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    1. 1-3-2014 Urban Exploration

      by , 01-04-2014 at 07:02 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Urban Exploration:
      Part 1
      After playing around on a computer at school and talking to some teachers, i decide to go urban exploring. I arrive at a place which looks a lot like where i live. Long driveway, surrounded by hilly fields and a big house at the top. As i walk up the driveway, i notice about 50 people sitting around and talking (they are all people i know). I need a group to go into the house with so some of these people will do but i can't bring all of them. I start walking around and hitting people on the head with a stick. I knocked out about 30 leaving 20 people left. I could then split these 20 up into two groups to explore the house with.

      I talk to the people sitting down and they walk up to the house with me. Once there, we split up into two groups. Ben declares himself leader of a group. (Ben is a guy i know and one of the people that were sitting on the driveway). We walk into the building and find ourselves at a sort of main chamber which splits off into two paths. One path on the right and one on the left. Ben and his group go left and my group goes right. We enter a room which has a shape sort of like a octagon. Small walkways were attached to the sides of the walls which went around almost the entire room. In the middle, there was a machine on a circular platform with pipes attached to it that connected to the back of the room. Around the middle platform, there were waterways which were about 6 foot deep. These waterways went around almost the entire room except when the pipes cut them off.

      As we approached the room, my stupid group decides to immediately jump into the water and start swimming. They went left around the middle and headed towards the back of the room. I went along the right wall staying on the walkway. As i approached the pipes in the back, the walkway ended and i had to start walking on the concrete which the large pipes were attached to. as i walked, my group talked about the stories of this room. It's supposedly here to take water from a lake and process it into drinking water but the previous owners used the room to kill people. I make my way to the pipes which connect to the middle machine and jump onto the concrete under them. The pipes here were elevated. They had sprinklers attached to them and constantly sprayed water below them. I quickly pass under the sprinkler spraying the least amount of water but the water it sprayed was dirty so i ended up sticking my head under one of the clean sprinklers. As i do this, i suddenly pass out.

      Part 2
      I wake up in the same room, except the water ways no longer exist, the room is level. There is no machine in the middle, it was replaced by a table and chairs. There are windows on the right wall letting light in from the outside, those weren't there before. Near the doorway to the room, i see my desk. As i stand up, i also see my jacket on the ground and a girl passed out near the wall. I put my jacket back on and attempt to go get the girl up but i hear footsteps so i get behind the table and look under it. One of Ben's group members is walking into the room. I relax a little and stand up, although i still have a weird feeling about all of this.

      Ben's friend shouts some nonsense and Ben eventually makes his way into the room. I subconsciously dislike him now because i get a feeling that all of this is connected to something he did. He starts talking, i think i forgot all of what he said, but a van backs into the room and in it is Ben's friends dressed up oddly, like all of them are about to perform a heist or something. Ben gets into the van and says something about urban exploring and leaves.

      I notice a fire in the main room. They kept it alive all night, throwing in old notebooks and paper to keep it burning. I walk over to my desk and out of habit start checking the stuff on it. I notice my wallet and check that to see if anything is gone. It really shouldn't matter since there's no way this could be my actual desk. I then start checking the drawers. One drawer has a dvd about militia from Chile and as i look at it, I enter a trance and picture myself actually in Chile watching events happen. But i shortly snap out of it and put the dvd up. The dream then ends.
      Tags: friends, house, urbex
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. 12-19-2013

      by , 12-21-2013 at 02:44 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      The Neighbor's Wife:
      I found myself at the doorstep of my neighbor's house. I didn't know who lived here, maybe my parents know. Either way, i knock on the door and the wife of the couple who lives here answers. I ask her if she has a Flash drive. She says something about how i haven't returned the previous item she gave to me. We then somehow start a trading service, i get to know her better, and before i know it, I'm in a relationship with her. The next thing i remember, me and a group of men are inside some mansion in the bathroom. A guy brings in a woman, she's tied up and doesn't have any clothes on.
      The men start taking turns having sex with her, and of course, since I'm young and horny, i get a little excited and manage to gain some awareness, however, as I'm about to do it, the dream fades. I try to stabilize the dream but it's no use, i wake up.

