apparently talking on skype and fixing pizzas in ovens inside the van.

      I went back inside and looked back at the place where the mechs fought, i saw the lady who piloted it, but then this other lady caught my gaze, she gave me a freaking terribly angry look and i just smiled and slowly ran out of the building xD.

      Samurai fight:
      My friend is on some bridge fighting a samurai with a katana. He's my friend but in this dream ,he plays the role of my brother. Eventually, my brother wins and he gets experience points for beating him.

      Lucid #9:
      I remember becoming lucid in my living room. I think it had something to do with one of my dream characters talking about it. Either way, the DC walks out into my garage, but as i follow him , i remember to root myself in the dream and gain some awareness so i look at my hands and one hand has 4 fingers, great, but the other has 5 fingers. I wake up as i attempt to grab a pot of soup but i sort of fail to grab it because i'm not used to using a hand with 5 fingers and a thumb.

      Governors mansion and the arcade:
      Me and my dad are some mansion that apparently the governor owns. We stop and look around and as we do, my sister comes up and she brings the governor with her, she's dating him. I decide i didn't want to sit there and hang with them, so i went down to where my friend works and we go to some arcade. Everything is overpriced though so i walk over to a pit with a lot of food in it and press a button which lights the whole pit on fire and starts cooking all the food. I eventually stop it and grab a piece of bread, i then start shaping it into coins so i can play games for free hehe. But it takes too long so i just eat it.

      Lawn Mower:
      I bought a lawn mower and i'm driving my dads truck but my truck is in the middle of the road and my lawn mower is sitting out on the side. I decide i should move the truck first so i do and as i come back to pick up the mower, some one has stolen it, great D:
      non-lucid , lucid
    4. 6-30-2013 Russian father

      by , 06-30-2013 at 07:05 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid.

      I'm playing TF2 ( team fortress 2) and i'm inside the game. At first, the map is a canyon sort of place. I've ran out of ammo on my main weapon but a person from the other team is attacking me so i hide behind a boulder and occasionally pop out to shoot with my pistol. Next thing i know, i'm in a respawn room moving through all sorts of teleporters not having an idea of where i'm going.

      Then this girl finds me lost and tells me how to play. She puts me in like an arena and there, i'm forced to melee various enemies as they spawn. After that, i'm free to go and i spawn to the map, which is now my farm, and i'm a pyro class but i don't do too good so i respawn as a sniper. As a sniper, i totally kick butt and do an awesome job.

      I'm outside of my house, doing something, then my mom comes out and tells me the police are coming to search our house. After hearing that, i run inside and lock our doors. The police search outside first and then begin to knock our doors down. As they do, i grab my phone and knife and then go to my bedroom.

      There, i find some girls and other people i don't know. We all sit down , We talk and stuff. Then i realize i haven't brushed my teeth and that these girls probably think my breath smells awful so i go to brush my teeth, but for some reason, i come back without brushing them to find the police have broken in and are searching our computers and what not.

      Hotel repeat:
      Now this one is pretty interesting, it takes place in the same hotel as one of my previous dreams ( i looked and i don't think i have it logged on here, oh well ). Either way, i'm in a fancy hotel located in florida and i ask the people at the front desk if the concert was on the second floor or first. For some reason, i was looking for something up there, but i forgot what.

      I see my friends sitting in chairs around me. They were watching game of thrones on tv. I ask one of them and he tells me i'm looking for a girl. Then i say goodbye as i start to leave, and one of my friends like tackles me and it pissed me off.

      A new game:
      I'm in some sort of 3rd person strategy/action game, sort of like final fantasy. Either way, our team enters a building, it turns out that it's home to like those titans from the anime "Attack on titan". We run around and manage to steal a skill card or something and then we get out of there alive. But we die soon after from scorpions attacking us. This dream also took place in a canyon/desert like area.

      Signs on the road:

      I was on some sort of road painting a sign on the ground so i know where to drive later on. I was there with one of my friends and his mom. He was telling me about a vacation he plans to take and how he's going to play some game the whole time, he didn't say the name but it was the game from the previous dream.

      After that, for some reason, i meet up with mikasa from the anime "Attack on titan" ( i think her name was mikasa at least, i only watched three episodes ). After that, we get in like a corner and start killing enemies as they come up to us, we're farming for xp or something. After we're done, i realize i haven't brushed my teeth again, so i go to do that but i looked back and couldn't find mikasa. Another dream where i didn't get to brush my teeth and my breath probably smelled bad, my dream characters are going to start thinking i'm nasty xD.

