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    1. 8-11-2013 and 8-12-2013 A person who cares

      by , 08-13-2013 at 03:37 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      I didn't log that night...hehe sorry

      The Wrong Lane:
      It's night, and i'm driving on an elevated highway near a swamp village in the middle of nowhere. I get to the top of a hill, i'm driving pretty fast. However, i run off into wrong lane and i hit a ramp which sends my car into the air. I hit some wooden supports as i fall. I then land on a wooden platform. This man then starts chasing me, i run and jump into the swamp below. I make it to a ladder connected to the nearby village land. I climb up and then start lifting weights with some weird guy from the cartoon ed, edd and eddy.

      A person who cares:
      It's night ( lol it's always night! xD ). I arrive at some dojo i've never been to. There's some people i don't know. As class starts, they line up in some weird fashion and i get really confused, i don't know if they're lining up by rank or height. This frustrates me a lot. I then come back later that night and steal some of their souls! Next thing i know, i'm at my house with some kid. We're outside and it's still night ( yep more sexy night time ). We look in the distance and see search helicopters looking for something.

      This gets me worried, i'm afraid something may have happened. The kid then picks me up in an atv, i quickly tell him to stop because i have a bad feeling like a murderer is on the loose or something. I then see my dad and start talking to him. As i do, i see more search helicopters in the background. Something is definitely going on. Then suddenly, my dad picks me up and rushes me inside the house. He must have saw something behind me i thought.
    2. 8-10-2013 Six Degrees of Inner Deception

      by , 08-11-2013 at 01:51 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Fragment #1:

      I arrive at this house. I then become afraid because i know i left my pet snake and lizard out here somewhere. I'm scared because they pose a threat and i can't locate them.

      Our Thoughts are your Thoughts:
      I pull up to my house with some friends and see multiple cars parked around my house. A group of people must have broken into my house. I panic a little. The next scene i remember, i'm in my room with my friends and i located some of the intruders in the room next to mine. I get a blade out and hide behind the door. One of them walks in and i swing but he is too strong, the blade surprisingly doesn't do a thing. As two of the intruders come into my room, i back off in fear and they attack and capture my friends, as they do, i run to a different part of the house.

      I get to my computer room and log on to my pc. As i log on, i find everything has been corrupted, they have done something to my computer. Then i find a note, the note tells me to find a person, do anything for that person, and fall in love with that person. The note then directs me to walk to the living room. However, i head someone approaching so i hide under my desk, a Hedgehog/human girl with two sets of tits drags me to the living room. There, i meet a bunch of people. All of them looked very strange.

      I find out that this group of people are very angry about the government or something and they plan to use me and other people to accomplish whatever goals they may have. They then take me to a big open room. Once there, they attempt to overwrite my personal opinions and ideas with their own. I resists and eventually, they push me onto a cart which descends into a dark pit. As the hedgehog lady activates the cart, i grab onto a wire and climb back up, but she closes some doors at the top. The bottom also closes up, now i can't go down or get out, i'm trapped inside a dark tunnel.

      The next scene, i'm in the desert, this time, some other people are trapped in the tunnel and the entrance is somewhat open. A guard accidentally drops their phone, another person beside me then picks it up and calls 911. However, the phone then gets the message "Service unavailable"

      Six Degrees of Inner Deception:
      I'm in my room, there's some other people there. I then get a feeling that aliens have altered my sense of perception. I then try to get the other people to help me break this effect and fight back but they disappear. I then walk to the barn and see my dad. I then show him my super powers i've recently been working on. I lift at least 50 bees into the air and form a ball and sort of swing it around. My dad then laughs and instantly picks up like 500 bees out of nowhere, flings them up and makes them shower down, i hit the ground to a take cover. I then start walking back home, i notice i have goggles on, with special lenses inserted, i see odd things such as little kids running around by me, but when i take the lens out, my vision appears to return to normal.

      Back inside , i walk into my room, i see snakes but realize they aren't real. I then look out into the hallway, i see an outline of a group of people, about 4 of the 7 people have images filled inside the outlines. The people with the un-filled white outlines must be the people i need to kill in order to break the effect. Then, i see this dwarf man coming down the hallway. He was apparently forced to fight me, he attacks with an axe, i dodge, strike and win the fight. Only 2 more to kill.