      Christmas Party:
      I'm hosting a christmas party for a bunch of people i know. However, for some reason or another, i tell everyone i won't be there because i'm busy. The day of the party comes and oddly enough, I'm there. I walk outside, it's night, and i can see incredibly far away, the people and area around me are detailed fantastically and the night looks so beautiful.
    3. 7-12-2013 Grandmothers house and Enemy objectives

      by , 07-13-2013 at 02:04 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Mojang Interview:
      So i'm at this gaming convention or something. There's a lot of people there. Mojang ( the guys who made minecraft) are there. Notch steps up on this stage and is saying something or doing something. I get called up to demonstrate something. I get up there and do good for like a minute, then i get stuck in some sort of application on this device. I can't figure out how to close the darn thing. So i'm up there on the stage and everyone is looking at me as i cycle through various windows looking for the close button.

      Either way, notch i guess gets mad and tells me to get off stage. So i walk off and into this room. The room has another door that exits at the back of the crowd. I walk through and see some people. I might have done some other things but i can't remember. I get out, and i see some friends at the back of the crowd. I talk to them and then go to the bathroom. I sit down on the toilet and theres this slab of wood in front of my attached to the ceiling. I wonder what the heck it's for. So i pull it down and it becomes like a screen. Neat!.

      Enemy Objectives:
      My grandmother is having some sort of party so i get dragged over to her house unwillingly by my brother or something. As i get there, it's fun and all, but i sense a deeper plot going on. In this dream, i'm playing like a spy or something. Either way, someone is killed i think and everyone gathers in a ring to collect evidence and find out what happened. I know something but i lie and don't say anything. After that, i walk into the deeper parts of their house, i meet some people.

      One person is at a desk, i really want them to move so i can search through the papers and what not. They eventually move and i start searching. Nothing of interest. Eventually, this lady gives me a quest to assassinate some one. I take it. I get in my mech and i'm now on my farm. I'm fighting this other person, but i'm not doing so good so i call for backup. My backup arrives but his mech is flooding with water.
    4. 7-7-2013 The Unmeritable Unmutable Organization of Vagueness

      by , 07-07-2013 at 06:15 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      The Unmeritable Unmutable Organization of Vagueness:
      Me and some other person are driving up the driveway of my house at night. We pull up and there's this weird old man standing there. We get out and give this old man some pictures we found, they were painted by this old lady ( who i assume was also weird because her paintings were weird ). The old man sits down and goes through all sorts of pictures, he seems very sad and focused, i believe this lady was someone he knew but died and these pictures were the only thing that was left. Either way, next thing i remember, i'm in my room staying the night at the house of this old man ( which is my house irl)

      Now, you might be asking why i pulled up to my house in the first place or why i decided to stay the night there with that old man. Well, i vaguely remember something about me being the savior of the universe last night so i'm just going to assume this has something to do with that.

      Now, it's night and i'm in my room and the creepy old man is in his room. I walk out into the hallway and i see a basket full of possum skeletons and intestines, that is absolutely disgusting. I somehow figure that this basket is a chinese shrine to his cat and he plans to put shrimp on top of the skeletons and have his cat eat them. Okay, well that was messed up. Stupid old man.

      After that, i see an advertisement or something on my tv and it basically tells me that if i kill this old guy, then one of my friends will have to give me a video game. Now, i'm not sure if i killed him but i remember the old man dying.

      After that, i find myself standing on a highway at night in an urban area talking to some other people, we're part of some rpg game and i'm picking my class and then there was also probably some other weird dream concepts involved with that but i don't remember. Next thing i see is this guy making his way to rescue me. The guy is in some rank nasty looking water, now imagine an ocean full of that nasty water. That's what he's in right now, and behind him is a settlement on the water, there's a couple of people on the dock next to him and an abandoned battleship, it's also night here.

      The guy is in the water connecting boats every two feet. The guy just wants to get to his destination so he asks the people on the dock why he has to tie the boats and the people tell him that its because the water rises 3 feet. As the man said that, i instantly become the guy i'm spectating and the water starts rising fast, and before i know it, the darn water sinks that old battleship fast and it creates a big wave and it drags me under the water. Before i went under, i looked at the big wave coming and my face was like ' -_- really, the water has to rise now".

