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    Subjects' Dream Journal

    1. 1-5-2014

      by , 01-06-2014 at 05:49 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      A Rusty Death:
      I'm playing rust and I'm gathering materials to craft. As i gather, someone shoots at me so i start running between trees in an attempt to find a spot safe enough to return fire. I get behind a rock and kill my enemy. Shortly after, a person sneaks up behind me and kills me. But i respawn extremely close by and happen to respawn with a gun too. So i run over to the the guy who killed me and is now looting my body and i shoot him. I hide in some grass and a new person comes up to the now dead bandit. I kill him too. Then a guy on a horse shows up. He gets off to check the bodies and i shoot his horse which is now running away. I only land a couple of hits on him. He starts walking over to me. As he does, 4 people stand up in the grass around me and also start heading over to me. At this point, I see no hope of escape so i just stand still speechless that they surrounded me. As the leader of the group nears me, he hits me with the back of his gun and i die.

      Cave Torch
      It's dusk and I'm out on a barren plane traveling with another man. We're riding horses. He starts talking about how he's going to kill his horse and eat it. I call him out and say that he's lying which he was. After a while, we make it to a cave and we walk in. The cave looks like someone used to live in it, it's stocked with all sorts of stuff and is in nice condition. We start taking torches and lighting the walls up. I make a remark about how the torches emit more light in your hands than on the wall (in this dream, the torches really did emit more light in your hands). After we get the whole cave lit up. My partner goes off into some room. I start looting all the barrels and chests laying around. Then, as i open one chest, an alarm goes off. Me and my partner react like we're playing payday 2. We immediately find two people and take them hostage.

      As night falls, I only notice 3 people in the cave: Me, my partner, and a young lady we tied up when the alarm went off. I can't find the other person. The cave itself is now like a small house with bedrooms, a tv and so on. The lady goes off to bed. My partner is now a fat mean man and is drinking while watching TV. I lay down on a couch and suddenly, i get a vision of myself. I'm a woman traveling in the astral plane in an attempt to communicate with the lady that is now asleep. That's where the dream ends.
    2. 1-1-2014

      by , 01-02-2014 at 11:49 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Castlevania Escape:
      I'm at my grandparents house watching the matrix. As i watch, i notice this kid that keeps stealing my dvds. As I get up to confront him, the scene changes. I'm now on a rocky hill, surrounded by Africans. I'm taking part in some ritual of theirs and learning their culture. Then, the next thing i remember, I'm now near a building. The surroundings are tropical. The place seems to be in a valley. I'm watching the Africans from before performing a play. In their play, i notice that they are using my shoes. As i see this, i turn and start asking my mom why they have my shoes and we get into an argument. After that, i wander around and meet a group of women my age. One of them runs into me and seems to be really attracted to me. I get her phone number.

      Soon after, The world changes. Everything is dark. The building turns into a castle infested with monsters. There's also people fighting those monsters. It now has a fantasy setting and would be similar to an mmo game. I jump around along the second level of the building and then jump down. A group of players swarm by me followed by a large monster. I run out with the group of players and follow them up a hill which leads to a snowy landscape. As we head up the hill, a player transforms into a rainbow and takes out the monster following us.

      I then find myself at a safe town. Players are everything doing various tasks such as crafting and selling. One group i notice is building a machine which revives players but at a cost. I walk to a nearby tent and start repairing and crafting weapons. In my inventory, I notice i have obtained a key to a high level dungeon.
    3. 12-20-2013

      by , 12-21-2013 at 10:13 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Ship Stealing:
      Me and another person are sneaking around on some alien planet. We're in a thick green forest and are approaching a clearing. The clearing has a big wreck of metal in the middle, the suns rays are shining through the trees and making it a cool scene. The place seems abandoned and somewhat hidden within the forest. We go down into the clearing and inside the wreck, there is a fully functioning space ship. We quickly get it started. As we do this, we constantly check the forest around us for other people. No one shows up and we make it out with a nice new ship.