      Russian Father:
      Our family buys a new house and we have a pool party. Lots of my friends are here, but i get out of the pool and take a walk. I end up in a village. At that village, the military and a gang are fighting each other. I help the military and after the battle, i see my grandfather arresting some one.

      After that, i find myself back at my house, i get into a car and start driving. At one point on a road, this cop is driving really fast behind me and i really need to stop so i do a sharp turn into like a parking lot. Apparently, the cop thought i was stopping so he like turned and ended up crashing. I call my mom and she sorts it out. The cop was actually a really nice person.

      My mom takes my car, so i end up walking. I end up back at my old house, a little weird. I walk down the driveway and see my mom riding away in the distance. i text a family member to come pick me up so i can pursue her. But i find a car next to me so i take that. I chase her and we end up at a dock at night time. There, i ambush my mom, but then my dad comes over to me with some black foreign substance covering his body and he absorbs me.

      I'm not sure if he destroyed my moms car or she drove away, i can't remember. However, my dad explains to me that he's russian and that when i was a child, he injected me with some weird substance which gave me super powers. I see a flashback as he's explaining, i see my newborn body in a hospital bed and my dad arguing with a nurse. After that flashback, i find myself in the present, my dad has defused with me and is showing me my new power.

      I now notice i have the black substance over my skin as well. He tells me it can form anything i want it to or absorb anything. So i form an exoskeleton with a shoulder machine gun. It works and i can control the machine gun simply by thinking.

      Thoughts: I find it a little weird that most of my dreams tonight revolve around video games, it's kind of embarrassing really, i don't even play video games that much. Also, i only watched three episodes of attack on titan and 2 dreams involve that anime. Oh well, it was interesting none the less.

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    5. 6-27-2013 Betrayal on the island

      by , 06-27-2013 at 09:51 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      I'm on some sort of tropical island with some friends. If you walk up the shore, there was a pretty big castle, there was an amusement part inside it. One of the areas inside was like a lego land, me and a friend i don't know rode mine carts in some hellish looking lava place. It was fun though. As we walk outside and back toward the coastline, we notice a Hummer was about to be given away. I enter the contest and win by chance.

      Soon after, i walk down toward the shore line and talk to my friends, then i start talking to random people i don't know. After that, everything goes to hell, the FBI start shooting missiles all over the place, and because of that, i take shelter inside the castle. Eventually, the people inside start going insane and every one is killing each other. After a while, most lights are out and the place is blown to hell. I soon find a group of mercenary like people and hang with them.

      Our group soon makes it's way toward an exit which leads outside, the bombing has stopped, so me and another person go outside. The guy i'm with says "Sorry about this" and then shoots me with his submachine gun. I feel the bullets hit in various places on my body. After about 18 shots, he stops and then fires one more time to finish me off. One of the bullets hits the right side of my neck and i feel blood come out. I instantly drop after that, i'm not dead though but decide to lay there so he thinks i am.

      He eventually leaves and i get up, i feel my neck and there's a little blood but everything else is fine. I guess i'm like a vampire or something. Either way, i start walking and eventually end up at a place that looks like my backyard, i find my dad there but in this dream, i don't recognize him as my dad. I walk up to him and he gives me food and guns for protection. And i find out, not only have people gone crazy, but monsters have invaded, how nice.

      He gets up and we go out to this mountain woodland place, we're hiking up the trail to some destination, but a fire has started spreading and we decide to go back. We head back to camp, the only people there now are a guy and a younger girl. My dad disappeared. Anyway, those two are friendly and they go out to collect monster souls which they then use to make potions.

      My dream has a medieval setting. I'm in some watch tower at night, there's a busy town below. I take a broadsword off a stand. I then exit the tower. As i stroll around the town, i see a computer with skyrim loading, i decide to go over and mess up some settings hehe. But then this ladies mother catches and chases me into this alley. While we were there, i take the sword and stab her. I then flip a secret door open and drag her down into it.

      Once we get down there, we're in a room full of my slaves, i lock her up on the wall. As the slaves eat. One asian slave takes her drink and she gets mad, i set there and laugh.

      Engineering sector:
      I'm in some sort of big rpg world with a team. As we're walking, me and this other lady fall off the bridge, we land in a high level engineering area we haven't unlocked yet. There's some people down here building jets and stuff, the lighting is dark. However, i luckily find my way up and talk to an engineer from tf2. I tell the engineer to go back down and help the lady but he shows me his paintings instead.

