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    Subjects' Dream Journal

    1. 12-20-2013

      by , 12-21-2013 at 10:13 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Ship Stealing:
      Me and another person are sneaking around on some alien planet. We're in a thick green forest and are approaching a clearing. The clearing has a big wreck of metal in the middle, the suns rays are shining through the trees and making it a cool scene. The place seems abandoned and somewhat hidden within the forest. We go down into the clearing and inside the wreck, there is a fully functioning space ship. We quickly get it started. As we do this, we constantly check the forest around us for other people. No one shows up and we make it out with a nice new ship.

      Night Theater:
      Me and a group of friends are traveling around at night by a movie theater. I have absolutely no clue what we are doing, but I think i can remember at one point, a police officer shows up and we all run off into the night.

      Me and another person are playing a FPS. I bet him that i can kill him a certain number of times before a set time limit. He accepts. We start at different places in a large open map. The map is about as big as a city. When we would find each other, we had intense fights until one of us finally died. I got close to the number of kills i needed but i had to go do something so i ended the game.

      Living Elf Evangelion figures:
      I'm in my room eating and two figures get mad at me and run off. The figures were sort of like toys and resembled a mix of some character off of evangelion and puck from berserk. Two friends of mine walk in and after talking, i ask them to help me look for them. We find them and i start repairing them. I then later attend a band practice that takes place at my grandmothers house and i take those figures with me. The dream ends with a lady asking me why i have them.

      You ain't gonna shoot me bro!
      I'm in a sort of game with mechanics resembling Dark Souls. I'm roaming down a country road with lots of odd and sketchy looking houses. I eventually walk into a carnival. At this carnival. There's an important political figure giving a speech. His speech gets interrupted when a sniper shows up on the entrance gate at the top of the hill. The sniper threatens to shoot him and the governor guy just says "You ain't gonna shoot me bro!" in a mocking tone and well... he gets shot in the chest and i, along with some other people, end up rushing the injured guy out of there.

      Rust Survival:
      I'm playing Rust. I'm currently on a city map and in a mansion. The mansion gets invaded by a swat team and we have a long and exciting fight as i slowly but surely kill all of them. It was a close battle too, almost didn't make it. The next thing i know, I'm taking a green mustang from my grandparents house and doing maintenance on it.
    2. 7-17-2013 Storming baseball

      by , 07-18-2013 at 01:00 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Church clothes:
      I find myself attending some church service, i remember that i don't want to be here but i had to. It's early in the morning. After the service was over, i start to go home and take a nap before i have to come back at 3. As i walk out of the church, i see a girl i know. I open my mouth to say something, but i'm in too much of a shock from seeing her that i can't say anything. I walk past her and i'm still a little surprised she was here. I get home and i'm at my grandparents house. I go to their bed and sleep. I wake up at about 2:45 and i start to get ready to go back. As i get ready, i notice i can't find my clothes. I start asking my grandparents but they don't help.

      Storming baseball:
      I remember being outside near my house throwing baseballs or something. Then it starts to rain hard. A person who appears to be my rival is next to me. It starts to rain so i get an umbrella and start to leave but my master tells me to stay. So i drop the umbrella and go back to throwing but in the rain this time. I pick up a baseball and as i squeeze the ball to throw it, there's a hole in the ball and this black oil-like substance is flowing out. That's about all i can remember, i know that this dream had a deeper plot to it but i forgot.

      Borderlands defense:
      I'm in borderlands 2 and me and a friend are on a tower shooting crawling monsters. I kill one and it drops health upgrades but a girl takes them.

      comments: Well, that wasn't really much at all, tonight, i will do better. ( i mean it this time!)
    3. 7-10-2013 Glorious View

      by , 07-11-2013 at 12:22 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Killing Floor Of Traveling:
      I remember being in a room in what seemed like an abandoned town. The room was locked and it was infested with undead. I was with a partner of mine. I think it was dusk out. Anyway, we go in and kill the zombies. I don't remember exactly what happened next, but i believe we talked inside the room. I felt like i couldn't trust my partner. He was a mysterious person, i didn't like the vibe i got from him.

      Next scene i remember, i'm at my grandmothers house, i might be driving one of their cars or talking to someone. And at another scene, I was on a high speed rail. I was traveling to someplace, i think i had a reason to go to that place but at the same time, i felt a feeling of being lost and having no place to go. The train stops and the passengers and i get out. I then start out to go to my destination but a guy driving a tractor with a wagon attached to the back comes by the train and picks people up to take them to their destination. I get on.

      The final scene, I'm on some continent, investigating different places of interest. I remember going to various places and then checking my map, The map had zones drawn on it and it was colored with the level of risk each zone had associated with it. As i'm traveling, i get to a foresty place with construction taking place not too far off on a hill.
      At this point, i gain lucidity, and decide to head over to the hill, i stop and have a chat with one of the construction workers as i walk up. As i get to the hill, the sight is absolutely amazing. In the distance, i see a desert area with a river flowing out to an ocean. The river had rich looking houses built next to it. The sun was also shining down. It was a great.

      Heavy Backstab:

      I was in a game of TF2. The game had three people in it. The objective was to backstab the heavy as a spy, Or if your the heavy, survive. The first two rounds, i was spy. The first round i won and backstabbed the heavy in what looked like a mid-constructed building. The next round took place at my house. I tried to backstab but missed and then the other spy came and was about to win but i killed him and then i killed the heavy with my pistol. I guess it was cheating but meh. The third round, about 5 people joined. I played as a heavy this round, there were also two other heavys. There were about four spies. The heavys got chainsaws this time. I got the idea to form a circle and each of us chainsaw a certain radius so we can ward off invisible spies. It worked for the most part. I remember sawing a spy through his chest but he remained invisible because he was still alive. I later came back and sawed the head off. As i did that, the other spies called a vote to kick me or something because our circle was sort of cheating.