      Night Theater:
      Me and a group of friends are traveling around at night by a movie theater. I have absolutely no clue what we are doing, but I think i can remember at one point, a police officer shows up and we all run off into the night.

      Me and another person are playing a FPS. I bet him that i can kill him a certain number of times before a set time limit. He accepts. We start at different places in a large open map. The map is about as big as a city. When we would find each other, we had intense fights until one of us finally died. I got close to the number of kills i needed but i had to go do something so i ended the game.

      Living Elf Evangelion figures:
      I'm in my room eating and two figures get mad at me and run off. The figures were sort of like toys and resembled a mix of some character off of evangelion and puck from berserk. Two friends of mine walk in and after talking, i ask them to help me look for them. We find them and i start repairing them. I then later attend a band practice that takes place at my grandmothers house and i take those figures with me. The dream ends with a lady asking me why i have them.

      You ain't gonna shoot me bro!
      I'm in a sort of game with mechanics resembling Dark Souls. I'm roaming down a country road with lots of odd and sketchy looking houses. I eventually walk into a carnival. At this carnival. There's an important political figure giving a speech. His speech gets interrupted when a sniper shows up on the entrance gate at the top of the hill. The sniper threatens to shoot him and the governor guy just says "You ain't gonna shoot me bro!" in a mocking tone and well... he gets shot in the chest and i, along with some other people, end up rushing the injured guy out of there.

      Rust Survival:
      I'm playing Rust. I'm currently on a city map and in a mansion. The mansion gets invaded by a swat team and we have a long and exciting fight as i slowly but surely kill all of them. It was a close battle too, almost didn't make it. The next thing i know, I'm taking a green mustang from my grandparents house and doing maintenance on it.
    4. 12-19-2013

      by , 12-21-2013 at 02:44 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Non-Lucid , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      The Neighbor's Wife:
      I found myself at the doorstep of my neighbor's house. I didn't know who lived here, maybe my parents know. Either way, i knock on the door and the wife of the couple who lives here answers. I ask her if she has a Flash drive. She says something about how i haven't returned the previous item she gave to me. We then somehow start a trading service, i get to know her better, and before i know it, I'm in a relationship with her. The next thing i remember, me and a group of men are inside some mansion in the bathroom. A guy brings in a woman, she's tied up and doesn't have any clothes on.
      The men start taking turns having sex with her, and of course, since I'm young and horny, i get a little excited and manage to gain some awareness, however, as I'm about to do it, the dream fades. I try to stabilize the dream but it's no use, i wake up.

      Christmas Party:
      I'm hosting a christmas party for a bunch of people i know. However, for some reason or another, i tell everyone i won't be there because i'm busy. The day of the party comes and oddly enough, I'm there. I walk outside, it's night, and i can see incredibly far away, the people and area around me are detailed fantastically and the night looks so beautiful.
    5. 8-11-2013 and 8-12-2013 A person who cares

      by , 08-13-2013 at 03:37 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      I didn't log that night...hehe sorry

      The Wrong Lane:
      It's night, and i'm driving on an elevated highway near a swamp village in the middle of nowhere. I get to the top of a hill, i'm driving pretty fast. However, i run off into wrong lane and i hit a ramp which sends my car into the air. I hit some wooden supports as i fall. I then land on a wooden platform. This man then starts chasing me, i run and jump into the swamp below. I make it to a ladder connected to the nearby village land. I climb up and then start lifting weights with some weird guy from the cartoon ed, edd and eddy.

      A person who cares:
      It's night ( lol it's always night! xD ). I arrive at some dojo i've never been to. There's some people i don't know. As class starts, they line up in some weird fashion and i get really confused, i don't know if they're lining up by rank or height. This frustrates me a lot. I then come back later that night and steal some of their souls! Next thing i know, i'm at my house with some kid. We're outside and it's still night ( yep more sexy night time ). We look in the distance and see search helicopters looking for something.