      I eventually come up and i'm there laughing with a bunch of friends. I get out of the water onto the dock area. There this guy invites me to some organization with a funny name, but i forgot the name so i just named it The Unmeritable Unmutable Organization of Vagueness.

      Once i join, i got to move over to the other side of the dock and hang out with the members. There was a bunch of people i know and it was really fun, then one of my friends takes me down a corridor into a room.
      As he does this, i start to focus on my sleeping body and start to lose the dream but as i'm doing this, i also gain lucidity and as that happens. I yell in the dream really fast "Are you lucid?" at my friend, The idea was to focus my mind more on lucidity and the dream and well it worked.

      I then found myself looking at the floor, i looked up and my friend had turned into a child. Then i notice something written on the floor, it says "Valve: 91% happy". I thought this was hilarious and started laughing but it woke me up.

      Deal Breaker:
      I had remembered a lot of this dream and was going to log it last night but i fell asleep. The basic concept was me making some deal with this person but then he betrays me and starts trying to kill me.

      Vampires - Survivors:
      I'm a vampire and i'm in a group with other vampires. We are in this suburban area, the settings appears to be 1930's ish , the buildings are no more than 2 stories high and it's mostly residential.

      However, almost all of the residents are gathered not too far off in the town square for some big party. What the residents don't know is that the government are slowly approaching the town square and are going to kill everyone.

      Our vampire group is a little ways off from the town square, we are running fast, we're trying to escape the government. But first off, we need outfits to blend in with the current population. So we go into an alley in which i find some people, my group goes on ahead of us and i kill the people and take their clothes. i meet up with our group outside a hotel. Me and a girl in our group go into the bathroom and start changing into the clothes i picked up. The other members went into different rooms.

      Next thing i remember. It's about 12 years later and i'm in an area in the northern part of the town. I walk into this dark hotel place. I'm there with just a couple of other members. They stay in the lobby room and i head down a hallway lighting up various rooms, i get to the end of the hallway and see a very creepy looking room, i decide not to look into that room and head back to the lobby. As i get there, one guy says he will join and we should head down the hallway.

      Well, with him here, i suppose we can investigate the room. We find the room and once it's lit up, it's apparently the room of a beautiful vampire princess. After that, we check out the two remaining rooms, one room is a secret garden that contains magical properties that we must protect from the werewolves. As i meet back up with the remaining members in the lobby, the girls decide to go into the room of the vampire princess and start changing clothes in her shower.

      I try to explain that the princess can see them changing in plain sight but they take their clothes off anyway. After that, i go to the airport where some members are waiting there for me. I find out that they got a plane taking us to vail colorado, nice!. As we get on the plane, this cute girl walks up to me and i grab her hand. Next thing i remember, the plane crashed into a mansion with an outside garden. As we crash, i receive objectives to complete. One objective was to collect some objects and i start doing that, one of the other objectives was to kiss something. For the kissing objective, i immediately start trying to find that girl that got on the plane with us.

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    5. 7-6-2013 Train of leadership

      by , 07-07-2013 at 05:23 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Train of leadership:
      I remember the dream starting out with me on a bed surrounded by a group of other people, and then one of my friends calls me and i answer my phone and start talking to them. After that, i see a small town out in the middle of a desert like place, the town is being watched by one of those titans from 'attack on titan' but the titan is waiting for me because the town is controlled by a rebel group and i'm their leader. I then see myself standing in a suburban area at night, debating what i should do. Then i decided i should face the titan head on, so i get on a train with other people of the group and start heading out that way. ( this dream had a lot more to it but since i was really tired, i didn't attempt to wake up when i should have and etc. )
    6. 7-2-2013 10th lucid

      by , 07-02-2013 at 08:57 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      First fragment: I had really long dream at the beginning of last night, it seemed like it went on forever, i remember being zero from code geass and causing all sorts of chaos on my farm

      Second fragment: I killed a giant dragon the size of like a skyscraper.

      I'm in some sort of dusty wasteland-ish city. The city is split into two parts, one part where bandits can live freely and one part which is protected. I'm in the part with bandits... great. Anyway, i run out of ammunition for my rifle and i decide to go to the store to buy more but the bandits start trying to kill me and then of course this leads to a long chain of events in which i hijack one their vehicles and start driving away and etc..