      Then the leader of the group and a man with a diamond column comes into my room. The leader swings at me with his sword but i knock it out of his hands. Then the leader and column man get into a fight, but eventually, they focus back on me. The leader knocks me to the ground with his metallic gauntlets and repeatedly punches me, i'm near death and see the column man swinging toward me, i then kick the leader, he flies back and intercepts the column mid swing. So instead of hitting me, the leader gets hit and shatters into pieces.

      Next thing i know, i wake up, look at my ipod on my alarm clock. The ipod has an album playing, the album has a similar name to "Six degrees of inner turbulence". The album cover has also switched to an alien walking down a hallway with a syringe sticking into the back of his head. I find this all very strange, and then i wake up for good.
    3. 8-8-2013 and 8-9-2013

      by , 08-11-2013 at 01:23 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream, Semi-Lucid, Lucid


      Fragment #1:
      I'm at some kind of festival place and this girl is dragging me on the ground at a very fast speed.
      Fragment #2:
      I'm at my house, it's wrecked and old looking. On the inside, i'm having a party, a man is playing mortal combat and i'm eating ice cream.

      I was in some futuristic city. I was with a group. We discovered OP, a rat surgery facility that steals the dreams of young people. In the group, there were my sisters, they wanted me to listen to some sort of music, but i soon met a robot. The robot had AI and was learning from us. It was slowly becoming evil. So i turned myself evil in order to confuse it and it worked, i eventually was able to disable the robot. Then some movie let out and people started running towards me and kicking me.


      Fragment #3:
      I'm the band room, testing one of my friends' phone. Then i found out we had to do some sort of assignment which required us to meet new people. I wanted to be lazy so i just decided to use three people someone else brought in. Then this guy brought in the three people he found and i walked over and tried to make a deal with them.

      Fragment #4:
      I'm on the farm at night. I get knocked down. A person then takes my head and slams it into the ground multiple times. It hurt and i could feel the pain upon awakening.
      Tags: evil, farm, home, pain, robot
    4. 8-6-2013 A Word not said

      by , 08-06-2013 at 05:10 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      The past couple of nights, i haven't been doing much with logging and dreaming so last night, i did some quick meditation before bed to get me focused. It helped a lot. I had about 5 dreams last night but they separated out into two main stories.

      A lost band with a laughing maniac:
      It's night, i'm out in the front yard and i'm practicing with my marching band. We play some songs and we then head to sectionals. However, i lost my section so i wander aimlessly around the house. My band teacher then comes around and tells me to do push ups later. As i continue around the house, i start hopping and manage to hurt my leg a little. I then get back to the garage and meet up with my section. As i meet up, i take a jelly donut from a trumpets shoe.

      We have to go back to full band rehearsal so i put the donut down and go play. Soon after, we eat lunch, as we sit down. Someone makes a joke and i start laughing like a guy i know and another friend notices this and thinks it's funny. The next night, i go out for practice and i realize i have no lunch packed and i haven't brushed my teeth. The scene then changes to my bathroom, apparently all the band kids are staying at my house and we have to share my bathroom, how fantastic D:

      So i get out of the shower and dry myself off in front of like 5 other kids and proceed to brush my teeth. I then go out into a cafeteria and realize i have no lunch again today. Then some weird guy starts yelling about how kids don't know how to put mustard on their food properly, he then demonstrates by comparing sliding the mustard bottle over food to sliding a greasy hand over skin. Then a very hairy man jumps up onto a table with no shirt on and burps loudly. The dream then ends with my mom bringing me a lunch.

      A Word not said:
      I'm at my house with some people. We have guns. We must be holding up at my house to defend against something. A car alarm goes off nearby and three of us go out to investigate. i'm still in the house and hear gunshots, i look outside across my farm and see a man with a shotgun walking away. The others come back inside and say it was just an accident, they mention nothing about gunshots and when i tell them what i saw and heard, they say i'm going crazy.

      Then, i go outside and start walking, as i'm walking, a kid comes up and tries to take my shotgun so i shoot him. Then the others try to kill me so i shoot most of them but one starts chasing me and i run, i jump over various obstacles and have a really intense chase.