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    6. 6-23-2013 party time!

      by , 06-24-2013 at 09:23 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , side notes.

      Fragment #1: I remember using a phone app which had a virus on it. The virus transported me inside the game in which i took the place of a lonely ghost.

      Fragment #2: I remember being in some sort of jungle collecting resources and blowing things up.

      Party: I'm on my farm, my mom is yelling nonstop at my brother, my brother soon leaves. Next thing i know, i've gone to some summer camp, which took place in my basement. While i was in my basement, i noticed a kid and a man. The kid had paid the man 1.3 million dollars to act out something but the man demanded a blowjob from the kid, and the kid didn't want to feel as if he lost his money...so...anyway, i didn't want to watch any of that so i headed up the stairs. As i head up, i see some friends of mine smoking outside and one smoking on the stairs, i tell him something that had the meaning of "don't smoke in here, go outside" because i didn't want the smoke smell in the house.

      Eventually, i find myself going to a party with them. I think i remember going to like two of them and then a third one, i don't remember the first two but i do remember the third. At the location of the third party, there was a big dome which had stores in it, on top of the dome was a thorn bush and elevated above that thorn bush was the house the party took place in. It started out with me walking on some wooden stairs up to the house at the top, i saw some other friends there as well. I also notice some idiots diving into the thorn bush on top of the dome. Then, all of a sudden, an alien like creature attacks us. I run over and do a front snap kick and manage to hit it. It then gets up and jumps behind us, i then run over and attempt a chop at it's neck but it dodges it. What happened to it next, i have no clue.

      After that little incident, i decide to walk down and check the dome out, there, i meet this lady which tries to teach me warm ups for basketball.
      ( why my dreamself would do this, i have no clue, i dislike basketball a lot and already know stretches and etc from martial arts). I then see my family in the distance, so i run over to meet them, they decide they want to leave so i go with them. They drove two cars, i get in the one with my dad, who then drives up to a gas station and crashes into it.
    7. 6-22-2013 7th Lucid and the Movies!

      by , 06-22-2013 at 07:14 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      7th Lucid:

      Summary: I just woke up from the first dream i had. I'm in my bedroom, but i suddenly got a feeling, something wasn't right, this didn't feel normal. It then occurred to me that this could be a dream.
      So i then did a reality check and it was a dream. I had a false awakening and was now lucid. The level of lucid was low however, i was still lucid but not all the way there. My room was dark. I quickly closed my eyes and tried to teleport to a beach. But it didn't work
      (if my level of lucidity was higher, i would have had the sense to try again), so i decided to look around my room some more, i saw a skeleton in my bathroom. Well, since i couldn't go to the beach, i decided i'm going to go over and kick that stupid creepy skeleton out of my bathroom. As i did this, i woke up.

      Time: About 4 and a half hours after falling asleep.

      Break in: I'm driving a car, i have two people in the back, i guess they are my partners, but half way to our destination, they jump out. (idiots) So i finally get to a room in some building, i have some gloves on and other materials with me, it looks as if i'm about to break in to some ones house. Well, my partners are gone so i wait there. Some one comes over eventually but their not my partners. it's a fat guy and some girl from one piece. The girl walks over and tells me that she doesn't want to hear my fucking complaining anymore. The expression on my face was kind of like: Umm, what? screw you too, go away.

      Information Runner: The dream starts off with me and my dad. We're on top of a building in the outskirts of a city. The setting is in the future, the government has messed like everything up, people are starving, and me and my dad are part of a resistance, we go and gather information. Anyway, at this point, we're looking for a doctor for some reason. We get down from the building and eventually find a woman with an injured child heading somewhere. We decide that she must know where a doctor is so we follow her. She turns between some houses but we stop. We come up to a house that's sort of elevated off the ground, and it has a very small crawlspace along the ground that we can use to get to the top of the house. So me and my dad crawl along the ground on this slope with the house floor above us. We crawl and i step on a nail with my right foot. That stung a little. Anyway, we get to the top of the house and walk in, there, my dad relays information while i stock up on some guns. The dream ended here.