      This gets me worried, i'm afraid something may have happened. The kid then picks me up in an atv, i quickly tell him to stop because i have a bad feeling like a murderer is on the loose or something. I then see my dad and start talking to him. As i do, i see more search helicopters in the background. Something is definitely going on. Then suddenly, my dad picks me up and rushes me inside the house. He must have saw something behind me i thought.
    6. 8-6-2013 A Word not said

      by , 08-06-2013 at 05:10 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      The past couple of nights, i haven't been doing much with logging and dreaming so last night, i did some quick meditation before bed to get me focused. It helped a lot. I had about 5 dreams last night but they separated out into two main stories.

      A lost band with a laughing maniac:
      It's night, i'm out in the front yard and i'm practicing with my marching band. We play some songs and we then head to sectionals. However, i lost my section so i wander aimlessly around the house. My band teacher then comes around and tells me to do push ups later. As i continue around the house, i start hopping and manage to hurt my leg a little. I then get back to the garage and meet up with my section. As i meet up, i take a jelly donut from a trumpets shoe.

      We have to go back to full band rehearsal so i put the donut down and go play. Soon after, we eat lunch, as we sit down. Someone makes a joke and i start laughing like a guy i know and another friend notices this and thinks it's funny. The next night, i go out for practice and i realize i have no lunch packed and i haven't brushed my teeth. The scene then changes to my bathroom, apparently all the band kids are staying at my house and we have to share my bathroom, how fantastic D:

      So i get out of the shower and dry myself off in front of like 5 other kids and proceed to brush my teeth. I then go out into a cafeteria and realize i have no lunch again today. Then some weird guy starts yelling about how kids don't know how to put mustard on their food properly, he then demonstrates by comparing sliding the mustard bottle over food to sliding a greasy hand over skin. Then a very hairy man jumps up onto a table with no shirt on and burps loudly. The dream then ends with my mom bringing me a lunch.

      A Word not said:
      I'm at my house with some people. We have guns. We must be holding up at my house to defend against something. A car alarm goes off nearby and three of us go out to investigate. i'm still in the house and hear gunshots, i look outside across my farm and see a man with a shotgun walking away. The others come back inside and say it was just an accident, they mention nothing about gunshots and when i tell them what i saw and heard, they say i'm going crazy.

      Then, i go outside and start walking, as i'm walking, a kid comes up and tries to take my shotgun so i shoot him. Then the others try to kill me so i shoot most of them but one starts chasing me and i run, i jump over various obstacles and have a really intense chase.

      The dream then sort of restarts. I'm in the house and then some one randomly goes outside at night and opens fire. To my surprise, people were hiding in the grass around the house and they spring up and start shooting in our direction. The house is under attack. I run inside and lock the door behind me, i run to the front end of the house and grab a baseball bat. I exit out the front and start running again. Somewhere along the way, i meet up with some friends.

      We start running together and make it to a church, at the church is a man with piercings through his nose and a cool haircut. He hands us shurikens and leads us to a van. My friend takes the drivers seat and i get in the passengers seat. The man tells us to wait for a big lightning strike before we can leave, he also says that the lightning will be a sign from god to let us know when to head out. We look up and see a storm, we see some small lightning out in the distance and decide to take off. Mostly because the enemies were still coming our way with rifles.

      This seemed to make the religious man mad. As we drive, we eventually come up to his floating head which then explodes. As it explodes, everyone around me turns into a zombie. I get out and run, i make it to a small island. Then this girl starts chasing me, i run but can't keep it up and she eats me.
    7. 8-5-2013 Defending dagger

      by , 08-06-2013 at 02:02 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      So..... I didn't log last night. My past couple of logs have also not been very vivid. So, tonight, i'm going to focus and meditate a little before bed. This should sort of remind myself to wake up after a rem cycle is complete and log instead of being lazy.