      The dream then sort of restarts. I'm in the house and then some one randomly goes outside at night and opens fire. To my surprise, people were hiding in the grass around the house and they spring up and start shooting in our direction. The house is under attack. I run inside and lock the door behind me, i run to the front end of the house and grab a baseball bat. I exit out the front and start running again. Somewhere along the way, i meet up with some friends.

      We start running together and make it to a church, at the church is a man with piercings through his nose and a cool haircut. He hands us shurikens and leads us to a van. My friend takes the drivers seat and i get in the passengers seat. The man tells us to wait for a big lightning strike before we can leave, he also says that the lightning will be a sign from god to let us know when to head out. We look up and see a storm, we see some small lightning out in the distance and decide to take off. Mostly because the enemies were still coming our way with rifles.

      This seemed to make the religious man mad. As we drive, we eventually come up to his floating head which then explodes. As it explodes, everyone around me turns into a zombie. I get out and run, i make it to a small island. Then this girl starts chasing me, i run but can't keep it up and she eats me.
    5. 8-5-2013 Defending dagger

      by , 08-06-2013 at 02:02 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      So..... I didn't log last night. My past couple of logs have also not been very vivid. So, tonight, i'm going to focus and meditate a little before bed. This should sort of remind myself to wake up after a rem cycle is complete and log instead of being lazy.

      Anyway, what i remember:

      Defending dagger:
      It's night, i'm outside on my farm. Me and a friend are vampires and as a result, my family is planning to kill us, or at least i think that was the plot. So i'm outside with a knife, my family members are running at me and i'm slicing them one by one to wound them enough to stop them. I then wound a little girl pretty badly ( i didn't know i had a little sister in my dream world :3 ). because i hurt her, i can't help but break down and cry.

      Then the plot slowly turns to me watching a movie part by part which is being projected onto the lawn.

      I was talking with a girl i know about a written drivers test and she said it had like 2000 questions and i was a bit shocked.
    6. 8-4-2013 A Snake Beneath the Surface

      by , 08-04-2013 at 06:15 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      A Snake Beneath the Surface:
      I was sitting with people i know from martial arts. We talked for a while. Then one guy started making fun of another for being fat. Next thing i know, a snake is attacking the man being made fun of. He was also sitting right next to me and since i didn't want the snake to attack me, i quickly caught the snake and threw it away from me.

      Other dream fragments: (Well, not really fragments, just what i decided to log last night)
      -I was looking for an ear plug i dropped on the floor. However, all i could find were old ear plugs covered in nasty ear wax.
      -I was in my room, but i left to go somewhere, in the cool summer air.
    7. 8-3-2013 Cosplay and Shinobu

      by , 08-03-2013 at 03:10 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      This is going to be a short summarized log, i don't feel like typing today.

      Last night, i got to cosplay as spike from cowboy bebop, and i have to admit, i looked sooooo good. But then i messed up the hair and the charm went away. I also met Shinobu from the -monogatari series, the vampire girl was pretty attractive until she turned herself into an old lady.
    8. 8-2-2013 The wall of hidden death

      by , 08-02-2013 at 04:22 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Another Gun at my head:
      I was at a party with one of my teachers and some friends. A girl walked over to a trashcan and i went with her, she found a piece of paper with some words translated to another language on it. As the party ended and i walked home, i saw the police taking the girl away. Confused, i ran over to see what was going on. The police officer tilted his head over to me and said "And torture this kid". Some other men then grabbed me.

      Next scene, i'm walking into a trashy abandoned like building. Apparently it's my school. I walk in and see my classmates , i start talking and i hang out with them. Then the girl walks in, There's a weird tension between us because we were getting interrogated and tortured the weekend before. I want to talk to her, i want to discuss, and she probably feels the same, but we both know we're probably being watched right now.

      Then one of my teachers walks in with two body guards. She asks me a question and i reply with a stupid answer. I start laughing incredibly hard because i still have no idea why this is happening to me. As i laugh, she then points a gun to my head, i freeze for a second. Then i began laughing some more. She asks if i'm okay, and i reply with a "yeah, hold on a minute", i needed her to hold on because this seemed just too funny.

      The ketchup store:

      I walk into a store with my parents. They're looking to buy ketchup, all i wanted to do was get a couple issues of some manga on the way out. They get to a place where these big jugs of ketchup are on sale so they get them. However, i look at them and i don't think they're ketchup, i'm pretty sure they bought the wrong thing. As we start going out, i see some monkeys building a wood structure.