      The movies!: I go with my friends to the movies. The movie we're seeing hasn't started yet so i go to the bathroom. The bathroom is freaking huge, there's even people taking showers in here. Either way, i go up and learn against a wall and start peeing. I literally set there and pee for like 2 minutes straight. When i'm done, i walk out of the bathroom and see a stand with people giving out candy. I head on into the theater, the movie has started. I desperately walk around to find my backpack, i finally find it after making such noise. I'm afraid to get up and find my friends because i've already made a lot of noise. But i don't care, i end up jumping over like 5 seats before i find my friends. Once i find them, these two fat blond ladies come up to our group claiming they know me. One hugs me and i freak out, i tell them to back off and tell me their names. They do and they sound vaguely familiar but i otherwise don't know them. The dream ended there.

      Tractors: I'm outside with my dad, and someone is selling guns. this guy is selling an ak-47 for $10,000 dollars, and a grenade launcher for $50,000. I get into an argument about how crazily overpriced the grenade launcher is. ( my dream self doesn't seem to realize that the ak-47 is $10,000....that itself is insane). Either way, i give up and walk into my house and sleep. However, in the middle of the night, i see lights outside. I get excited and i'm like "Yeah, time to see what's going on out here". i look out and i see two of our tractors driving around the yard. I look closer and notice no one is driving them, the tractors are driving themselves. This was freaking weird, i didn't know how to respond to that. I then go to my dad, and he replies "Oh yeah...that sometimes happens" in a casual voice. How is this not a big deal for him?!?!

      Skateboard rivals:
      The only thing i remember about this one, is that i'm in a futuristic looking town in some park. I notice that two rival skateboard gangs are challenging each other ( yeah...skateboard gangs that are fighting over which skateboard style is better ). They do some crazy tricks and i think i remember something about them eventually blowing up the park because one guy jumps up like 2 miles into the air and on impact...his skateboard exploded. xD
    8. 6-18-2013 Secret Club and jail

      by , 06-20-2013 at 12:25 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      Secret Club:
      I was on some mission to find treasure. I remember going to a pyramid/temple looking place in a jungle because i heard there was treasure in a cave that was inside the temple place. So i get to the temple and explore the cave and travel 2 layers underground. ( imagine a layer as like a floor in a tall building, that length) I find a treasure room, i can't remember if i take any or not, but i do remember going back down a second time but the second time, i find a bunch of corpses coming back to life and i immediately panic and run out.

      The inside of the temple then changes from a cave entrance to a cave entrance separated into two by a wall. I then reach into a hole that is in my face and i feel a cube. I pull the cube out, the cube covered another cube which is attached to the inside of my face by skin shaped like rope. I then figure out that the cube will dissolve and poison me if i don't put the bigger cube back over it. The bigger cube also turns out to be a tracking device. While i find out all this, i see my dad on the inside of the temple, For some reason, i challenge him to a duel, i say if i win, he has to cut the skin holding the smaller cube in.

      Next thing i remember, i'm at a party on the back of my farm. I'm leaving it with my friend. The cube is still in my face, i must have lost the duel xD. Anyway, me and a friend are going to a secret club room that is located under my barn. Now the back story about this club:
      One of my teachers
      (lets call him Teacher #12) started a secret club, the rules went like this - If teacher #12 isn't in the secret club room, then he will act like any other teacher and punish students who talk of secret club nonsense.

      Once me and my friend arrived at the barn, i went inside and my friend walked around the barn to go do something. At this point, i was about to enter the secret club room when i heard Teacher #12 walking outside, Since he wasn't in the club room, we were at risk of being punished/kicked out. My friend outside the barn didn't hear him and teacher #12 yelled at him.
      "You think this is okay!?!? that you can just be in a secret club in THIS SCHOOL??"

      Once my friend was yelled at and walked away. I started to panic because my ipod was playing out loud and teacher #12 was about to enter the barn. I finally shut the ipod off and hid, but teacher #12 was entering so i decided to exit. I made it safely out of the barn without being spotted. I then walked down a hill about to leave the area when i saw Teacher #12 in front of me. I started to wonder how he got in front of me so fast but i decided it didn't matter since he didn't see me. He was rambling on about what my friend did. "When i was a kid, i never did stupid stuff like that" Teacher #12 was commenting on my friends poor stealth on entering the club and how when he was a kid, he was excellent.

      Then, as i'm walking behind him, i trip over something. I look up and there's teacher #12, He cloned himself! Him and his other body come to me and try to fight me. What surprises me even more was the fact he could stretch out his arm and hit me from a distance, He's a rubber man! But i quickly grab one of his bodies and use it to shield his fist. Thankfully, his bodies act like same-charged magnets, the body i had repelled his fist. The dream ended here.

