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    Subjects' Dream Journal

    1. 8-8-2013 and 8-9-2013

      by , 08-11-2013 at 01:23 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream, Semi-Lucid, Lucid


      Fragment #1:
      I'm at some kind of festival place and this girl is dragging me on the ground at a very fast speed.
      Fragment #2:
      I'm at my house, it's wrecked and old looking. On the inside, i'm having a party, a man is playing mortal combat and i'm eating ice cream.

      I was in some futuristic city. I was with a group. We discovered OP, a rat surgery facility that steals the dreams of young people. In the group, there were my sisters, they wanted me to listen to some sort of music, but i soon met a robot. The robot had AI and was learning from us. It was slowly becoming evil. So i turned myself evil in order to confuse it and it worked, i eventually was able to disable the robot. Then some movie let out and people started running towards me and kicking me.


      Fragment #3:
      I'm the band room, testing one of my friends' phone. Then i found out we had to do some sort of assignment which required us to meet new people. I wanted to be lazy so i just decided to use three people someone else brought in. Then this guy brought in the three people he found and i walked over and tried to make a deal with them.

      Fragment #4:
      I'm on the farm at night. I get knocked down. A person then takes my head and slams it into the ground multiple times. It hurt and i could feel the pain upon awakening.
      Tags: evil, farm, home, pain, robot