      Anyway, what i remember:

      Defending dagger:
      It's night, i'm outside on my farm. Me and a friend are vampires and as a result, my family is planning to kill us, or at least i think that was the plot. So i'm outside with a knife, my family members are running at me and i'm slicing them one by one to wound them enough to stop them. I then wound a little girl pretty badly ( i didn't know i had a little sister in my dream world :3 ). because i hurt her, i can't help but break down and cry.

      Then the plot slowly turns to me watching a movie part by part which is being projected onto the lawn.

      I was talking with a girl i know about a written drivers test and she said it had like 2000 questions and i was a bit shocked.
    8. 7-9-2013 Focused dimension power

      by , 07-09-2013 at 08:10 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Third Person mission:
      In this dream, i spectate 4 different people. One person, which i think is me, is guarding something inside this huge machine carrier vehicle. Inside the vehicle is a mech, and behind the mech is me, as i'm guarding, another person lands on the vehicle with his mech, the person gets out and infiltrates the vehicle. He gets to my room and we fight. I can't remember who wins.

      The other 2 people i spectate are two people fighting in mechs.

      Burned betrayal:
      I'm in my house, and my mother is cooking something. As i approach, she then takes a hot pot with boiling water in it and smacks my hand. My hand then gets burned pretty bad. I run out of the house, outside it's night and the sky is abnormally dark.

      Dragon Truth:
      I'm on a bridge, people dress like they would in the middle ages. It's very crowded. There are various shops scattered around. As i see myself walking, a dragon awakens in a distant land. As it does, i'm forced to go around and tell the truth to people. This means i basically tell them what i really think about them. I remember walking up to some shops and shouting rude comment at people. I also remember getting a glimpse of a dangerous looking person that seemed to be located far away.

      Friends piano:

      I'm in my room with two friends i know, one is playing some sick dream theater tunes on the piano. After a while of that, another friend calls me up and tells me to meet in front of a store. I get to the store and my friend isn't there but rather, a group of other people i know. The group is being led by a mysterious painted talking face.

      Card shopping:
      I'm with my cousin, we're in a giant shopping mall, we're on like the 40th floor of this giant building. It's night time and the store is closing and no guards are around. So i tell my friend to steal some yu-gi-oh cards but then these two asian kids come around and they start trolling us. At one point, i'm pretty one of them sprayed some stuff in my face. However, two guards eventually come up and tell us to leave.

      Focused dimension power:
      It's daytime, and i'm at a park in some big urban city. I'm standing by a fountain, the fountain has tons of pretty girls by it. As i walk around, i eventually see my two friends waving at me from the top of a really tall sky scraper. I start running and make it up there. Once all three of us are out of public view, we unleash our dream powers and i open a dimension portal in which time is infinite. The portal only stays open for a short amount of time, so i quickly send my friend in there while casting various spells to maintain the portal, and as i have about 7 seconds left, i pull him back out.

      Foreign Half life:
      I'm watching this foreign person play half life 2. I eventually see him stop playing and i get to see his family and what not, he had a pretty chaotic house.
    9. 7-6-2013 Train of leadership

      by , 07-07-2013 at 05:23 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      Train of leadership:
      I remember the dream starting out with me on a bed surrounded by a group of other people, and then one of my friends calls me and i answer my phone and start talking to them. After that, i see a small town out in the middle of a desert like place, the town is being watched by one of those titans from 'attack on titan' but the titan is waiting for me because the town is controlled by a rebel group and i'm their leader. I then see myself standing in a suburban area at night, debating what i should do. Then i decided i should face the titan head on, so i get on a train with other people of the group and start heading out that way. ( this dream had a lot more to it but since i was really tired, i didn't attempt to wake up when i should have and etc. )
    10. 6-25-2013 Night music and Monkey D Luffy

      by , 06-25-2013 at 07:59 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      Night Music:
      So this dream i had last night, it was decently long and there was more to it then i remember. All i remember is the end, how annoying D: . Oh well, here's what i remember. I was outside on my farm, it was night and i was in a tent. I had headphones on and was listening to strange music, i felt that the music might have been to keep myself from hearing the sounds from my surroundings and instead, only hear my music. Which is weird, but either way, i get out of the tent and starting reading these stories and then i would cover them in some sort of sticky liquid and place them on some sort of stand.