      The lost and found land of Ice and Metal:
      I'm on a bed in the middle of a snowy ice land. There are a ton of russians skiing on a ramp not too far away. Because of that, i can't sleep. So i walk over to tell them to stop. As i get over there, a man loses hold of his three dogs and they run away. I decide to help look for them.

      I walk and eventually make it to an abandoned town. I see something that looks like his dogs but they weren't. As i was doing this, i get attacked by mechs. I managed to jump on one and pilot it. I then use it to run away because i wouldn't have stood a chance against the other mechs. As i make my escape, i fly over a pit with a tank and some other mechs. Since i have the advantage of surprise, i quickly destroy the forces below.

      As i drop down to where the tank was, i see a secret tank sealed up in a wall. I unlock the wall and pilot the massive tank, i then use it to destroy all of my enemies.

      Head stitching of guns:

      I was in a band room with some friends. There were guns on the ground, we were getting geared up for one reason or another. However, in order to get a gun, you had to let koady cut your head open and stitch it back up. The dream ended with me trying to decide which gun i wanted.

      The wall of hidden death:
      I'm on my farm piloting a helicopter. I then get called back to the ground as a commanding officer finds out some one else is suppose to be piloting the helicopter. As the new person gets in, they go across the river and start bombing the other side. This surprised me, i needed to take cover so i went underground into a bunker. So apparently, we were at war. The terrain was divided by a river and on the other side were Filipinos.

      As the bombing went on, i ate some chips i found. After the bombing, i quickly went further underground and down a ladder to a room that connected to the river. I saw some of our troops coming back wounded and in bad condition. I walked past them and across the river to a massive rock wall. A guy then walked up to me and said "You shouldn't go any further". As he said that, he walked over to the wall and put his foot on something and then massive turrets popped up all along the wall which could detect enemy movement. He then explained that the turrets kill any enemy that tries to invade via the wall.
    9. 7-30-2013 A Military victory mounted on innocent ground

      by , 07-31-2013 at 03:17 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      CSGO Lava temple:
      I'm in a match of cs:go and the setting is a lava temple, if i remember correctly, i get wounded pretty badly and i'm the only one left alive. Around the temple is a black rocky area with a grey sky and lava flowing in streams. I walk out of the temple and near a stream.

      A Military victory mounted on innocent ground:

      I'm at my house, having some kind of party or something. Or maybe i was working, either way, i only had a set time for lunch. In that set time, My dreamself would eat lunch and watch two episodes of dragonballz. I was outside by my pool. It was sunny and nice out. Eventually, our lunch ended and i get pretty mad because i didn't even get time to eat, let alone watch anime. So i stayed behind skipping whatever i had to do just so i could eat and watch anime. At one point, i had to go inside and yell at my brother because he was on my pc, and then i downloaded the episodes on my pc and put them on my laptop.

      As i'm outside, i see a girl i like and her family walking inside my house. I walk in behind them to see what's going on. They walk down a hallway and i get cut off as this person walks in front of me. I head back to my room and there i talk to dr.strangelove. He tells me that we're being attacked. Next thing i see is a scene of two mechs that look like their from code geass fighting two big battleships.
      The battleships are the enemies. They definitely have the upper hand in firepower. And not only that, we are also being attacked by other enemy forces which are surrounding the house.

      For some strange reason, the mechs are fighting the floating battleships in a hanger like area that seems to be far away from my house. Our two mechs in the hanger are getting beat pretty badly. Eventually, the two battleships form one, but our mechs unleash their full power and jump onto the battleship. As they do, the mechs turn into a black liquid and absorb the battleship. The mechs then take their original form.
      As that goes on, i run down my hallway and use a tank mech to fight off enemy units. It's quickly damaged so i run back into the house.

      The scene then switches back to the mechs. Even though we defeated the battleship, our enemy still outnumbered us so we had to surrender. Originally, the enemy was going to kill us all but since we defeated the battleship, the enemy decides to simply enslave us. Next scene, my comrades and i are dropping all of our personal items into crates as we move in lines.