      Now, i try to go get ammunition one more time so they still get in my way so i'm just like "screw that" and start driving up to the town square to move into the safe part of the city. Well, i get up there and this martial arts class is having some sort of ceremony but i walk through it anyway xD. I start looking for the door but can't find it. Eventually, this martial arts person comes up to me and asks me to join their dojo and i'm like no, i'm already training somewhere else.

      But then i look down and realize i have a black belt on and i'm like wait..i'm not a black belt yet. And this is where i become lucid. However, this lucid i can think clearly, finally, i have a high level of lucidity and since i do, i reminded myself to do a DEILD when i wake back up. Anyway, i see the door that leads to the peaceful part of the city and i head that way, as i do, i look at my hands and they have long and short fingers scattered here and there.

      For some reason, the weird hands may have freaked me out a little and that made me lose a bit of control, my teeth started clicking together, like what happens when it's cold and you start shaking. So that happened and it was uncontrollable to the point i could hardly speak. Eventually, i wake up and do the DEILD. Let me you tell you, i wasn't ready for it at all xD. My body started shaking violently and since i wasn't expecting it, it was sort of a shock and i couldn't proceed but it was cool none the less.

      So this marks some milestones! I'm about to hit 25 dreams logged on here, I just hit 10 lucids , I also had a lucid dream the last night so this was exciting(2 in a row!) , And i managed to have a high level of lucidity which allowed me to think clearly. Next milestones up are: 50 dreams logged on here , 25 lucids , and dream control/awareness.
    7. 7-1-2013 Arcade games and Candy

      by , 07-01-2013 at 06:11 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      I find myself in a room full of candy, I went around inspecting it. Then i sat down and ate some. However, i looked over and noticed a black man sitting in a chair. I instantly thought "Oops, this guy must think i'm either stupid or a thief that isn't aware at all". I talk to the guy and i find out he's part of a group that films porn videos and that he thinks my presence in this room must mean i want to join. I thought " Oh geez, no i don't want to join". But the guy like forces me to get up and follow him to the club room.

      However, there i find a group of some friends i don't normally talk to. The expressions on their face were like "what the hell is he doing here?" And i'm thinking in my head "calm down! i can explain, i promise!". But i soon find out that they actually don't film porn at all and it's actually a casual group that meets occasional, but still, i don't want any part of it. The group sits down in some chairs and starts chatting and etc.

      There's some room behind me and some glass windows behind the free space, i looked over there and i see two mechs fighting inside the room, one mech is completely dominated by the other but before i can see who piloted the winning mech. I see a van with C.C ( from code geass) in it. I instantly jump up and run outside to see what she's up to, she's apparently talking on skype and fixing pizzas in ovens inside the van.

      I went back inside and looked back at the place where the mechs fought, i saw the lady who piloted it, but then this other lady caught my gaze, she gave me a freaking terribly angry look and i just smiled and slowly ran out of the building xD.

      Samurai fight:
      My friend is on some bridge fighting a samurai with a katana. He's my friend but in this dream ,he plays the role of my brother. Eventually, my brother wins and he gets experience points for beating him.

      Lucid #9:
      I remember becoming lucid in my living room. I think it had something to do with one of my dream characters talking about it. Either way, the DC walks out into my garage, but as i follow him , i remember to root myself in the dream and gain some awareness so i look at my hands and one hand has 4 fingers, great, but the other has 5 fingers. I wake up as i attempt to grab a pot of soup but i sort of fail to grab it because i'm not used to using a hand with 5 fingers and a thumb.

      Governors mansion and the arcade:
      Me and my dad are some mansion that apparently the governor owns. We stop and look around and as we do, my sister comes up and she brings the governor with her, she's dating him. I decide i didn't want to sit there and hang with them, so i went down to where my friend works and we go to some arcade. Everything is overpriced though so i walk over to a pit with a lot of food in it and press a button which lights the whole pit on fire and starts cooking all the food. I eventually stop it and grab a piece of bread, i then start shaping it into coins so i can play games for free hehe. But it takes too long so i just eat it.