      Monkey D Luffy:
      In this dream , i was monkey d luffy from one piece. Me and my crew were waiting by some shop. The shop eventually opens and i go in and have a chat with the owner and such, but before i know it, my crew has already left in the ship. Now i start running outside toward the shore. Between me and shore are pointy small mountains and the tide goes really high so it fills the gaps between the mountains. As i run over there, i get caught in the coming tide and i can't move because well.. i have the ability of the devil fruit and therefor cant swim. Either way, the ship comes back, and the next thing i know, we're all competing to earn black belts in some martial art or something.
    11. 6-09-2013 Stupid friends

      by , 06-09-2013 at 11:04 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      Stupid Friends
      Time: Logged at 6:02 AM, around 6 hours after falling asleep, first dream remembered.

      Dream Summary:I'm rooming at some temple place out in the woods, a bunch of my classmates are there. A bus pulls up, it's mid day, We all load up some stuff for the trip we're about to take and get on. The bus stays in place for a good two hours getting ready. While we are waiting, me and a group of friends all get on some phone game and start playing. The goal of the game is to play different games and earn in-game money which can then be used to upgrade your village. As i'm in-game, i play some sort of game on a very hard difficulty setting, i run through avoiding the enemies and compete the mission. I do this one more time but this time, the mission is harder but i complete it and earn a massive amount of in-game cash, like really massive, enough to practically buy every thing the in-game shop has to offer. However, in order to protect your in-game character from losing the money you earned, you have to deposit it in a bank. I go to do this, but as i do this, my friends all say they want to play in-game volleyball. This absolutely pisses me off because i was forced to play and lost all of my money. I mean seriously, what in the heck. It would of taken all of like 2 seconds to deposit cash, only two seconds! but no, my friends are impatient so i had no choice. The bus is still stopped, so i walk outside and pee by a tree (the temple is out in the woods so i can go to the bathroom where i want ). I'm furious so i sit there and pee for like a straight minute, i'm even more angry at the fact my friend brought his girlfriend out and started talking to her close to the place i was peeing. What a showoff bastard.

      Eventually, we get back on the bus, this time it's leaving. As we travel down the road, my backpack falls out of the bus as we cross into another road, i'm panicking . Now my backpack is sitting on a road that connects the two roads, I think hopefully that it may stay there. But nope, a giant cargo truck comes through, the backpack gets stuck on the truck front and whats worse is that the truck is going in the opposite direction and away from our temple home. I'm setting in my bus sit and i can't even say a word, my face is just full of disbelief and shock. First i lost my money and now my backpack, the only emotion that went on at the moment was: F*CK!. My anger was through the roof.

      The bus gets to a temporary stop, and somehow but luckily my mom is there and she has her car. I grab one of those fold out plastic lightsabers. ( my plan was to reach out the window and scoop my backpack up with the end of the lightsaber when we got close to the truck, not that it would ever work though... D: ). However, my mom says she hears noises outside. It's night so i can't really see much. However, i hear the sounds that the predators make. (hopefully you all know what im talking about, the sound the predator made from the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger). It's night but i can still make out shapes and believe it or not, it's those damn bobcats from last nights dream. At this moment, i was feeling this: "You have to be kidding me " And that's how it ended.

      My thoughts: This dream really pissed me off. It was pretty cool though, seeing how my emotions could be like that, even in a non-lucid dream. Makes me want to try to lucid dream even more.