      Next thing i know, i'm standing in bleachers ( stands ) which are positioned around a track. It's night. I'm standing in a straight line, with multiple rows of people going up and down the bleachers. As we stand, a drill sergeant is issuing commands. He's going through rolls. We received packages earlier with cassette tapes that when played, tell us what role we will fill in the army, which is our enemies army by the way. Back on topic, i didn't have anything that could play the tape so i couldn't tell the sergeant my role. Since i couldn't tell him, i had to go find a player. I jump down and start looking.

      I eventually find a small cave with a poor vampire in it. It sort of looks like shinobu from the -monogatari series. She obviously needs blood, so i cut myself and lie down waiting for her to suck my blood. However, another vampire comes along and takes shinobu. I quickly pop up and look back, it was a female vampire with a yellow shirt.

      --At this point, i wake up and log what you've just read. After i fall back asleep, the dream continues.

      I find myself with other prisoners who were captured in the attack. We're standing outside my house. It looks like a storm is coming. A man then tells me that i should get a better jacket since it might hail. At this point, we are only allowed to take a certain amount of personal items so i drop some of my stuff and run inside and grab a better coat. As i get out, most people have already been taken and i'm quickly called over to board a giant metallic vehicle. The vehicle is a troop carrier, so i suppose i'm going to go fight.

      Since i was called over so quickly, i had to leave some stuff behind. Either way, the vehicle starts moving. In the distance, you can see other vehicles with prisoner soldiers on them as well. We drive through trees and after a while, make it to our destination. The destination is an old torn down house in the middle of a forest. The vehicle gets parked and we are called over to the house. A higher ranking officer inflates the wreckage of the house and somehow rebuilds the frame.

      After the frame is rebuilt, he opens some sort of portal near the house. He then sends some people in. The portal seems to lead to a different zone. The zone in which the house is still standing and has yet to be destroyed. As we wait to see results, other vehicles pull up and park nearby. It's been a while and we are pretty sure the people who traveled through the portal into the house are dead. I head in.

      I find myself in an old dimly light house. There are various spirits and entities roaming the place. I get an intuition that if i climb the stairs to my left, i can get geass powers. I do this , but a seductive demon like lady stops me and starts seducing me. As she does this, two spirits come over and beat me up, they then drag me to the entrance and drop me along with some manual. I look at the manual and it details various military experiments they did by sending people to die inside this house.

      I then get up and try to head back up the stairs again. The lady then kisses me and i kiss back. She drains my energy while doing it, but i can't stop, and eventually, i guess i die. The ending is pretty immediate i know, this might be continued on some other night i hope.

      Super Hero movie trap:

      I'm outside by some largely populated area. I'm letting these people film me for a commercial. After i do that, i quickly go with the flow of the crowd. Apparently, everyone is going to see some movie. I'm initially with friends but they walk away. I find myself looking at a giant mushroom shaped metal construction, the bottom is hollow. At the bottom, an announcer is describing how the movie works. The people under the outer most edges of the top part of the mushroom will choose from a select group of heroes. Everyone else will take the role of some other faction.

      As the movie starts, im on the outer circular edge. So i get selected to be one of many spider mans. I instantly have the costume on. Then a ring starts spinning around the outer edge of the mushroom like structure above us. As the ring reaches above each of our heads, it instantly shoots us up in the air. Normally, the ring is supposed to catch us and act as sort of an elevator allowing us to reach the top of the mushroom structure.

      However, the glowing circle hundreds of feet above me sends me flying away from the top part, since i'm flying away, the ring won't catch me and i will fall to my death. However, i thought since i was spider man i should be able to shoot webs and i did that to save my life. I shoot around and soon make my way to the top of an apartment complex that is really high in the sky. As it turns out, a party is going on, half the people ditched the movie and ran off with their super powers and are partying. I join in and have fun.

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    10. 7-29-2013 Winter Guild Runaway

      by , 07-30-2013 at 04:51 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Uphill driving:
      In this dream, it was night and i was either on a motorcycle or in a car. I was traveling up a hill, no one else seemed to be on the road. I was driving really badly and at one point, almost wrecked probably. Aside from that, i can't really remember much else about the dream, i know it had some more to it.