      Lawn Mower:
      I bought a lawn mower and i'm driving my dads truck but my truck is in the middle of the road and my lawn mower is sitting out on the side. I decide i should move the truck first so i do and as i come back to pick up the mower, some one has stolen it, great D:
      lucid , non-lucid
    8. 6-29-2013 Shinobu oshino and Jail

      by , 06-29-2013 at 07:42 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid.

      Robots and zippo lighters:
      In this dream, i'm a pilot of a mech, but my mech isn't fully upgraded so i'm hiding in my garage hoping to avoid the other mechs so my mech won't be destroyed. After a while, i eventually walk out and find tons of zippo lighters on the ground, and of course, my attitude is, 'hey these could be useful'. So i walk around collecting a ton of those. I think i eventually see a person but i can't remember. The dream takes place on my farm at night by the way.

      Also, i mentioned Shinobu oshino in my log title ( she is a character from the -monogatari anime series ). That's because somewhere in this dream, i saw her or something. I can't remember what happened except for the fact i saw her.

      The theme of this dream is like the gamemode Jailbreak from cs:s. I'm a prisoner but i get left behind, in this dream, the goal was to get a bomb and plant it somewhere in a courtyard. Since i was left behind, there are no cops to stop me from looting the bomb off a body. So i get the bomb and i go through sewer pipes into the courtyard and as i'm about to plant it. The cops shoot me and i die.

      Next round, only my dad and sister are the cops and i'm the only prisoner. Next thing i know, they are in my room attaching pins and buttons to my t-shirt.

      I'm in a big open metallic looking room with other people. We are all standing still, there is a girl walking around giving us orders. I open my mouth to ask a question as she walks by and the look on her face was absolutely terrifying, the young tough lady then starting yelling at me and told me to give her 5 dollars so i did. Then she gets even more mad because i wasn't suppose to give her money.

      Eventually, she leaves me alone and continues to walk around yelling at people. She gets back around and tells me to give her money again and i do ( forgetting what happened last time) but i was too late, she snatched the money just as i remembered what she had told me. So i start chasing her and i tackle her down and rip the money from her hands.

      After that scene, all of us are sent to like this nice little living room place. Not too bad for a jail xD. Next thing i know, the girl is having a feast with me and my family. I'm afraid at the thought because i know she's going to do something bad. So i walk outside for the feast, but i see no one so i keep walking, i eventually get the some woods and i see some indian like shelters, i'm afraid the owner is going to come back and catch me around his stuff so i walk back.

      I find my family sitting around a big fire. As i sit down, all the prisoners escape, so i decide that in the chaos, i will flee too. I start running, this new girl joins by my side but speeds up for no reason. I look behind me to see this guy chasing me. He's throwing alcohol on these ant hills and to my surprise, they're exploding. This is all i remember.
    9. 6-24-2013 Hotel dream lecture

      by , 06-24-2013 at 09:42 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , side notes.

      Hotel Dream Lecture:
      I had chosen to stay overnight at some hotel. The hotel had shower chambers outside with the guest's name on the shower door. I looked around but couldn't find mine,although i did see a shower with the name "caenis lucidis" on it and inside was a female with a good looking body. I suppose the name was a reference to "CanisLucidus", a user on here that i haven't met before. A little odd but pretty cool.

      since i couldn't find my shower, i decided to get in some nearby line, whatever the line was for, i have no idea. As i was waiting, i noticed this person standing on a ladder giving a speech to a crowd about lucid dreaming. After that, i decided i should go get some food, i found myself on my farm looking for food. As i was doing that, i was ambushed by bandits which i quickly gunned down as i was hiding in a bush.

      Next thing i know, i'm at this summer camp, these people are bringing giant coke coolers. They have diet coke and reguler coke, they also have tea and i decide i want the tea, but the tea has no ice in it. So i get coke even though i never drink coke in waking life. As im getting it, i literally crush the cup the coke is pouring into and everyone gives me a weird look. xD

      Fragment #1: I'm in some sort of old game, it appears to be daggerfall, i'm there inside the game with a couple of friends.
    10. 6-23-2013 party time!

      by , 06-24-2013 at 09:23 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , side notes.

      Fragment #1: I remember using a phone app which had a virus on it. The virus transported me inside the game in which i took the place of a lonely ghost.

      Fragment #2: I remember being in some sort of jungle collecting resources and blowing things up.