      It was a hot summer day. I was bored so i got on a bus with friends. I brought a drink and sandwich with me but this one fat ass kept trying to take my food. I solved the issue by taking another persons soda and putting it on the floor closer to him than my soda was, Obviously, he didn't want to reach the extra distance for my soda Success! Eventually the bus got to some place and i got out.

      The next thing i know, i'm in some kind of rebellion and i'm currently helping to steal guns. Me and a group of people enter a house, i grab the guns. We make a move to leave but the police are surrounding us. We move to the next house and go out a window and then into some woods. We look back only to find drag marks from the guns and our footprints. This isn't a safe hiding place for the guns so i look around some more, and quickly lay the guns in a bush and start running.

      As i'm walking back home, i see a lady on a swing, and she has a sad look. She says she knows i'm involved with the recent break in and that the police are after me. I decide to give up and i take a seat on the swing beside her. As i'm waiting there, it turns to night and i see lights in the distance. My mom is riding with the chief of police in a utv. They aren't looking for me but rather taking a casual stroll. I decide this is my chance, i could take the chief of police hostage and turn the situation around. I take the utv this lady has and set out after them. When i get close, i start to ram them. But soon after, the police come and i'm arrested. I'm taken to a dark room, i'm waiting to be taken to jail but as i'm sitting there, a mysterious man comes in and frees me from my jail time.

      Another dream continues on the basic concept of my stealing weapons. In this one, i'm with two friends sneaking in this persons house. The house is an exact copy of my house. We steal the guns and go out some windows at the end. At this point, i take two quarters and seal my friends' bodies inside them and carry them in my pocket. This allowed for faster travel. I ran and ran and made it to the edge of the woods. Once i got there, i found two other people i know trailing behind me, they were interested in what i was doing and called the cops. This time, i'm arrested but sent to an underground hellish looking place. I find an android and have sex with it, and that's all i remember.
      (That all took a lonnggggg time to type )

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    9. 6-17-2013 Jazz concert, Economics, and camping

      by , 06-17-2013 at 08:55 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      Time: I went to bed at around 12:05 AM, but the last thing i remember was my clock saying 2:54. So...hopefully what happened was i fell asleep and woke up at that time. Either way, my final awakening was at about 10:54 AM

      Jazz Concert:
      Summary: I'm in my living room with my music instructors. The background section is on one side of the room while the rest of the band is on the other. One of our instructors tells us we have a concert so i start to get my concert clothes on. All the others already have them so they head out, this leaves me in there with one of the instructors. I get the clothes on and decide i want a drink so i pick up the nearest bottle and drink it, i set it down to find out it was some nasty unfiltered cleaning water or something.

      We all get on a bus. I decide it was somehow a good idea to take all my clothes off except for my underwear. We get to a mall, and we all get off. I walk around, we do some stuff, and then it's time to get back on the bus. We all stop in a crowded hallway before we get on, i then realize i only have my underwear on and start to get embarrassed. The band starts like dancing and i'm sitting there with my hands over my face. One of the instructors asks me what's wrong, i say nothing.

      This is now the point where i realize i have no music. Thankfully, we go back to my house on the way to the concert. I get my music but now they left without me. Next thing i know, i'm a foreign person complaining about video games outside. Then after that, i find myself walking along a gravel road on my farm, Me and this person get attacked by a monkey and it jumps on the other person, so i try to kick it off. It then comes after me but i stand and yell at it, it seems to stop. After it goes away, i notice i have a huge spider on my hand and instantly wake up.

      Time: Logged at 7:20

      I arrive to a classroom. I'm apparently taking an economics class. The teacher isn't actually there so we have a substitute and he's very strict. I remember i leave the class to go do something and when i get back, the whole class is like cleaning the school. So much for learning anything.

      I'm outside on the garage floor, sleeping in a U.S military modular sleeping bag, while i'm in it. My grandfather decides to launch a firework at me and burn a hole in my sleeping bag. I instantly get up, like seriously? SERIOUSLY?!! why would he burn a hole in that >_<. This is where the scene changes, i'm now in a mountainous snowy place, i get up and bring the sleeping bag to a shack my father is in to complain. However he just sits there and trolls me with stupid remarks. i shot some mean things and leave. Next thing i know i'm waiting in a line wrestling this kid. Then all of a sudden, the snow melts and the ice rises. my view goes into third person and i see myself jumping between each glacier climbing up the hill before everything collapses. I make it. I find myself with other people. The dream then turns into a video game and ends with one of my team mates blowing themselves up.

      Time: Both economics and camping were logged at about 10:54