      Robot attack:
      I started off in a small room. The room looked like something you would see inside the deathstar from starwars. The room had that silver metal look. Either way, i think i may have been inside some video game in this dream. The room had many different areas that i could travel to and i had to pick one. I had a feeling that no matter which one i picked, i would be faced with a boss enemy when i enter the next area. I think i remember going down some stairs and taking a sewer area or something and then encountering robots which attacked me.

      Winter Guild Runaway:

      I'm inside my house. It's currently night time, and snowing. The inside of my house has turned into a massive night club. I play the role of a security guard watching from some walkways attached to the ceiling of the big central room. I had just arrived. In our security unit, we had a leader and then all the other security guards. As we arrive, the leader guard looks down at the people and then signals for the other guards to meet up with him near the club entrance. The four of us who were there walked over to him. He then started rambling about some crazy plan he has and how he's going to kill us and take over the club. Well, he tells us to get out and i start running. I hear gunshots behind me so i suspect he has killed one of the other guards.

      I continue running, as a result of the weather, the ground is covered in snow. I run pretty far and make it to a house, which i break into. Once there, an old man catches me and yells at me. As he does, two other guards come running. At first, i was surprised they were still alive. Then i quickly realized that if they were alive and they came this way. Then the leader will soon come this way too and if i don't catch up, i will be caught and killed by him. But before i can leave the house, the old man tells me to take off all my clothes. So i do and he lets me leave.

      So now i'm running around in the snow with no clothes on. I'm freezing and i can feel it. Strangely though, not having clothes on doesn't bother me much, except for the cold factor of course. I soon decide i need clothes for warmth so i run into a house which is my guild home. Now here is where the dream changes in concept a little. At my guild home, i start talking to other guild members as i go through drawers looking for clothes. The drawers regenerate items every so often, this is what caught my interest in the first place. So i ask my guild mate about it.

      He tells me that we're in a video game world, and that in real life, we have things on our heads which put us in this virtual world. I then do some other stuff around the guild house, and as i'm about to leave, i find out the guild is having some sort of chess competition soon and it also will soon have a question and answer session. The Q and A session was taking questions from a notebook on which people wrote their questions. I thought about writing a question because i didn't understand some things but decided to just travel on.
    11. 7-28-2013 GTA Deathmatch Explorer

      by , 07-29-2013 at 02:28 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      My sister had a party last night. As a result, i was woken up at various times through the night which really interrupted my logging but i was able to log the last dream before my final awakening.

      GTA Deathmatch Explorer:
      The dream starts off with me and some friends playing an adventure game with a setting that resembles cube world. I'm looking at a map. On the map are locations and the locations light up when you discover them. So as i look at the map, i plan which place i want to clear on my map next. I pick and as i start to travel, the setting changes to GTA. I'm now crossing a large stone dam. I get to the other side but i was forced to kill some cops as they would have discovered me otherwise. After i kill them, more cops show up and i make my way back up and across the dam. I notice that i still have 1 star no matter how far out i go, which means i must have really built up a bad reputation.

      As the dream continues, i join an online deathmatch game. It's starts off with me driving a fast car into a building, luckily, i jump out but find myself on the roof of a house. The setting was a neighborhood by the way. As i'm on the roof, i find a rifle and start shooting the other players. I get a lot of points for this. Eventually, the game restarts and i climb back on to the building but this time, i take the other rifle that was on the roof. I start using it, it's not as effective as the other rifle. I make my way down and start shooting from ground level. The neighborhood slowly turns into a land of fire as various buildings catch fire. At one point, i killed a reptilian.

      After that, i remember doing some combat at my dojo. Soon after, the game ends and i did decently. I ranked up to like rank 5. After that, my friends and i decided to play something else. As we were leaving the game, we noticed some people who were like rank 20 which was pretty high.

      Strategic defense:
      I was inside some real time strategy game and the setting was my farm. I was going through a tutorial. It had some elements of sins of a solar empire in which there were rocks on my farm and i could build mines on them that would produce copper. The rocks were as small as a bowl but i that didn't stop me from building a mine on it. I also managed to build dome shields to guard the mines.
    12. 7-22 through 7-25-2013

      by , 07-26-2013 at 03:35 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      I've been getting only about 7-8 hours each night because i've had things to do this and part of last week. These dreams aren't very detailed because i'm used to getting 9-11 hours at least. However, after tomorrow, i get back on my regular schedule and should be getting more detailed dreams.