      Party: I'm on my farm, my mom is yelling nonstop at my brother, my brother soon leaves. Next thing i know, i've gone to some summer camp, which took place in my basement. While i was in my basement, i noticed a kid and a man. The kid had paid the man 1.3 million dollars to act out something but the man demanded a blowjob from the kid, and the kid didn't want to feel as if he lost his money...so...anyway, i didn't want to watch any of that so i headed up the stairs. As i head up, i see some friends of mine smoking outside and one smoking on the stairs, i tell him something that had the meaning of "don't smoke in here, go outside" because i didn't want the smoke smell in the house.

      Eventually, i find myself going to a party with them. I think i remember going to like two of them and then a third one, i don't remember the first two but i do remember the third. At the location of the third party, there was a big dome which had stores in it, on top of the dome was a thorn bush and elevated above that thorn bush was the house the party took place in. It started out with me walking on some wooden stairs up to the house at the top, i saw some other friends there as well. I also notice some idiots diving into the thorn bush on top of the dome. Then, all of a sudden, an alien like creature attacks us. I run over and do a front snap kick and manage to hit it. It then gets up and jumps behind us, i then run over and attempt a chop at it's neck but it dodges it. What happened to it next, i have no clue.

      After that little incident, i decide to walk down and check the dome out, there, i meet this lady which tries to teach me warm ups for basketball.
      ( why my dreamself would do this, i have no clue, i dislike basketball a lot and already know stretches and etc from martial arts). I then see my family in the distance, so i run over to meet them, they decide they want to leave so i go with them. They drove two cars, i get in the one with my dad, who then drives up to a gas station and crashes into it.
    11. 6-22-2013 7th Lucid and the Movies!

      by , 06-22-2013 at 07:14 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      7th Lucid:

      Summary: I just woke up from the first dream i had. I'm in my bedroom, but i suddenly got a feeling, something wasn't right, this didn't feel normal. It then occurred to me that this could be a dream.
      So i then did a reality check and it was a dream. I had a false awakening and was now lucid. The level of lucid was low however, i was still lucid but not all the way there. My room was dark. I quickly closed my eyes and tried to teleport to a beach. But it didn't work
      (if my level of lucidity was higher, i would have had the sense to try again), so i decided to look around my room some more, i saw a skeleton in my bathroom. Well, since i couldn't go to the beach, i decided i'm going to go over and kick that stupid creepy skeleton out of my bathroom. As i did this, i woke up.

      Time: About 4 and a half hours after falling asleep.

      Break in: I'm driving a car, i have two people in the back, i guess they are my partners, but half way to our destination, they jump out. (idiots) So i finally get to a room in some building, i have some gloves on and other materials with me, it looks as if i'm about to break in to some ones house. Well, my partners are gone so i wait there. Some one comes over eventually but their not my partners. it's a fat guy and some girl from one piece. The girl walks over and tells me that she doesn't want to hear my fucking complaining anymore. The expression on my face was kind of like: Umm, what? screw you too, go away.

      Information Runner: The dream starts off with me and my dad. We're on top of a building in the outskirts of a city. The setting is in the future, the government has messed like everything up, people are starving, and me and my dad are part of a resistance, we go and gather information. Anyway, at this point, we're looking for a doctor for some reason. We get down from the building and eventually find a woman with an injured child heading somewhere. We decide that she must know where a doctor is so we follow her. She turns between some houses but we stop. We come up to a house that's sort of elevated off the ground, and it has a very small crawlspace along the ground that we can use to get to the top of the house. So me and my dad crawl along the ground on this slope with the house floor above us. We crawl and i step on a nail with my right foot. That stung a little. Anyway, we get to the top of the house and walk in, there, my dad relays information while i stock up on some guns. The dream ended here.

      The movies!: I go with my friends to the movies. The movie we're seeing hasn't started yet so i go to the bathroom. The bathroom is freaking huge, there's even people taking showers in here. Either way, i go up and learn against a wall and start peeing. I literally set there and pee for like 2 minutes straight. When i'm done, i walk out of the bathroom and see a stand with people giving out candy. I head on into the theater, the movie has started. I desperately walk around to find my backpack, i finally find it after making such noise. I'm afraid to get up and find my friends because i've already made a lot of noise. But i don't care, i end up jumping over like 5 seats before i find my friends. Once i find them, these two fat blond ladies come up to our group claiming they know me. One hugs me and i freak out, i tell them to back off and tell me their names. They do and they sound vaguely familiar but i otherwise don't know them. The dream ended there.

