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    theSHHAS' Sweet Dreams

    Here you can find theSHHAS' sweet dreams recorded for the public.

    1. First (Successful) Lucid Dream

      by , 07-26-2013 at 02:27 PM (theSHHAS' Sweet Dreams)
      First (Successful) Lucid Dream

      I don't have this dream written down anymore, so I will have to work from memory.
      But I'm pretty sure I remember most of it quite vivdly.

      Dreaming - Lucid

      I am in an airport with a couple of friends. We are waiting for a flight and we have to smuggle beer with us. We have about a hundred beer cans that we need to take with us and we are brainstorming about how to get them through security. I am holding on to a chocolate Bunny that I just noticed. I don't know how, but that Bunny gives me an idea of how to solve our problem... We do the only logic thing that I could come up with. Break a window and escape through it! We roll down a small grass covered hill and end up in front of the airport. For some reason no one cares about the beer anymore. Suddenly one of my friends starts to throw small rocks at me and it's making me angry. He keeps doing it even though I tell him to stop. A yellow car (Hummer) is driving past me and I take cover behind it by grabbing onto it. When I let go and fall to the ground I realise that letting go of the car and landing on the ground didn't hurt at all...
      BOOOM! I am now lucid!
      I feel very happy and excited but tried to stay calm. But it's hard to stay calm when your friend still throws rocks at you. I decided to kill him. He jumps into a pond and expertly dodge my attempts to punch him in the face. I once again realise that I'm dreaming and thinks to myself, "Why use my fists when I have acces to any weapon or super power I could imagine?". I stop moving in the middle of the road and kneel down. I look at the ground for a couple of seconds and thinks to myself, "I want a gun". I cover my face with my hands and when I take them away I see a gun in front of me on the ground. Very convenient. I pick it up and aim it at my friend who panics and starts running like crazy. I shoot at him with about 10 bullets but fails to hit him. I decides that it's a waste of time to kill him and I go flying instead. I fly around the corner to a tall building at a pretty low altitude (about 10 meters) and see my uncle peeing on a parked car. I don't really car about it and I continue flying. I fly into a forest. I keep flying just above the ground and I slowly start to lose lucidity. This forest is Beautiful and the sun shines through the branches onto the dirt path that I'm flying above...

      I completely lose lucidity and the dream goes on but I can't remember anything from here but a girl on a swing in the forest, and something about water.

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