      -The first dream started off with me playing some sort of rpg game that had elements of serious sam in it. I was on a team, we were in a chamber trying to shut off a bomb, we had to hit a lever up top and a lever down below at the same time while fighting hoards of enemies. We managed to pull it off and make it back safely to a town square sort of like where merchants sold all sorts of things.

      -Me and a friend were in mexico, we were part of a drug cartel. We had recently been betrayed and had everything taken from us. We were planning our revenge. The last thing i remembered from this one was me running through a town and some people getting shot.

      -I was in a dark room with a teacher from my school. The teacher was experimenting with lasers, it was pretty cool. He then gave me an assignment to go cook something, i remember getting in a car and heading out to the place to cook it at but that's all i remember.

      -I was on my driveway, there were a bunch of other people here too, they were taking turns trying to see who could draw the best.

      -This dream tells an epic story of a kid and his parents. I don't really remember that much but i will type what i know. It started off with the kid, he was trapped in a cave. He eventually finds his way out and makes his way to a futuristic looking city. There, his foster dad offers to do something for him, but he turns him down and this led to a very sad ending. The dream then reversed back to that scene and this time, the kid said yes, and all i remember is the kid making his way to a hotel room and finding an orange there.

      -I'm at my school trying to learn some music, i then go to the bathroom. Except, the bathroom is the one at my house. As i go in, there are other people there, kind of weird. As i leave to go to bed, i remember trying to put a retainer over my retainer.


      -The first dream this night was pretty long and all over the place. The most i can remember is: It had something to do with japanese and chinese, I adventured with a kid and a dragon, i think i may have committed some sort of crime at an airport.

      -I was in an underground city and in some sort of cramped engineering room. There, my friend had claws on his hand and started cutting my face up. I then took the claws and cut his face up pretty bad and escaped into the sewers below.
      There, i became lucid and there was a nude girl beside me, so i got the impulse and had sex with her.

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    13. 7-21-2013 Double Lucid and lots of nice sleep

      by , 07-21-2013 at 05:09 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      SO! Tonight, i finally got a ton of sleep! I'll start going to bed earlier i promise! Either way, i had a ton of dreams tonight, probably more than my record of twelve but some of them were stupid and i didn't want to log every single one of them so i just logged the lucids and some other ones in this log. Yeah, i know it's a bad habit to not log all of them but i will from now on, don't worry.

      Mysterious night ship and end of the world dome fields!:
      It's day time and i'm at some building in a part of my town. Some people from out school are asking who owns some computer parts they had. One part was a gpu with two fans on it. It definitely looked like a piece of trash but i went home and that night i looked it up on my computer. Turned out, it was a piece of trash. Either i then went on to eat some garlic bread and maybe the next night. I was alone and i looked out my front window and saw cars on a road not too far away.

      The cars looked like they had been in a wreck and had been abandoned, no one was in them, it was strange. I then looked out my back window, and in the night sky, i saw some spaceship in the sky far away from my house slowly moving across the sky. I went to door to get a better look at it, it was still moving but behind the clouds now, although i could still see it because of it's lights. Then, all of a sudden, the sky erupted in explosions, and a glowing dome shaped forcefield sprang up and covered the main part of town which i could see over the woods on my farm.

      I thought about what it was for, maybe our country was getting attacked and that would keep the city safe but at the same time, lock them out from the outside world. I also wondered if the dome was meant to lock the city and slowly kill the inhabitants because of lack of outside contact.

      I then found myself in a nice sports car under the dome. Everything looked futuristic. How did i get here? i wondered. I drove around and then wondered again, Do i really want to live like this? under a dome?

      A game of chess:
      I'm playing a game of chess with somebody, but it had some weird rules so i ask him how to play. As i do, the chest board forms an environment and i get sucked in and before i know it. I'm in what looks like a theme park but the people i'm with are sad because a person just died and they were attending a funeral.

      Alien death:

      I'm in a desert at some government test facility. They have these aliens lined up. The aliens have powers that let them control smart people. The government wanted the aliens dead so they brought in basically barbarians which killed the aliens. The government people then took the dead bodies for testing.