      Tractors: I'm outside with my dad, and someone is selling guns. this guy is selling an ak-47 for $10,000 dollars, and a grenade launcher for $50,000. I get into an argument about how crazily overpriced the grenade launcher is. ( my dream self doesn't seem to realize that the ak-47 is $10,000....that itself is insane). Either way, i give up and walk into my house and sleep. However, in the middle of the night, i see lights outside. I get excited and i'm like "Yeah, time to see what's going on out here". i look out and i see two of our tractors driving around the yard. I look closer and notice no one is driving them, the tractors are driving themselves. This was freaking weird, i didn't know how to respond to that. I then go to my dad, and he replies "Oh yeah...that sometimes happens" in a casual voice. How is this not a big deal for him?!?!

      Skateboard rivals:
      The only thing i remember about this one, is that i'm in a futuristic looking town in some park. I notice that two rival skateboard gangs are challenging each other ( yeah...skateboard gangs that are fighting over which skateboard style is better ). They do some crazy tricks and i think i remember something about them eventually blowing up the park because one guy jumps up like 2 miles into the air and on impact...his skateboard exploded. xD
    12. 6-09-2013 Stupid friends

      by , 06-09-2013 at 11:04 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      Stupid Friends
      Time: Logged at 6:02 AM, around 6 hours after falling asleep, first dream remembered.

      Dream Summary:I'm rooming at some temple place out in the woods, a bunch of my classmates are there. A bus pulls up, it's mid day, We all load up some stuff for the trip we're about to take and get on. The bus stays in place for a good two hours getting ready. While we are waiting, me and a group of friends all get on some phone game and start playing. The goal of the game is to play different games and earn in-game money which can then be used to upgrade your village. As i'm in-game, i play some sort of game on a very hard difficulty setting, i run through avoiding the enemies and compete the mission. I do this one more time but this time, the mission is harder but i complete it and earn a massive amount of in-game cash, like really massive, enough to practically buy every thing the in-game shop has to offer. However, in order to protect your in-game character from losing the money you earned, you have to deposit it in a bank. I go to do this, but as i do this, my friends all say they want to play in-game volleyball. This absolutely pisses me off because i was forced to play and lost all of my money. I mean seriously, what in the heck. It would of taken all of like 2 seconds to deposit cash, only two seconds! but no, my friends are impatient so i had no choice. The bus is still stopped, so i walk outside and pee by a tree (the temple is out in the woods so i can go to the bathroom where i want ). I'm furious so i sit there and pee for like a straight minute, i'm even more angry at the fact my friend brought his girlfriend out and started talking to her close to the place i was peeing. What a showoff bastard.

      Eventually, we get back on the bus, this time it's leaving. As we travel down the road, my backpack falls out of the bus as we cross into another road, i'm panicking . Now my backpack is sitting on a road that connects the two roads, I think hopefully that it may stay there. But nope, a giant cargo truck comes through, the backpack gets stuck on the truck front and whats worse is that the truck is going in the opposite direction and away from our temple home. I'm setting in my bus sit and i can't even say a word, my face is just full of disbelief and shock. First i lost my money and now my backpack, the only emotion that went on at the moment was: F*CK!. My anger was through the roof.

      The bus gets to a temporary stop, and somehow but luckily my mom is there and she has her car. I grab one of those fold out plastic lightsabers. ( my plan was to reach out the window and scoop my backpack up with the end of the lightsaber when we got close to the truck, not that it would ever work though... D: ). However, my mom says she hears noises outside. It's night so i can't really see much. However, i hear the sounds that the predators make. (hopefully you all know what im talking about, the sound the predator made from the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger). It's night but i can still make out shapes and believe it or not, it's those damn bobcats from last nights dream. At this moment, i was feeling this: "You have to be kidding me " And that's how it ended.

      My thoughts: This dream really pissed me off. It was pretty cool though, seeing how my emotions could be like that, even in a non-lucid dream. Makes me want to try to lucid dream even more.