      Required skills:
      I'm with a smart girl who is older than me. And by smart, i mean really smart. I'm also with a group of other people. We're about to get on this platform that rises and acts as an elevator because there is a hole in the ceiling which allows the platform to rise through. I attempt to get on but i'm not fast enough because it went up too fast. Then, another platform with people on it comes down and hits the platform that's going up. This causes both the platforms to start going up again but since they hit each other. The platforms were damaged and were slanted sideways. The top platform then ran into the ceiling and crushed the people on it.

      After that, our group went on the regular elevator. As we got to the top and walked out. The girl told me she has enough skills to survive. I didn't have near as many skills as she did, it was weird talking to her.

      The paintings:
      I just got back from martial arts. I'm at my house now, it's night time. I look outside my window and i see black portals appearing all over the sky, cars were flowing out of them. I then yelled for my sister to come watch. She came but appeared outside sitting in a chair. I then wondered how she got through the window. I then realized that i must be dreaming, but first , i had to take this stupid retainer out of my mouth. I was too focused on that to solidify my lucidity so it went away and then my dream self went to bed. I woke up. Then went back to sleep, and woke again.

      This time, people i knew were in my room and i thought i must be dreaming. This got my lucidity back. I then wanted to change settings so i spun around on my bed. As i did that, i imagined a city. The city at first wasn't detailed, but i kept on imagining it and it soon got pretty detailed and eventually, poof! i was there! I then started to walk around, i stopped at the corner of some street to test my senses, it was pretty cool really. I was aware. I could hear, smell and etc. I then tried to rub my hands together, this felt a little weird but way better then my previous lucids.

      I kept on walking and eventually made my way to like a gallery of paintings. I then focused on the hallway lined with paintings and the detail instantly increased. I then walked up and checked out the paintings. The first set was the same painting but the face of each figure was different. At this point, i was completely amazed at the detail in the paintings. Then somewhere along the lines, i must have woke up or something because i can't remember past this except for a different dream that came after.

      Boss fight:
      I'm in a room, it's dark, and only me and this girl are here. I have a gun and she has a laptop. We're fighting some sort of boss monster. We eventually kill it.
      I then realize i must be dreaming. As i do, i try to change the scene to a beach but i didn't focus it like the last one so once i started talking to people on the beach, i transported right back to the room, except this time it had windows, it was night outside, and it was on top of a really tall building.

      A girl was tied up on a chair next to me. why she was tied up, i have no clue. either way, she wasn't the girl i wanted to ask but i'll talk to her anyway. I asked her what my true name was and she then started trolling me and giving me stupid responses like 'princess' and 'quantesia'. I wasn't getting any where with her so i decided to try it in a later lucid dream.

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    14. 7-20-2013 Whale

      by , 07-21-2013 at 04:31 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      I'm on my farm and the ground is like an ocean now. And i'm being chased by a giant whale. I eventually make it inside my house and have a final fantasy like battle.

      Messed up car:

      I'm in the car of someone i know and i accidentally make a huge mess, like there's food and random stuff all over it.
      Tags: car, farm, video game
    15. 7-17-2013 Storming baseball

      by , 07-18-2013 at 01:00 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Church clothes:
      I find myself attending some church service, i remember that i don't want to be here but i had to. It's early in the morning. After the service was over, i start to go home and take a nap before i have to come back at 3. As i walk out of the church, i see a girl i know. I open my mouth to say something, but i'm in too much of a shock from seeing her that i can't say anything. I walk past her and i'm still a little surprised she was here. I get home and i'm at my grandparents house. I go to their bed and sleep. I wake up at about 2:45 and i start to get ready to go back. As i get ready, i notice i can't find my clothes. I start asking my grandparents but they don't help.

      Storming baseball:
      I remember being outside near my house throwing baseballs or something. Then it starts to rain hard. A person who appears to be my rival is next to me. It starts to rain so i get an umbrella and start to leave but my master tells me to stay. So i drop the umbrella and go back to throwing but in the rain this time. I pick up a baseball and as i squeeze the ball to throw it, there's a hole in the ball and this black oil-like substance is flowing out. That's about all i can remember, i know that this dream had a deeper plot to it but i forgot.

      Borderlands defense:
      I'm in borderlands 2 and me and a friend are on a tower shooting crawling monsters. I kill one and it drops health upgrades but a girl takes them.

      comments: Well, that wasn't really much at all, tonight, i will do better. ( i mean it this time!)
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